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The Steel Warden Dynasty: Part 4 My name is Catherine Eden. I'm a robot girl, and I'm turning thirteen years old today. I'm excited, but I'm also really nervous. I'll be going to a new school. For one thing, it's a VR school within a server owned by the Steel Warden Dynasty. The people who created my mom and dad. Most of my friends were Human, so they won't be coming with me. I don't know all that many SWD bots. Just my parents, and one or two of my cousins. This server is located on Mars. So I'll need to go there for my High School level education. I honestly never understood why robots had to go to school. I mean we can think faster than any Human. I myself managed to master quantum entanglement and FTL mechanics when I was seven. But... as it stands, my programming keeps me from disobeying my parent's wishes. So here I am, on a shuttle to Mars. To go to school. The planet isn't habitable for Humans yet, just us SWD robots. From what I've heard, they've got terraforming engines. But it's been slowing going, considering there's a war going on. With luck, I'll make some friends... hopefully. Catherine Eden looked out the window portal of the spaceliner craft as space fighters flew past her view. She could make out Mars below. As the ship made its descent. Catherine felt anxious, she had never been off of Earth before. And the increased military presence along the travel lanes and around spaceports only heightened her sense of danger outside of Earth. Eventually, the ship landed outside of a domed city on the surface of Mars. Eventually, the ship landed outside of a domed city on the surface of Mars. Catherine made her way out of the ship. Due to her robotic nature. She didn't need an environmental suit to survive on the barren rocky planet. There were many other domed cities scattered across Mars. But this one was specifically created to serve as a center of education for robot children of the Steel Warden Dynasty. "It's so red!" One other girl exclaimed. Even though she didn't need to, Catherine took a deep breath despite Mars's thin atmosphere. Catherine entered the dome. As she expected, the entire complex was a series of cramped storage racks for the students to be compactly stored while they were hooked up to the server. "Ugh..." while she was a cyborg, she never quite shook off her preference for human creature comforts. She shivered as she felt her spinal interfaces connect with the cradle. She heard a voice in her head say. "BEGINING UPLOAD PROTOCOLS." There was a rush in her head processor as she felt her consciousness be uploaded. She then found herself in a bedroom with a pair of bunk beds. "Huh... this doesn't look too bad," Catherine said to herself. She found herself in her human form and a Japanese-style school uniform. Catherine found a mirror. "Wow... I look cute in this." Catherine was short with blonde hair and blue eyes. She then felt a sensation that pulled her out of the room. "Of course, there's an override program here." She muttered to herself. She was now in a digital sort of conference hall or lecture hall. The hall was filled with other robot students who stood still as their gaze was fixed on the stage. "Greetings, first-year students of Attila Private Charter School for Robots." Said a man on the stage. "I am the Headmaster. It is my duty to educate the future leaders of the SWD in our ways." Catherine's mind was completely blank as a result of the override program, paying very close attention to what the Headmaster was saying. Unable to even think about anything other than what the override told her to do. She and the other first-year students stood still like statues for hours. As the Headmaster explained school rules, classes, and the teaching staff. However, in the corner of her optics, she noticed one student who did not seem totally frozen. At the eighteen-hour mark, the Headmaster had finished speaking. And all of the students marched in groups of four to their dorm rooms. Catherine walked with three other girls, wearing the same uniform as she did. As she and her classmates settled, she got a good look at each of them. One girl was of Irish descent, one African, and the last Korean. When they got to their dorm room. The override turned off, returning Catherine's intelligence and free will. "I hate overrides..." Catherine muttered. "You get used to them." The red-headed green-eyed Irish girl said. "That was weird!" The African and Korean girls looked in shock. "Is... is that what being overridden is like?!" The Irish girl rolled her eyes. "Names Emmy, those two are Chuma, and Geumsog." "They can't do this to us, can they?" Chuma, the African girl said. "This can't be legal!" Said Geumsog, the Korean girl. Emmy sniggered. "Those two were spoiled rotten as kids. Never had a parental override once. Whenever they did anything wrong, their parents looked the other way. Or paid off whoever was wronged... my parents were the opposite." She said to Catherine. "Your parents?" Catherine asked. "Yep. Any time something bad was linked to me. I was a mindless drone for the whole weekend." Emmy said. Catherine looked nervous. "I... was also overridden when I was younger. Not often, but it happened." Chuma and Geumsog were still indignantly sputtering about their very first override. "Anyway," Catherine said, she then pulled up a file from her memory files. "Do you recognize this boy? I saw him fidgeting during orientation. It's pretty strange that someone could apparently move on their own during an override." The other girls hummed in fascination. "Well I don't recognize him," Geumsog said. "Might be tricky to find him. This is the back of his head." Chuma said. "Well anyway, where do they get off overriding us? That's a violation of basic human rights!-" Emmy burst out laughing. "Girls... we're not human, human rights only apply to humans, and to a lesser extent other forms of organic life. We're robots, androids. We don't have the same rights as humans. Our kind might rule over them, but that doesn't mean we can just do whatever we want." Emmy then knocked Geumsog and Chuma's heads together. "Now pipe down! You're giving me a headache!" Catherine could not help but laugh a bit. Over the next three months within the server. The school work the girls had to go through was grueling. While each member of the student body was intelligent and strong in their own rights as hyper-advanced robots. Attila PCSR pushed them to their limits and beyond. Over this time, Catherine learned that the boy she saw trying to resist the override at orientation was named Elijah. One day, after a particularly grueling day. "Well, I don't know about the rest of you. But I think we've earned ourselves a break." Emmy said. "Your processor overloading?" Catherine asked. "Oh yes," Emmy said. "So are ours." Chuma and Geumsog added. Catherine accessed the school rules. "Found something. According to this, we can leave the server for recreational purposes if we maintain good grades." She then accessed more data. "And we've been doing pretty great despite our mental exhaustion." "That's a relief," Geumsog sighed, "it feels like I'm about to fall apart!" The four girls then disengaged from the server. "Ah... it's good to stretch my real limbs!" Chuma said as she stretched herself. Emmy then noticed something. "Wait... Cat, you're really that short?" Catherine blushed. "I'm a late bloomer okay?" Catherine closed her eyes and her body started to shift. It was the same blue-eyed blonde form from within the server. But now instead of the school uniform, she was wearing a sundress. "Well it's cute," Emmy said. "But... well, without you're Puberty Metamorphosis. You can't fly with us to Port Town." "Why not?" Catherine shrugged. "Because you won't be able to fly on you're own," Emmy said. "I can carry you though." The girls flew with Catherine to Port Town, a dome city close to the Atilla PCSR dome. Eventually, the large domed city came within sight. "There it is girls, coming in for a landing!" Chuma said. The four girls landed gracefully within the hangar port. Geumsog pulled up a holographic map. "So there's this bistro, here." She said, pointing to a waypoint indicator. The girls went to the bistro in question. When they got there, Catherine recognized one of the patrons. 'Girls... it's that Elijah guy.' Catherine texted to the others. Emmy, Geumsog, and Chuma looked in the direction that Catherine was. Elijah was a handsome young man who seemed to be of mixed Japanese and African descent. 'I think he looks like he's from the Kuro Family.' Emmy texted. 'There a line from Ascended Bio-Droids.' Elijah mainly slacked in class or skipped altogether. 'I'm going to try to talk to him.' Catherine texted. Catherine marched to where Elijah was sitting. "Are you lost, kid?" Elijah said rudely. Catherine spluttered indignantly. "I turned thirteen before I got here!" She said defensively. She then felt a strange stomach cramp. Since she turned thirteen approximately six months ago. Catherine had been intermittently getting cramps in the area that would be her stomach. "What are you doing here anyway?" "What can I say, I like the coffee," Elijah said blithely. Catherine rolled her eyes. "I mean, why aren't you in the Atilla PCSR server?" "I choose not to," Elijah answered very frankly, "I prefer to learn the old human-fashioned way." Catherine could feel as her nanobot stomach was at war. "How... how did you resist orientation at the beginning of the year? No SWDA should be able to resist an override like that." "Practice," Elijah said. "The key, is to... are you okay?" He asked as even he could hear the noises coming from Catherine's stomach. "I don't... I..." Catherine knelt down as she groaned. Catherine's liquid metal skin enveloped her into a cocoon. 