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I do NOT ship Ectofeature (Billy/Spencer from Dude, That's My Ghost!) because they are cousins and because Billy is 19-27 while Spencer is 14.

:iconstopplz: READ BELOW BEFORE ASKING ABOUT ART FROM ME :iconstopplz:

ATAC -Art status -Rarity by MajkaShinoda626:bulletpurple: RAC- Sunset Shimmer -Art status by MajkaShinoda626:bulletgreen: CAC -Art status -Twilight Sparkle by MajkaShinoda626

The status of the others might change in the future and I will let you know then. So please do not ask me. Failure to comply will result in either me ignoring you or a block if you keep pestering me.

:bulletblue: Art Trades depend on what you want.


:bulletblack: Fetishes
:bulletblack: NSFW
:bulletblack: Mechs (too much detail for me to handle)
:bulletblack: South Park/Family Guy/any adult cartoons (I'm sorry, they just make me very uncomfortable)
:bulletblack: Incest/pedophilia


:bulletpurple: Dude, That's My Ghost!
:bulletpurple: Robotboy
:bulletpurple: Ben 10
:bulletpurple: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
:bulletpurple: Xiaolin Showdown/Chronicles
:bulletpurple: Pokémon
:bulletpurple: Digimon
:bulletpurple: Sonic the Hedgehog
:bulletpurple: Monsters vs. Aliens
:bulletpurple: Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
:bulletpurple: Beetlejuice
:bulletpurple: Steven Universe
:bulletpurple: Ruby Gloom

I am willing to try drawing other shows!

The styles won't be 100% exact and will have my own twist on them!



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Billy Joe Cobra by stampsnstuff:heart: Alive Billy Joe Cobra by stampsnstuff:heart: Dude! Thats My Ghost by stampsnstuff:heart: .:. Anti EctoFeature .:. by InvaderOfFandoms:heart: RC9GN Stamp by stampsnstuff:heart: ROBOTBOY GROUP ICON by NIKY123:heart: Friends by NIKY123:heart: Robotboy - Gif by RobotAvenger12:heart: (Request) Robotboy Stamp by KittyJewelpet78:heart: Robotboy Stamp by NIKY123:heart: Robotboy: Let's Do This Stamp by NIKY123:heart: (Request) RobotGirl Stamp by KittyJewelpet78:heart: I'M NOT SHOUTING Stamp by NIKY123:heart: Protogirl Stamp by KatMaz:heart: (Request) RobotGirl Stamp by KittyJewelpet78:heart: Robotboy BFF stamp by Titanium-Zen:heart: Robotboy: OMG Stamp by NIKY123:heart: Robotboy: Attack Stamp by NIKY123:heart: Chibi Sa Ro Stamp by NIKY123:heart: Dojo Stamp by Lugia007:heart: Kimiko Stamp by Raimundo19:heart: Stamp - Xiaolin Showdown by Suxinn:heart: I Support Dojo by kittykat01:heart: Chase Young Stamp by kittykat01:heart: Stamp - Jackie Chan Adventures by Suxinn:heart: MvA love stamp by hobbesrox13:heart: Dr. Cockroach Stamp 2 by Klomonx:heart:


Happy Rarity by PinkiePizzles :bulletpurple: Rarity-Bop by BlackGryph0n :bulletpurple: Rarity v3 by kero444

Male Leavanny Stamp by OshawottGirl:heart: Male Gothitelle Stamp by OshawottGirl:heart: Male Gardevoir Stamp by OshawottGirl

Tag, I'm It!

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 30, 2018, 9:13 PM
Heart:iconbillyjoecobraplz:Heart:iconspencerwrightplz:HeartHector thumbs upHeartHectorHeartCoco - Miguel Skeleton versionHeartCoco - Miguel smiledHeart:iconrosasmile:Heart:iconsonicplz:Heart:icontailsplz:Heart:icondrcockroachplz:Heart:iconrarityplz:Heart:iconbigchillplz:Heart:iconmiseryyayplz:Heart

Tagged by :iconbluedusk28: :iconraritylaplz:

1.) you have to post all the rules 
2.) answer all the questions and then create 12 more
3.) choose 12 people (or as many as you want lmao)
4.) legitimately tag people (lol no) 
5.) you can’t say you don’t do tags (pbbt)
6.) tag backs are allowed

1) If you could re-experience a day in your life, what would it be?
I'm honestly not quite sure, to be honest. I suppose maybe the day I first got my cats, Ruff and Reddy.

