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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

I DO NOT support:

* Ectofeature- Billy Joe Cobra/Spencer Wright of Dude, That's My Ghost!. They are cousins and Billy is 19-27 while Spencer is 14.

* Riveracest- Héctor and Miguel Rivera of Coco. Miguel is Héctor's great-great grandson and is 12 while Héctor is 118 (he's 21 physically).

* Ernector- Ernesto de la Cruz and Héctor Rivera of Coco. Ernesto is Héctor's murderer and ruined his entire life by stealing his songs and making him be nearly forgotten. Their relationship is abusive and toxic on Ernesto's part.

* Bwen- Ben and Gwen Tennyson of Ben 10. They are cousins and are 10 in the original and the reboot.

* Beetlejuice/Lydia- Beetlejuice's appearance is of a 30+ year old man (he's 300+ as a ghost) and Lydia is 12-her mid teens. I only support their platonic relationship.

I stan Papá Héctor 120%.

I DO NOT condone pedophilia, incest, or toxic relationships!

:iconstopplz: READ BELOW BEFORE ASKING ABOUT ART FROM ME :iconstopplz:

ATAC -Art status -Rarity by MajkaShinoda626:bulletpurple: RAC- Sunset Shimmer -Art status by MajkaShinoda626:bulletgreen: CAC -Art status -Twilight Sparkle by MajkaShinoda626

The status of the others might change in the future and I will let you know then. So please do not ask me. Failure to comply will result in either me ignoring you or a block if you keep pestering me.

:bulletblue: Art Trades depend on what you want.


:bulletblack: Fetishes
:bulletblack: NSFW
:bulletblack: Mechs (too much detail for me to handle)
:bulletblack: South Park/Family Guy/any adult cartoons (I'm sorry, they just make me very uncomfortable)
:bulletblack: Incest/pedophilia


:bulletpurple: Dude, That's My Ghost!
:bulletpurple: Robotboy
:bulletpurple: Ben 10
:bulletpurple: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
:bulletpurple: Xiaolin Showdown/Chronicles
:bulletpurple: Pokémon
:bulletpurple: Digimon
:bulletpurple: Sonic the Hedgehog
:bulletpurple: Monsters vs. Aliens
:bulletpurple: Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
:bulletpurple: Beetlejuice
:bulletpurple: Steven Universe
:bulletpurple: Ruby Gloom

I am willing to try drawing other shows!

The styles won't be 100% exact and will have my own twist on them!



:skull: AO3

:skull: Youtube

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Billy Joe Cobra by stampsnstuff:heart: Alive Billy Joe Cobra by stampsnstuff:heart: Dude! Thats My Ghost by stampsnstuff:heart: .:. Anti EctoFeature .:. by Ammoniteling:heart: RC9GN Stamp by stampsnstuff:heart: ROBOTBOY GROUP ICON by NIKY123:heart: Friends by NIKY123:heart: Robotboy - Gif by RobotAvenger12:heart: (Request) Robotboy Stamp by KittyJewelpet78:heart: Robotboy Stamp by NIKY123:heart: Robotboy: Let's Do This Stamp by NIKY123:heart: (Request) RobotGirl Stamp by KittyJewelpet78:heart: I'M NOT SHOUTING Stamp by NIKY123:heart: Protogirl Stamp by KatMaz:heart: (Request) RobotGirl Stamp by KittyJewelpet78:heart: Robotboy BFF stamp by Titanium-Zen:heart: Robotboy: OMG Stamp by NIKY123:heart: Robotboy: Attack Stamp by NIKY123:heart: Chibi Sa Ro Stamp by NIKY123:heart: Dojo Stamp by Lugia007:heart: Kimiko Stamp by Raimundo19:heart: Stamp - Xiaolin Showdown by Suxinn:heart: I Support Dojo by kittykat01:heart: Chase Young Stamp by kittykat01:heart: Stamp - Jackie Chan Adventures by Suxinn:heart: MvA love stamp by hobbesrox13:heart::heart:


Happy Rarity by PinkiePizzles :bulletpurple: Rarity-Bop by BlackGryph0n :bulletpurple: Rarity v3 by kero444

Male Leavanny Stamp by OshawottGirl:heart: Male Gothitelle Stamp by OshawottGirl:heart: Male Gardevoir Stamp by OshawottGirl

I Love You Most

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 12, 2019, 9:03 PM
Heart:iconbillyjoecobraplz:Heart:iconspencerwrightplz:HeartHector thumbs upHeartHectorHeartCoco - Miguel Skeleton versionHeartCoco - Miguel smiledHeart:iconrosasmile:Heart:iconsonicplz:Heart:icontailsplz:Heart:icondrcockroachplz:Heart:iconrarityplz:Heart:iconbigchillplz:Heart:iconmiseryyayplz:Heart

And since I'm loco about Coco (specifically Papá Héctor and Miguel), I'll share some of my personal favorite fanarts! I'm sad that a lot more of my most favorites are only tumblr/twitter. _(:3」∠)_ 


:bulletpurple:  Coco - doodle dump by TC-96

:bulletpurple:  Coco - Caught some tears by TC-96

:bulletpurple:  Deleted scene by Tenshi-Inverse

:bulletpurple:  That's better by Tenshi-Inverse

:bulletpurple:  FAMILIA [Art Request] - Coco fanart by Wutherdollshadow

"Never forget how much your family loves you."

  • Listening to: Papá Héctor- Everyone Knows Juanita
  • Reading: fanfics
  • Watching: Jacksepticeye and Markiplier
  • Playing: Pokémon Black
  • Eating: Zip. Nada. Bupkis
  • Drinking: Coke


Do you guys think I’m good enough to do commissions? I’ve been wanting to find a job to do from home, doing something I actually enjoy, but I lack serious confidence in myself and my art.
Paternal love by TheBig-ChillQueen
“The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature.” ~ Antoine-François, Abbé Prévost d’Exiles.

Knowing that Miguel has two paternal figures-his great-great grandfather, Héctor, and his papá, Enrique-in life and death who love him so much makes me feel warm and happy. ;v;
Sir, that's my emotional support skele-dad.

Wait, wait, wait, wait by TheBig-ChillQueen
Is it weird for me to consider Papá Héctor a surrogate father figure?
Here's to hoping 2019 is a better year for me, mentally and emotionally speaking.

If you're drinking, remember to do so responsibly and DON'T DRIVE.

Cheesy grin by TheBig-ChillQueen



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Redtriangle Featured By Owner Edited Feb 3, 2019  Student Digital Artist
You're not going to like what you're about to see but what would you think.

A nature video of cuckoo chick throwing other eggs and even a chicks out of it's host nest. A newborn baby and already knows how to kill. It's host parents would have feed the cuckoo even when it's big enough to leave the next.
This is known as brood parasitism.……

Do you think Cuckoo birds are pure evil or it's just in it's nature, or both?
Cheetahgem Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2019  Student Artist
Have you ever heard of bendy and the ink machine
Or Cuphead it’s an epic game
Really awesome.
Szufla Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi Lynn :wave:

So I wanted to comment on the arts I haven't checked yet and are like rusting in my inbox, but some of them got removed from my notifications ^^;

I went to your gallery and looked my last fav and by my surprise...I missed a lot of cool arts @_@

I have no idea why the are not in my favs, now I'm gonna have to start from the begining XD
Yup. Go back to your first upload and art by art check everything and add to my favs :faint:
TheBig-ChillQueen Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh wow, you don't have to but thank you! 

xDDD I can't believe you went back like 10 years. That's some devotion! :happycry:
Szufla Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, you probably do not remember but I did that soon after we met :)

When I watch someone I check ALL their arts so I am up to date :hug:

I haven't done that yet ^^;
You have 1000 arts XD First I must make my crest before getting to clean my Profile, but it's gonna be fun :hug:
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