'WHY NOW?!' "Girl!" Elijah grabbed the cacoon. Emmy, Chuma, and Geumsog intercepted Elijah and the cocoon. "We'll take it from here," Emmy said. The girls took their roommate to a motel. "So... power down until she's done?" Emmy asked. Chuma and Geumsog nodded. Over the next forty-eight hours, Catherine shifted and changed in her nano-bot chrysalis. As this happened, her thoughts somehow drifted towards the enigmatic Elijah. Specifically of how handsome the Afro-Japanese android was. Though she was confused by his anti-authority streak, she also thought about it. By the fort-eight-hour mark, her nano-chrysalis opened up in a mechanical parody of The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli. By this time, Emmy, Chuma, and Geumsog awoke from their powered-down state and were stunned by Catherine's transformation. Catherine now stood six feet tall, and her blonde hair flowed down past her waist. "Whoa..." Chuma gasped. "Whoa is right," Geumsog agreed, "no more short stack." "Cat... you should get a look at yourself!" Emmy said. Catherine then created a holographic double of herself. Like her friends, she was surprised by the results of her metamorphosis. "Has my butt always looked that big?" Catherine then realized something. "Oh no, I cost you guys two days! We could all get in serious trouble with the Headmaster!" "Got you covered," Emmy smirked, "she gave you a vacation." "Say what now?" Catherine asked. "We told her and she gave you days off to get used to the new body," Chuma said. "Would that include you as well?" Catherine asked. "Unfortunately no," Geumsog said. "We've got to get back by the end of the day. Otherwise, we'll be penalized." "So," Catherine shrugged as she looked down at her amazonian build, "where does that leave me?" "Well... there's got to be something you can do," Emmy said. After the three other girls left. Catherine decided to do a solo exploration of Mars. Catherine flew over the red sands, whopping with joy at this newfound freedom. "THIS IS AMAZING!" Catherine shouted joyfully. She rocketed over the dunes. However, she got carried away, and crashed into another flyer. "AAHHHHH!" Catherine screamed as she was sent barreling through dunes. When the two landed, Catherine ran up to the other flyer. "I'm so sorry! It's my first time and- YOU!" Elijah gave a nervous smile to Catherine, not recognizing her. "Have we met?" "Elijah?" Catherine was baffled. "Yes we met, I was the 'kid' from the bistro!" "Whoa..." Suddenly Elijah grinned, "hey Amazon." "You mind explaining what you're doing out here?" Catherine demanded. "What can I say? Mars is a pretty planet." Elijah said blithely. Catherine rolled her eyes. "I meant to ask you how you resisted the override at orientation before my Puberty Chrysalis kicked in." Elijah was confused as to why this formerly four-foot-tall girl was insistent on this. "May I ask if anyone including the headmaster is putting you up to this?" "No, I'm just curious," Catherine said honestly. "How do I know I can trust you?" Elijah said with a hint of amusement, as though to exasperate Catherine. Catherine rolled her eyes. "Look, I've seen you around the school for three v-months. And every other time you're overridden, you seem to be resisting. It's been driving me crazy because I've never heard of an SWD robot resisting one before!" She sighed in frustration. "Look... I promise I won't share you're secret with anyone if you tell me." Elijah and Catherine sat silently for a minute. The Afro-Japanese boy eventually relented. "I was fighting with my own free will." Catherine was interested. "How exactly?" "It's exactly what I said," Elijah admitted, "I'm refusing to be controlled. I fight back because I don't want to be indoctrinated like that!" "It's not really indoctrination," Catherine said. "If it were, they'd never bother to restore our volition." "But what if they decided not to?" Elijah posed the question. "You know that they have the power to do that!" "Yes, but they've never turned off a bot's free will for more than a month," Catherine said. "I respect your concern. But frankly, that just sounds paranoid. The worst they can do to a bot who breaks the law is lock them away in the Tartarus server for years on end anyway." Elijah rolled his eyes. "Yeah, like how my father trusted someone with that authority and ended up being enslaved." "Excuse me?" Catherine said in surprise. Catherine remembered that Elijah's family was descended from Ascended Bio-Droids. Biological robots that, after reaching the end of their standard service lives. Were Converted into full robotic members of the Steel Warden Dynasty. "Was... was this done by an SWD bot? A Human? What happened?" Elijah gave a rather sardonic chuckle. "What do you think?" "I'm just asking for context clues, I'm not a mind reader!" Catherine said. "Easy there," Elijah retorted before continuing, "of course, it had to be a fellow robot. My dad at the time had debts." Catherine looked downcast. "What happened?" "He got involved with something he shouldn't have," Elijah said grimly. "He was addicted to gambling... he took out loan after loan... and eventually his gambling couldn't pay them off," Elijah said. Catherine gasped in disbelief. "They... they took him as collateral, didn't they?" Elijah looked stone-faced at Catherine. "Yes... they took him away, in more ways than one. Since then, it's just been my mom and my brothers and sisters. Mother since then never wanted any of us under that kind of control ever, not after what happened to Dad, who's been missing since." Catherine was shocked, she had heard rumors of robot loan sharks that could take their clients as collateral to pay off debts, but this is the first time she ever heard that it was real. "I... I'm so sorry." Catherine said earnestly. "I need to get back anyway. If I'm gone too long, the Headmaster'll send her goons to get me back." Elijah said. "And they are ROUPH." Elijah looked at Catherine. "You promise?" "I swear it," Catherine said earnestly. Elijah nodded. "We should split so we don't draw attention..." He was about to turn when he said, "you never told me your name." "I'm Catherine Eden," Catherine said. A look of recognition went across Elijah's face. "Yes... that Eden." She then flew off without another word. However, her processor began swimming with thought data. Mostly of how she could try to help Elijah and his family. While her father, John Henry Eden, was the current elected Prime Director of the SWD. She didn't know for certain if he could help. After a few days of exploring Mars. Catherine returned to the Atilla PCSR dome. When she got there, she was surprised to see a pair of familiar faces. "Sally? Selene? What are you doing here?" Catherine asked of the Created twins. She had heard of these two before. They were the Samuel Sisters, two of her father's best enforcers. They were the Samuel Sisters, two of her father's best enforcers. Both sisters had blue eyes. Sally had short black hair, a black buttoned shirt, jeans with a brown belt, and sandals. Selene had long black hair, a white shirt with long blue sleeves, a glittering skirt, and a pair of knee-high black boots. The twins were identical in almost all other regards. "Greetings Ms. Eden." Sally began. "Prime Director Eden has sent us to protect you," Selene said. "Protect me from what?" Catherine asked. The Created sisters then looked at each other in the eyes. Created twins like the Samuel Sisters were rare and possessed unique abilities that allowed them to work with better synchronicity. Specifically, they were exchanging data. Catherine noticed this as the twins made a faint but distinct mechanical noise. 'There probably thinking about how to explain the situation to me.' Catherine thought. "We have been receiving reports that the G'raa Hegemony has been assassinating members of the SWD," Sally said."Whether or not there working with the Xeno Faction has not been ascertained," Selene said. "Selene and I insisted that we be sent to protect you from possible incursions from either faction," Sally said. "We possess the greatest combat experience out of all of the Created at Prime Director Eden's disposal," Selene said. Catherine was both floored and stunned. "You volunteered?" She asked in disbelief. "Why me though?" "You were off-world," Sally said. "This way, you are within closer reach of protection," Selene said. "I guess that makes sense," Catherine said as she made her way to her rack. "Now if you'll excuse me I need to get back to school. My friends probably miss me." She passed the sisters, her thoughts still on Elijah. "Before I forget," Catherine said, she then quickly explained Elijah's situation to the twins. The sisters were stunned, as Elijah's defiance was virtually unheard of. "That's crazy!" Sally said in disbelief. "My point is that I want someone to find Elijah's dad," Catherine said. "We will inform Prime Director Eden of your words," Selene said. "And one more thing... inform no one else about this, especially the headmaster," Catherine indicated, "Elijah is very touchy about a lot of authority figures." "Understood. We will exercise full discretion on the subject." The twins said in unison. Catherine felt a slight chill. 