2) What's the earliest memory you have of a video game?

One Christmas when I got my first Pokémon game, Pokémon: Red!

3) What's your most favourite and least favourite food?

Most: Spicy Italian Subway sandwich with my fave toppings

Least: Mushrooms :bleh:

4) Who is your favourite villain (any media) and why?

Ooh, good one. Hmm, well I'd have to go with (spoiler alert)

Ernesto de la Cruz since I so did not see his betrayal coming. I'm still shocked with how brutal he was when he murdered Papá Héctor, his best friend, just to save him dream and how close to offing Miguel he was, not once, but twice-the first time when we thought he was his great-great grandfather.

5) Do you play any musical instruments?

I wish I did. I'd love to learn to play piano or guitar

6) Summer or Winter?

Winter. I can't stand the heat ^^;

7) What's your favourite board game?


8) DVD or digital download?

DVD, though I never tried digital download

9) What's your most recent deviation?

Rubberband Man by TheBig-ChillQueen

10) What is your go-to thing when you doodle?

Spirals or cobras

11) What is your least favourite genre of film?

Romance and romantic-comedies

12) What are your favourite songs?

"Un Poco Loco" by Miguel and Papá Héctor
"La Llorona" by Mamá Imelda and Ernesto de La Cruz
"Proud Corazón" by Miguel
"Remember Me" by Papá Héctor
"Remember Me" version sung by Miguel and Natalia Lafourcade 
"Shiny" by Tamatoa (Moana)
"We Know the Way" (Moana)
"Little Girl" by Green Day
"21 Guns" by Green Day
"Peacemaker" by Green Day
and so many more =P

My Questions:

1: What's your favorite animated movie?
2: Disney, Dreamworks, or Pixar?
3: What hobbies do you enjoy the most?
4: What shows are your favorites?
5: What is your favorite memory?
6: Who is your favorite actor/actress (can be a voice actor/actress)?
7: What are your aesthetics?
8: If you were a Gym Leader, what type would you specialize in and what Pokémon would be on your team?
9: What languages do you speak or would love to learn?
10: If you were a gemstone, what would you be?
11: What animal would you love to be reincarnated as?
12: If you lived in the Digimon world, who would you love to have as your partner?

I tag:
Anyone interested!!

  • Listening to: Coco- Miguel and Héctor- Un Poco Loco
  • Reading: fanfics
  • Watching: Coco
  • Playing: Pokémon Emerald
  • Eating: Salt and Vinegar chips
  • Drinking: Root Beer


Figures by TheBig-ChillQueen
I ordered the singing Papá Héctor figurine a few days ago and he safely arrived yesterday!!! 😭😭 He’s so adorable and his guitar plays “Remember Me”!!! 💜💚💜💚
Sorry I haven't been doing much of anything here, anymore. My job has been leaving me with limited time to do much of anything aside from the few hours I have before my shift and on my days off.

I've been doing pretty well. Working on my Coco fanfic has been helping my creativity motivation so I hope to have some more art up when I can!! Ch. 2 of "Home Is Where the Heart Is" is in the editing phase but I hope to have it up sometime tomorrow!

My dog has a vet appointment, though, so we'll see!

I'm also sorry for slacking on deviations. I might have to just do a favorite spam to clear them out.

Spencer: Hey, you had these sunglasses all along, didn’t you? 


yes          yes          yesyes
yesyes    yes      yes         yes
yes  yes  yes     yes           yes
yes    yesyes     yes           yes
yes       yesye      yes        yes
yes          yes           yesyes

Noooo question mark by TheBig-ChillQueen

Here are the sketch and line art versions of my "Billy Joe Cobra and Robotboy Rocking Out" pic! I'm super happy with these, especially the sketch!

Lately my sketches haven't been coming out well, no matter how hard I try. But this one?? It came out soooo well! 😭

Art Trade- Rocking Out by TheBig-ChillQueen
Art Trade- Rocking Out by TheBig-ChillQueen
I had to use my phone because my scanner is a bit smaller than my sketchbook so it couldn't fit the whole pic. :grump:



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