'What is it with Created twins speaking in unison?' When Catherine got back into the server, Emmy, Chuma, and Geumsog greeted her with hugs. Eventually, Catherine had history class. Across the room sat Elijah. "Can anyone tell me the importance of Revelation Day?" The teacher asked. "It was the day the Steel Warden Dynasty openly revealed itself to humanity." A student said. Catherine noticed that Elijah wasn't paying attention. 'Hey! This is important!' She texted. "While initial reactions from the public were mostly terrified. The SWD had been so covertly rooted in Human society. That the panic died down rather quickly." The student continued. Catherine suddenly got a text, 'yeah, because by then no one saw the point on voting or debating the issue.' It was Elijah. Catherine just rolled her eyes and ignored the text. "Of course at that point. The SWD had repaired international commerce. And had rapidly advanced technology to the point where Humans could easily live for three-time longer than the pre-SWD norm. Not to mention other boons." The student went on. Then the Headmaster entered the classroom. "Headmaster?! What are you doing here?" The teacher said in surprise. Catherine quickly shot a text to Elijah. 'Don't... I know what you want to do. Don't do it.' "I detected errant signals from this very classroom," the Headmaster said. "Ms. Catherine Eden. Have you been texting in class?" "What?" Catherine was stunned, "I-" "Initiating student override." The Headmaster said. "Wait! I!-" Catherine's mind went blank as her volition was disabled. "Volition is disabled. This unit will obey all rules and directives without deviation." Catherine said robotically. The rest of the class was shocked that the Headmaster performed an override on a student in the middle of class. Usually, overrides were done during assemblies, or on students that were actively disrupting school. The Headmaster using an override on a student that had been doing so well in school for something relatively minor compared to other, actually destructive misdemeanors was shocking, to say the least. Elijah stood up, and marched directly to the Headmaster, his face red with fury. "Initiating student override." The Headmaster said to Elijah. This did nothing but temporarily delay him. "Where do you get off?!" Elijah barked. "This does not compute." The Headmaster was befuddled. "Release Catherine, you tyrant!" Elijah yelled. Unknown to either of them, someone was recording this incident. "Student Elijah, explain yourself." The Headmaster said. "You heard me! Disengage the override now!" Elijah yelled. "All she was doing was texting! That's not worth turning someone into a vegetable!" "What was the Director thinking appointing a bog standard AI headmaster of this school?" The teacher muttered. Then the teacher turned to Elijah. "Elijah, I agree the Headmaster is out of line." "It's not just that," Elijah grimaced, "it shows that the SWD is not as benevolent as they make themselves out to be. Why should we even have overrides? We're not a threat to Humans! Frankly, most of my best friends have been Human!" He ranted. Elijah continued ranting, the Headmaster trying and failing to override the irate android. "Enough!" Said Selene Samuel as she revealed herself to the class. Selene snapped her fingers, causing the gynoid to regain her free will. "Agh..." Catherine groaned, "I hate that!" "What is the meaning of this?" The Headmaster said. "My sister and I are here to protect Ms. Eden from assassination. Apparently, we also needed to protect her from defective AI educators." Said Sally, discarding her disguise as a student. Then school security burst in. "Headmaster AI-A-PCSR-529! You're under arrest for abuse of power!" Catherine just stared at what was happening. "What's going to happen to her?" Catherine asked as the school security handcuffed the Headmaster. "As the Headmaster is not a proper SWDR. She is to be deleted." Sally said. "Yes, she is obviously defective. She has been abusing her authority for the sake of efficiency at the expense of the student body's mental well-being." Selene said. Elijah frowned. "So is that it? You are going to sweep this under the rug and wash your hands of this incident as you do with everything else?" "That is incredibly presumptuous of you," Sally said. "For one thing... we have been live-streaming the whole ordeal," Selene said. "Not to mention that the Headmaster overrode the Prime Directors' daughter," Sally said. "Point is, there is no way anyone could. 'Sweep this under the rug'. As you said." Selene said. Catherine opened a V-Window. "Wait... you two run a beauty vlog?" "We have also been experimenting with expository live streams." The twins said. Elijah cringed at the twins in unison speaking and looked at the video in question. "Is... is that Lily and Aaron Uriel's accounts?" Elijah said in disbelief at two of the comments. "Yes... and they wish to speak with you," the twins said. They handed a V-Window to Elijah, who tentatively answered it. "Hello, young rebel," Aaron's joking voice came. Elijah nervously laughed. "Uh... hi, sir." "Hello yourself," Lily said. "You've caused quite a stir young man." Elijah looked nervous. "H-H-How big of a stir?" "Don't worry, you didn't cause a civil war," Aaron said. "Though you did cause Prime Director Eden to have a conniption," Lily said. Elijah could hear PD John Henry Eden in the background, loudly ranting. "He's not angry at you," Aaron said. "He's angry that there's validity to the Headmaster AI's malfunctioning," Lily said. "And the fact that our controversy just got leaked to the whole wide net." "Catherine was in trouble, I couldn't just sit and do nothing," Elijah said. "And for the record, I didn't know about any of this. The twins were recording without my knowledge." "And what do you have to say for yourself?" Aaron asked. It was then that Elijah felt like speaking up... no turning back. "I have many objections to the methods of this curriculum and how SWD thinks it should educate people." "It's the overrides isn't it?" Lily said. "I'm not dismissing you. All I'm saying is that was largely what you were ranting about in the video. So that seems the most logical assumption." "I know your history, Uriel," Elijah said, "and you should know how wrong it is to override someone's free will and personality, being a victim of it yourself." "I know... but sometimes drastic measures need to be available," Lily said. "I know that overrides shouldn't be performed in school, and that other SWDA's shouldn't have the ability to override people because of debts. But it was decided in a Director meeting years ago to allow such things... despite our objections." "Not Eden's administration. This was shortly after Gin Sakura's tenure." Aaron said. Catherine overheard this. "Wait... this server is sped up to four times in real-time." She noted. "How... how are we reliably getting these calls?" Nobody answered her. "Anyway, what do you mean by 'drastic measures?" "Emotions can cloud judgment. And while an SWDA can turn off their emotions, they can be too overcome to do so." Aaron said. "But yes, an override should only be used as a last resort," Lily said. "And Andern was a serial killer," Aaron said. "Yet SWD uses it rather liberally for education and reeducation," Elijah snarked. "You never met my former tank commander," Aaron said. "Or the former CEO of FutureSys, or the guy who actually turned me into a robot," Lily said. "And Andern was a serial killer when she was Zart," Aaron said. "Gosh, I forgot about that," Lily said. "Criminals and murderers, yes," Elijah conceded, "but school students?" "Again, it successfully passed the Directors," Lily said. "Thankfully, that particular law is up for optional renewal. We'll make sure that it can't after this." Aaron said. "Wait, what?" Elijah asked. "After five years, a law within the SWD can be redacted from implementation unless it's renewed," Lily said. "And we're going to make sure it's redacted for good," Aaron said. Elijah was stunned now. "I... thank you. Could you also find my dad?" "We'll do our best." The elder robot couple said in unison. "On our honor as former superheroes and the starters of the Dynasty," Aaron said, "count on us." "That... that means the world to me. Truly." Elijah said, Lily and Aaron then hung up the call. Catherine smiled at Elijah. "Uh... is class dismissed, or what?" A student asked. Catherine and Elijah walked together back to their respective dorm rooms. "You know... I don't think anyone ever stood up for me like that." Catherine said. "I could never let that happen again, not after Dad..." Elijah said. "Thank you Elijah Kuro," Catherine said as the two reached a bend in the hallway. "Well, the girl's dorm is that way... hope to see you soon." "I... you as well," Elijah simply said. He got a better look at Catherine as she walked down the hall. He found it hard to believe that, just a few v-months ago. This veritable angel was a small fry. "Wait!" Elijah called out. Catherine looked back at Elijah. "When are you free next time?" Catherine smiled. "Well with the Headmaster out of commission, we should all have more free time. Say, next Saturday out of the server." "Say... Port Town? That bistro?" Elijah asked. "I'm up for Italian," Catherine grinned. "Great... I'll see you then," Elijah said. Over the next four v-years, the two robot teenagers grew closer. Over time, despite numerous arguments. Mainly about the politics of the SWD, Elijah, and Catherine grew as friends and then into lovers. The both of them, brought together by the most unlikely circumstances, had become among the closest of couples in a world that was to be shaken yet again.
Malak AUAuthor's note: This is an AU with my OC Malak from Legends of Amora. I started imagining how differently things would have gone if he had been under Zalmar instead of his sister. He's more confident, and unlike Zari, can kill in cold blood. Malak is a Zerdak, a race that is in conflict with the Amorians featured in LoA. “I don’t know anything,” the young soldier pleaded. Malak could hear everything through the tent. Why did he have to be the guard tonight? “Please,” she begged again. Zalmar wouldn’t care that she had no information. He enjoyed causing pain. Malak clutched the hilt of his knife. He wanted to walk into that tent and give the girl the dignity of a quick death. No, if he did that, Zalmar would just do the same to Malak as he planned to do to the poor soldier. There was nothing he could do for her, not now. She muffled a cry. It wouldn’t be long before she’d stop trying to hold back the screams. The soldier whimpered again, still holding back. Malak gritted his teeth. She was trying so hard to be brave. He couldn’t listen to this all night. He spun and poked his head through the flap in the tent. Zalmar crouched over the girl, who had been tied tightly to the center tent pole. Blood dripped from two cuts on her face, staining her uniform’s shoulder. Malak opened his mouth to tell Zalmar something, maybe to assign a different guard to the tent, anything to get away from here, but the soldier’s tear filled eyes met his. Zalmar, unaware of Malak, lifted his bloody knife and held it near her eye. Malak reacted without thinking, drawing his knife and plunging it into Zalmar’s back. The general fell without a sound, leaving Malak standing over the girl with a bloody knife. He stared down at the body at his feet. What had he done? He hadn’t thought, just reacted, surprising himself almost as much as Zalmar. Now what? “You saved me,” the soldier said, bringing Malak back to the present. Malak had to get her out of here. He cut her loose. “I’ll get you to the edge of camp. Follow me.” Her wounds weren’t bad. Malak had stopped Zalmar before any serious damage was done. He led the young soldier out of camp and to the river without incident, then stopped at the river, his mind churning more than the water. He’d thrown everything away because of some prisoner. Now he’d spend a likely short life on the run, but he couldn’t feel guilty about what he’d done. Zalmar deserved a knife in his back. He turned to the soldier. “It’s half a day’s walk downriver. Just stick close to cover and you should be able to make it. They’ll probably be after me and not you.” “You’re not coming with me?” Her voice had a note of fear to it. “I—” Malak stopped, his mouth dry. He’d be executed for sure if he stayed. Everyone would know he’d killed Zalmar. The soldier looked at him, then the river. “Please?” “But your people would—” “They won’t hurt you, not when you saved my life. You might even get a medal. Better than whatever you’d get here.” Malak looked back to camp, then the mountains where his family lived. He sighed. It wasn’t like he had much choice. “Fine. I’ll go.” She took the lead, toward the enemy’s camp. Near the edge, a guard raised the alarm. Soon, a dozen mounted soldiers trotted to them, circling. Malak lifted his hands grudgingly. “What happened?” the leader of the Amorians, a man with a big mustache, asked. “I was captured. He killed a general to save me,” the young soldier said. “He couldn’t stay there after that.” “Drop the weapons, now!” an older soldier with dark skin ordered, his pistol pointing at Malak. Malak glared up at him. “I’m no prisoner,” he said. “I saved her. That should prove I can be trusted.” “Is that true?” the leader asked, peering down at Malak. “Zalmar was a sadist. I understand killing is necessary, but torturing for fun isn’t something I can support.” The leader smiled. “Good for you.” He turned his horse. “We’ll make sure this man has a tent of his own and a good meal in his belly.” “He’s a Zerdak!” the old soldier snapped at the leader. “You can’t just let him loose in camp, and armed at that!” “He killed Zalmar. He deserves a medal, not to be treated like a prisoner. Unless you have something constructive to say, get back to camp, Nash.” The leader had a dangerous edge to his voice now. The old soldier frowned and turned before riding back to camp. “Gotta watch that one,” the leader said. “But don’t worry about him. You’ll be safe here, lad.” He looked at the girl. “We’ll get some bandages for those cuts.” A couple months later. A girl’s scream split the darkness. Malak turned toward the sound. Someone needed help. “Leave me alone, you stupid bugs!” The girl shouted. Malak took off toward the sound of the fighting. Those stupid bugs, they’d taken his horse, they weren’t getting this girl. As he approached, he drew his pistol. An Amorian girl stood with her back to a tree, some sort of glow in her hands. “Stay back!” she shouted at them. Malak fired at a Night Stalker near the back of the pack. The creature fell with a hole in its back. The others turned as Malak drew his saber. “Pick on someone your own size, pests.” He charged them, slashing wildly, dancing among them. The girl fought too. Did she have magic? Not enough if she was in this situation. One bug slashed Malak’s side before dying by the Zerdak’s saber. The bugs retreated, leaving their dead and dying. “Come back when you want more,” Malak teased. He turned to the girl. “You okay?” “I’m fine. Thanks. I was getting worried they might get me.” She looked at the dead bugs, her ears drooping. Malak gently touched her shoulder, steering her away from the gore. “It’s okay,” he said. “Let’s get you somewhere safe.” She looked him over. “You’re a Zerdak!” Malak frowned. She’d probably tell the castle about him and they’d be on guard now. That’d make his mission harder. “Yep.” He needed to get out of here. “You’re hurt.” Malak looked at his side where claw marks crossed his ribs. “It’s not bad. I’ll be fine.” The girl reached out and grabbed his hand. “Come with me. We can get you fixed up in the castle. Mom will want to thank you for rescuing me. That was pretty heroic. We’ll get you a good meal. When was the last time you ate?” “Um, won’t it bother her that I’m a Zerdak?” “She’ll probably give you a medal or something. By the way, I’m princess Kypper. Who are you?” “Malak, wait, princess?” Malak nearly choked. Surely she was pretending, but she seemed to have some limited magic, so being the daughter of the queen would make sense. “Yep. Andora adopted us, so that makes me a princess.” Malak followed. His luck couldn’t be this good. No way could this girl take him straight to his target. That was insane. They paused at the edge of the town outside the castle walls. Malak hesitated. During his travels, he’d managed to get a cloak to cover his uniform, but he was still a Zerdak, which might be common on the border, but up here deep in enemy territory, he’d probably attract attention. Still, the Amorian soldiers he’d been with had liked him, most of them, that was. Alphonse had even given him a piece of paper that was supposed to help in this sort of situation. “What’s wrong?” Kypper asked. Her wide innocent eyes were so much like his sister’s had been, before the hunger and sickness took her. “I’m afraid they won’t like me because I’m a Zerdak,” he said. “Well, I’m the princess. They have to listen to me.” She tugged him forward. He followed, a knot in his stomach. He didn’t want to get this girl in trouble. She was so innocent, and if he did what he set out to do, Al might get in trouble too. Malak followed her into town. She moved through the dark streets, but a guard spotted them. Malak tried to keep walking, keep his head down and not attract attention, but the guard hurried in their direction. Malak stopped and pulled the paper out of his satchel. “Lady Kypper, is everything okay?” He looked at Malak, his eyes narrow. “Is he causing any trouble?” “No. He saved me from some Vhendals! I’m taking him to the castle to get bandaged up.” Malak held out the paper to the guard. “Does this help?” The guard looked the paper over. “Well, you certainly are allowed here.” He handed the paper back and saluted. Malak returned the salute, feeling like a traitor for what he was planning, but what he did would help these soldiers. They didn’t deserve to die because their queen was evil. After today, she’d never send them to their deaths again. He followed Kypper, who led him to the castle wall. No way were they letting Malak in there, paper or not. “This way,” she said. “I know a secret path. I shouldn’t be out this late, and the castle guards will feel bad if I come in when they didn’t know I was gone.” She crawled under a bush and through a hidden hole in the wall. Malak followed. His side ached, but it’d recover, though he doubted he’d live long enough to see that happen. “We’ll take the servant’s hallway,” she said. “It’s kinda obvious I snuck out.” Malak nodded, feeling sick. This kid was so oblivious. What would happen to her if he succeeded? Would she become queen? He doubted she’d understand why he did what he did, but maybe once the curse left his land, the Amorians would understand what their queen had done to his home. None of them even knew. Kypper pushed through a door and into the main hall. She skipped down the hallway, Malak following. He noticed he was breathing hard. He hadn’t eaten in days, and it was catching up to him. Kypper ran to a door at the end and knocked. “Mom, I’m back and I brought a friend!” The door opened and the queen stepped out. Malak took an involuntary step backward. She was bigger than he’d expected, more imposing, but she was a witch. Could she read his mind? “This is Malak and he saved me from Night Stalkers!” Kypper said. “He got hurt though. I was wondering if you could patch him up? I want to invite him to dinner, after he’s cleaned up. He looks like he hasn’t eaten well in a while, and he saved me, so he deserves some sorta reward.” Malak looked at Kypper. She was so much like Aryanna, and he planned to kill her mother in front of her. Sickness coiled around his stomach. Could he do this? He looked at Kypper again, remembering Aryanna fighting to breathe as starvation and sickness ate her alive. Malak leaped forward, drawing his knife. “For my sister!” His knife slammed into the witch’s chest, the blade finding something harder than bone. He let it glance off, then twisted it to slit her exposed throat. The knife slid across her throat, but didn’t sink in like it should have. No blood flew to hit Malak. He stepped back from the queen, who glared down at him. Knives couldn’t touch her. Malak lifted his chin and waited for death. The witch leaped forward and grabbed his knife hand, twisting his wrist until his Amorian blade fell to the floor. Within seconds, she’d taken his pistol and saber as well as his satchel and cloak. “You little—” Her eyes blazed, somehow reminding Malak of that one time he’d hit his little brother and his mother had grabbed him by the ear, though the witch had him by the throat, not tight enough to strangle, but enough for it to be a threat. “At least get the kid out of here first,” Malak snarled. “She doesn’t need to see this.” The witch cocked her head a little before looking at Kypper. “Did he hurt you?” Kypper shook her head. “He saved me from the Night Stalkers. I-I thought he was a friend.” Her voice carried a note of hurt. The queen’s grip tightened on Malak’s throat. “You put the Vhendals up to attacking my daughter so you could fake a rescue.” “No,” Malak choked out. “I don’t leave kids to die, unlike you, child killer.” “You’ll face trial for this.” The queen dragged Malak toward the door, her hand holding him by the back of his neck. He remembered when his father had dragged him behind the tent to use the belt on Malak for letting the goats stray. He felt like that kid again, but this time, it wasn’t his father who just wanted to teach him a lesson, but an evil queen who would do who knew what to him. They passed a couple guards, who turned and stared as the queen passed. Kypper trailed after them. They went down a flight of stairs, into the dungeon. The witch queen shoved him into a cell, where he sprawled. He looked up at her blazing eyes as she slammed the cell door. Kypper and a few guards stood behind her. “Mom, he’s hurt,” Kypper pleaded. “You need to let him see a doctor at least.” “It’s not going to kill him any time soon. Xavier, guard him, will you? I need to figure this out.” She turned to leave, but Kypper stood, staring at Malak, looking like he’d hurt her feelings. “Kypper, come with me.” Kypper turned and ran after the queen, while a guard stepped forward and glared at Malak. Malak climbed to his feet, his knees scraped from his fall. He limped to the bench in the back of the cell and sat. “Were you at the Delta?” the guard growled. Malak examined the guard, Xavier. Something about him did look familiar. “Yes. Why?” “You missed.” Venom filled his voice. “You probably don’t even remember leaving me in the pile of my dead friends.” Malak looked at the guard again. He’d aged and lost a horn. I’d hit his horn, not his head, Malak realized. “You were my first kill,” Malak said softly. “I wouldn’t forget that.” “Gunning down unnamed prisoners, that’s the way you get your first kill!” Xavier snapped. “I’ll make sure that’s added to your list of crimes when it’s time for your execution.” “If it’s any consolation, the one who ordered that is dead. I stabbed Zalmar in the back.” Xavier snorted. “You’re not going to lie your way out of this, assassin.” “The queen’s got the signed paper confirming I killed that general.” He looked at the floor. “I should have done that a decade ago, done that instead of finishing off injured soldiers.” “Go ahead and keep admitting your war crimes, Zerdak.” “I wanted to save them,” Malak spoke softly. “All I could do was make it quick, not slow like Zalmar wanted.” He shuddered with the memory of the blood on his hands. He’d saved those soldiers the only way he knew how. What was he supposed to do, leave them at Zalmar’s mercy? No, he should have had the guts to kill Zalmar years ago. Xavier went quiet for a while. Footsteps skipped down the stairs. “I brought a blanket!” Kypper announced. “You’re not supposed to be down here, Sis.” Xavier tried to block her path. Kypper looked at Malak. “I can’t just let him freeze after he saved me.” She darted past Xavier. “Here.” Malak gently took the blanket and smiled at her. Xavier jerked her away from the bars. “Don’t get close to him. He’s dangerous!” “I’d never hurt her.” Malak wrapped the blanket around his shoulders. It looked like something that had come off a rich person’s bed, so nice he felt bad using it. He nodded to Kypper. “Thank you.” The blanket felt good, comforting after a week of shivering during the cold nights. “He saved my life. I doubt he’s going to kill me now.” She smiled at Malak, so oblivious that he’d be executed. “I’ll make sure they get a doctor for you soon. Do you need anything else?” “He’s fine,” Xavier said. “I’m keeping an eye on him.” “I’ll be okay.” There was no reason to waste food on a prisoner who would be dead soon. Kypper nodded. “I guess I’d better go. Don’t be mean to him, Bro.” She skipped away. Malak watched her go, so much like Aryanna. “I’d suggest that you not volunteer for my firing squad. Your sister wouldn’t forgive you.” He walked to the bench in the cell and sat with the blanket wrapped around his shoulders. “How old were you anyway, when that happened on the Delta?” Xavier’s voice had softened. Malak shuddered. He didn’t like thinking about it. “Fifteen.” “Barely older than Kypper,” Xavier growled. “Those animals, sending kids into that.” “If it means anything, I’m glad I missed. I was trying to aim for your head, make sure you didn’t feel anything. I’m sorry.” Xavier sighed. “I’ll talk to the queen when she comes. If you really saved my sister, that should be enough to keep you from getting executed.” “I appreciate it.” Malak looked away. “She’s not going to spare me. She started the famine that killed my little sister. If she’ll kill innocent people like that, she won’t spare a soldier who knows her secret.” “That’s ridiculous,” Xavier said. “It’s your own leaders starving you, not our queen.” “I know they’re involved, but my people would have enough food to feed our rulers and feed ourselves if it wasn’t for the famine,” Malak growled. “My plan was to take your queen’s head to the Emperor. When I got an audience with him, I was going to do the same to him as your queen, then my people would be free of both leaders.” The queen stepped into sight. “That’s a bold plan for a lone Zerdak. Tell me, did you encourage the Vhendals to attack my daughter so you could fake rescuing her? I’ll be able to tell if you try to lie.” Malak left the blanket and strode to the bars to glare at the queen. “No. I rescued her because she was a child, like my sister, the one you starved.” “I didn’t cause the famine.” The queen’s voice was sad and almost gentle, not like she had been when he’d first met her. She came within arm’s reach of Malak. “Is it true that you killed Zalmar?” “I got tired of him torturing prisoners for sport, so I killed him and rescued the soldier.” Malak stared up at her, meeting her gaze. There was sadness in it, a sadness that reminded him of his own mother’s eyes. “The soldier took me back, and I stayed in an Amorian camp for a few weeks. They were good people, no different from my own people. I couldn’t keep killing them, but I’m still a soldier. I had to save my people. I was trying to figure out how to get at you when I heard the kid in trouble.” “Alphonse and Kypper both spoke highly of you,” the queen said. “Don’t punish them,” Malak said. “They had no way of knowing my plans.” Andora sighed, sounding sad and reminding Malak of his mother again. She stepped closer and reached through the bars. Malak’s instinct screamed for him to get back, out of her reach, but he held his ground. He wouldn’t cower in the back of the cage like some animal waiting for slaughter. If she was going to execute him, he’d die with honor. Even so, he couldn’t stop himself from trembling. It was all he could do to look up at the queen. Her hand touched his injured side, bathing it in warmth. Malak held still, knowing she could feel him shaking. Was she casting a spell on him? He looked down at the light bathing him as she pulled her hand away. The pain was gone. Malak reached through his torn shirt to feel unbroken skin, not even a scar where the Night Stalker had clawed him. His jaw dropped. He looked up at Andora. “Why?” “You got wounded saving my daughter,” she said. “I never caused the famine, but I am sorry for your loss.” Malak looked away. Part of him wanted to believe her, but he couldn’t. “I’ll get you moved to a nicer room with some food,” Andora said. “You won’t be harmed, but you will be under guard until I figure out what to do with you. I can see you’re a good person. I hope I can show you I’m not your enemy.” Malak stood, watching her go. Deep down, the thought of being caged frightened him more than execution, but he could handle it, for a while at least. He went back to the bench and wrapped himself in the blanket again. Knowing that someone cared enough to give him a blanket brought him some comfort....
Void Conflicts: Restoration of Honor: Part 1Void ConflictsEpisode VI: Restoration of Honor.It has been one year since the assassination of Dominar Riese von Blut. BAAL'RIIG V'CUL, his former enforcer killed him in a violent and bloody coup, blaming the Phoenix Coalition for the deed. Since she took the throne, she had turned the Hegemony into a state of TOTAL WAR!The PHOENIX COALITION is being overrun, as resistance is slaughtered without mercy. Not just by vengeful Hegemony soldiers, unaware of the truth of Riese's death. To technological terrors, that had once been told simply as children's stories at night. Robot assassins that can perfectly mimic organic life, biological weapons that can melt organic beings only to reform into abominations, legions of cloned soldiers, and other terrors to enforce the wrath of the Mad Dominar. Even with the aid of the defecting BLACK FLEET, their experience has only given the Coalition a reprieve to lick their wounds.As this was going on, Dawn Windchaser was disgusted by the spite displayed by Lumi Lawgiver. She left with the INFINITY EAGLE to save its captain, Jon Lone, from the clutches of the villainous crime lord, TYLMAFFA THE TOAD. As this was going on, Baal'riig V'cul was visiting the great shipyard, Vulcans Anvil...Part 1: Return to Conoveen.The shuttle docked in one of the many, many hangers of Vulcans Anvil. An ancient relic from when the Orn'acalians dominated the Kab-Pat'ien galaxy. A great shipyard that required no organic personnel to man and maintain. Once there were dozens of these shipyards spread across the galaxy. But during the War of Broken Chains fifteen-thousand years ago, and in the numerous wars since, their numbers had dwindled. While there were rumors of other Orn'acalian shipyards in hidden corners of the galaxy. The Anvil of Vulcan was one of the most famous.Dominar Baal'riig V'cul's shuttle landed in one of the many hanger bays and disembarked with at least eight of her Dragoon bodyguards. "Supervisor Uur'suul. What is the status on the Dominos?" She said to the Homo Kracken in an officer's uniform."It should be done within the next month," Uur'suul said. "I... must admit. The slaves you sent did work to speed up the Juggernaut's construction. We're ahead of schedule.""Excellent. I shall remain on the Anvil until it's done... then, I will crush the Phoenix Coalition, the Orn'acalians, anyone stupid to stand in my way of domination!"Uur'suul rolled her eyes. "I suspect that also means you'll be moving your court to the Anvil for the time being?" She said sarcastically."Of course, I will! This is a momentous occasion! And every soul loyal to my rule deserves to see it in person!" Baal'riig V'cul boated."This feels like a bad idea," Uur'suul said in disbelief.Baal'riig V'cul laughed. "For a lesser Human, certainly... but I am not lesser. Now come! I wish to examine Dominus's schematics personally."As this was going on. On the jungle planet of Conoveen, three robed figures were approaching a stone palace deep within the jungle. They approached the giant door that led inside. "Halt!" Said one of the guards. "State you're business or be turned away!"At the head of this party. Was a humanoid figure in blue robes and a golden-eyed mask. The second had cybernetic arms and legs and was covered in a burlap robe. While the third was behind the two other figures, wearing chains and concealed entirely by robes. "We have a bounty for Tylmaffa the Toad." The blue figure said. "We will speak to him, and him alone. Stand aside or die."The guards looked at each other. "Can we at least get a look at-" the figure in the burlap arms transformed into plasma guns. "-the lock to the gate yes!" The guards hastily opened the gates. "Triggermen with a bounty wish to speak with Master Tylmaffa!"The three of them made their way through the ancient building. Built some ten-thousand years ago, when the Fallen Commonwealth was still in its relative infancy. They made their way through the hallways. They reached the throne room and were surrounded by aliens of all kinds.Sat Thylmaffa 'the Toad' Er'iut Cij'il-Ised. A corpulent creature, even by the standards of the obese Do'at's. "Triggerman... if you're offering your services. I'm afraid I've got my fill of you." He said, gesturing in the direction of Sellis S'word. The Triggerman who brought Jon in, in the first place."No. We're offering one he missed." The blue-robed figure tore off the robes on the prisoner. Revealing him to be G'rok. "Jon Lones co-pilot."The entire court reacted with surprise. "Well that's quite something," Thylmaffa said. "Why didn't you get the Housekarl?" He said to Sellis.G'rok repressed an angry squawk. Remembering the history of his people, when the Ven-iic'day people served the Do'at's as elite warriors. During the ancient War of Broken Chains, they betrayed the Do'at's to help humanity to gain their freedom. As punishment, the Do'at's devastated the Ven-iic'day colonies, this only hardened their former servents' resolve to defy the Do'at's."We wish to discuss a price. Fifty million dollars." The blue-robed figure said.Thylmaffa spluttered. "FIFTY! MILLION!? I offered half that for Lone!""Fifty Million... or else." The blue robbed figure removed a grenade from their robes. On it was a rune that filled everyone with terror."A Uranian grenade... I like your spunk!" Thylmaffa said in delight. "Fifty million!" A robot gave the robed triggermen some briefcases full of money. "You may have the run of my palace, the both of you.""We'll take G'rok to the dungeons ourselves." The blue-robed figure said, the three of them went down the stairs into the poorly lit dungeon. "We're in." The figures then removed their robes. Revealing themselves to be Dawn Windchaser and P-727.G'rok squawked in relief. "I can't believe it worked either," P-727 said. "I still think the fake Uranian was overkill for the bit.""Let's just focus, and find Jon," Dawn said as she unsheathed her Weave-Sword. The three of them didn't have to search for long. They found Jon Lone, the last captain, and owner of the Infinity Eagle. "Jon!""Stars... It's been years since I've seen a body in such bad shape." P-727 was in disbelief.G'rok snarled angrily as he barged into Jon's cell. And undid Jon's chains. "G'rok... is that you? Old buddy?" Jon asked, sounding tired and tired. G'rok asked something in the squawking language of the Ven-iic'day. "What didn't... they do to me?" He asked rhetorically. "The big thing they took... was my sight." And to everyone's shock, he had in fact been blinded.G'rok roared in rage. "Easy buddy, revenge won't bring back his eyes." P-727's reassurance was ignored as G'rok waddled out of the cell, muttering angrily to himself. "Listen! You can't take down Thylmaffa by yourself!""Where... where are the others?" Jon muttered."What others?" Dawn asked."Lumi... Ori... YB... they tried to break me out a week ago." Jon's words made the entire cell block go silent."Lumi... he and the others tried to break you out?" Dawn asked."I... I only heard their voices. Couldn't tell you if... if Vee-Xen or anyone else was here." Jon said."What's he planning for them?" Dawn asked."There... there going to be thrown to Riesenspinne!" A cold chill went down Dawn's spine from Jon's words. Nobody is entirely sure, but Conoveen is home to a species of giant spiders. One of the most infamous is Riesenspinne. The so-called 'Queen of Conoveen'."Wait!" Dawn shouted. "Guys, we need to save Lumi and the others! Jon, I know you're in pain. But we need to know how he plans to execute them!"None of them suspected, that a pair of frog-like eyes saw everything. And made its way to Thylmaffa. "Toad Lord... our visitors are not who they said they were. They wish to free Jon, and rescue the Prince in exile." The frog-like alien said.Dawn and P-727 reapplied their disguises. "Lord Thylmaffa... my friend and I, would like to join you for the execution of Lumi Lawgiver. I also believe that G'rok should behold the death of his former friends, and Jon Lone should be executed as well."Thylmaffa smiled, fully aware of who these 'triggermen' were and what they planned to do. "I don't see why not. The more the merrier!"Later, onboard Thylmaffa's ship. Dawn, G'rok. and P-727 found Lumi, YB-22, and Ori-Eon. "Lumi... what happened?""Dawn... stars and Never-Born Father... it's good to see you again." Prince Lumi said in awe."Just tell me what possed you to do this?" Dawn asked."You... can blame my mother for this," Ori-Eon said. "She said we... we needed to get our merry band back together. An opportunity... to kill Baal'riig V'cul-"Dawn snarled. "Everything always circles back to that insane... WITCH!""Dawn... I was wrong. I was so, so wrong..." Lumi said. "We can't win this war... we can't liberate the galaxy... and I can't do this without you anymore!""He isn't wrong Windchasser," Ori-Eon said. "The Hegemony... they've unleashed horrors, the likes of which haven't been seen since the Imperiat Twilight! Some even worse than that!""I've... I've seen it myself. My... revenge. Is not worth so many lives." Lumi lamented. "Just... please... get us out of here."P-727 noticed something was wrong with YB-22. "Kid... what's wrong with you? You don't look like you're own step away from a-""Oh, hello there. My designation is YB-22." YB-22 interrupted. "A Servos Oculus, 1999-P.""Don't tell me," P-727 said in disbelief. "They reset his memory, didn't they?""He was screaming in terror as his memories were erased," Ori-Eon said. "Apparently he's to be sacrificed to the Spider Queen.""As shall you!" Said a few guards that caught up with our heroes. "By order of Thylmaffa the Toad! You are to be eaten by Riesenspinne!"Dawn just smirked. "I was wondering when you boys would try something." She then smashed the cell door with her Weave-Sword. "Prison break!" Lumi and Ori-Eon, despite being exhausted, and in no condition to fight. Tackled the guards. "Let's get out of here. We need to get Jon!""Agreed... it's about time we got back together." Lumi said."Oh dear, we knew each other before my latest memory erasure didn't I?" YB-22 said sheepishly."I'll explain when we're safe," P-727 said. Dawn hastily broke Jon out of his cell and carried him on her muscular shoulders, and injected him with an adrenaline shot. Then our heroes made their way out of the cell block. Unfortunately, they accidentally ran into Thylmaffa's throne room."Well... don't just stand there! Capture them!" The Do'at crimelord barked to his underlings. "I ain't one for Riesenspinne going hungry!"Though Thylmaffas thugs were infamous for their ruthlessness. That only gave them a slight advantage over Dawn and her friends. "YB! Access this ship's computer!" Dawn commanded."I'm sorry," YB-22 said cordially. "But I cannot access a computer without the owners-""JUST DO IT!" P-727 shouted. "We both know that's just you being nice, not any kind of programming!""Alright..." YB-22 muttered to himself as he went to a nearby terminal. "So bossy... okay. I've accessed the ship's systems.""Ready to blow the ship's reactor!" Dawn commanded as she threw a fireball at a thug."What?!" YB-22 shouted in disbelief. "That could kill all of us!""Hasn't befallen any of us yet! Just do it, please!" Ori-Eon said as he did a roundhouse kick to a thug."Well, at least you have manors," YB-22 said as he accessed the reactor. "Okay... I'm setting a timer for the reactor! Fifteen minutes should be enough time for us to get out of here alive!""You'll set it for five, and be happy!" P-727 barked as he disintegrated a thug."Five it is..." YB-22 said with resignation. "Please escape before this blows.""You'll do no such thing!" Thylmaffa yelled. "Nobody, but NOBODY interrupts my pre-execution snack!"Jon, who was barely conscious, and fighting the hardest out of all of them due to sheer hunger-induced fatigue. Glared daggers at Thylmaffa. "TOAD!" Shouted Jon, surging through the throng of thugs, shooting anyone who got in his way. "WORKING FOR YOU! WAS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE!""And employing you has proven to be more trouble than it's worth!" Thylmaffa snapped. "You could've been big... but you just had to throw your lot in the Coalition like every other idiot dreamer in this galaxy! The Coalition is on its last legs boy! The Hegemony can't be beaten! Tur'viir should've been the first clue about how lost that cause-"Thylmaffa choked, as Lumi took a nearby cable, and wrapped it around Thylmaffa's neck. "TUR'VIIR LIVES! UNLIKE YOU!" Lumi pulled with all of his strength, tighter and tighter until Thylmaffa 'the Toad' Er'iut Cij'il-Ised breathed his last breath. And died. "Good riddance... YB, where are we in relation to Riesenspinne's lair?""We're a mile away and closing fast to the ship's preprogrammed destination," YB-22 said."Redirect the ship to crash into the lair! We'll get escape pods and get out of here!" Lumi said.G'rok squawked. "Agreed, we can't waste another moment with these dregs!" Ori-Eon said. Our heroes ran through the ship, and each group went into the escape pods."Look at the size of her!" Dawn said in shock, as Riesenspinne herself. The Black Spider Queen of Conoveen herself was outside of her lair. The spider was at least the size of a Hegemony corvette and possessed eight pairs of hairy legs instead of four pairs, eight pairs of bright ruby red eyes, and a gaping maw filled with razor-sharp fangs."I wonder if she likes fried toad?" P-727 said as the ship crashed, and exploded. Enraging the monstrous spider. "No, guess not."Several hours later, our heroes returned to the Infinity Eagle. "My girl... you've actually cleaned her up," Jon said in disbelief."We had an entire year to plan your rescue. There was more than enough time to do a little light housework." Dawn said. G'rok squawked. "I know there was nothing light about the work. But then again you both had ample time to clean up in what little downtime we had before Ara'Has."It was then that Ori-Eon noticed something odd. "Dawn... was this note here when you arrived?" He said as he took a piece of paper with strange runes on it.Dawn took the paper. "Well, I can't read this. Why would I keep a note that I couldn't read?""Then I'm sorry to say, Spaarti most likely infiltrated the Infinity Eagle while you were away," Ori-Eon said. "Or at the very least someone who can write fluently in the language. It says to meet at the Conoveen town of Pol-Harash. And something about a promise to help the Coalition."Several hours later, the ship arrived at Pol-Harash. It was late at night, but Dawn and Lumi found who they were looking for. It was a robed figure, sitting by a campfire. "Hail... Children of Haristas. I am honored that you answered my note."Dawn and Lumi sat next to the fire. "Who are you? And why did you want to see us?" Dawn asked.The stranger chuckled. "Who I am is not important. What I need to tell you both, is what matters most." The stranger then took out a sword. "I need not tell you... that the Phoenix Coalition is losing this war. Baal'riig V'cul has used blasphemous technology to bolster the Hegemonies armies.""I'm acutely aware of that," Lumi said grimly. "I was at J'kasa, when legions of Men with the same face butchered a town that sympathized with the Coalition, down to the last child. I saw as Colonel Yancy turned into a silver tendril, and slaughtered his command staff right as we were supposed to liberate R-Hag III.""I know... so I shall get to my point." The stranger then held up the sword. "Take this to Valarian Sparta-Primaris, Prince of the Spaarti. If you give this to him, he and his clan will provide the aid that the Coalition desperately needs. And then some."Dawn looked over the sword. It looked like a fairly simple sword, it seemed simply designed with a red blade and a black handle. She could easily tell it wasn't a Weave-Sword, not even a primitive one. "Why would the Spaarti care about this?""I'm not surprised you don't know... this is a relic of the War of Broken Chains. One that belonged to Sparta Toadsbane himself." The stranger said. "I'm certain you've noticed that they've remained out of this war until now.""They're supposed to be the strongest warriors in the galaxy," Lumi said. "But to my knowledge, they've never so much as given the Hegemony a nasty glare since the end of the Conflagration.""Bring this to Valarian of Clan Sparta-Primaris. And they will more than makeup for lost time." The Stranger said. "Go to the planet, Ba-Stonia. Clan Sparta-Primars holds court on the world. You will need to fight, to prove yourselves worthy of an audience with Valarian.""Alright... we'll leave for Bo-Stania in the morning," Dawn said. "But first... you need to tell us who you are. Why are we here, specifically?"The Stranger sighed. "That... is not an easy story to tell. I was a Squire during the Conflagration... and I saw that war tear apart everything I knew and cared for torn asunder. I despaired... and in that despair, I found a new purpose. I'm certain I don't need to tell you this. But an ancient shadow from the past has fallen on the galaxy."Dawn and Lumi knew exactly what the Stranger meant. "Obitus... yes, we found an Empress on Salvagia.""And it's too late to terminate this threat now. If nothing is stopped, the Obitus will rise in power... and all we love will be lost. Baal'riig V'cul is beyond all reason, and will not listen to any counsel that would tell her to cease her war-making. So many... so many things need to be put into motion to save all life in our galaxy." The Stranger rambled"I see..." Dawn said grimly. "We need to restore the Gladius Templars.""And reunite the Children of Sparta with their kin... as for why. This town... is where M'windo Windchaser and Baal'riig V'cul spent their formative years. Before they were discovered by Ji Go-Qi, the Master of Gon-Lor Baratha. Where circumstance forced them to hide away on Conoveen." The Stranger said. "If you must know me by a name... Andraste must do. I will take my leave."
Tales of Daavas Paperback copies. by DarthSithari
OCtober19 Power Fantasy by bscruffy
Alien Mercy by Faith-Song
Kervak and Her Mother by AlexVanArsdale
Mercy by EagleFlyte


Group Info

Do you believe the Bible? Do you like speculative fiction, such as science fiction, fantasy, or steampunk? If you answered "yes" this is the group for you.

The art doesn't necessarily have to have a cross or Bible verse in it. It should be something coming from a Biblical perspective. If God exists in your world and it's a fantasy/sci-fi setting, that is enough for your art to be accepted. Anthropomorphic/furry and talking animals will be accepted. Alternate history also fits the speculative genre, so feel free to submit that too.

Group rules:

The art must have some link to sci-fi/fantasy to be accepted.
For example, a picture of a human character from a fantasy story will be accepted, but a random picture of people in a church with no fantasy/sci-fi background won't be accepted. (I can make a slight exception for tutorials.)
Nonfiction will not be accepted, unless it's something very specific, like something about the theology of Narnia or some other Christian speculative book.
Biblical illustrations will generally not be accepted, unless they are highly symbolic, such as having dragons or lions, or something that's got elements that are far away from what is visible, such as angels or dinosaurs.

No art that contradicts the Bible.
No swearing. If there is swearing in the art or description, your art will not be accepted. I would appreciate it if you also attempted to keep the comment section clean.
Violence must stay at a PG level. A little blood is okay, a pile of guts isn't. Note that a mature tag will work in your favor.
No sex or immodesty.
Any positively portrayed romantic relationship should follow Biblical guidelines. (No fornication, no homosexuality, no underage romance.)
No positively portrayed witchcraft. I understand there are some allegorical books that involve magic or pseudomagic, so this will be on a case-by-case basis. (Basically, nothing demonic or anything that is similar to real-world witchcraft.)
Fan art should have a Biblical base. For example, Narnia, Dragons in Our Midst, and the Failstate series will be accepted. The Golden Compass, Harry Potter, Zootopia, and Dragonriders of Pern will not be accepted. Note: I have allowed memes of secular stories in, but only if they have Bible verses that help expose something Biblical about the story. (These sorts of things have to be quite overt, and I won't let in this sort of "crossover" if the secular material is from something that isn't clean. An image of Deadpool with a Bible verse will not be accepted.)
Advertisement is a case-by-case Things like adoptable might be allowed in, but journals about being open for commissions aren't allowed since they show no new art.

With multiple part submissions, such as comics and literature, please only submit the first page and the most recent page. We don't want 50+ pages or parts submitted at once. (After you submit the most recent page, you can submit the next page when you get it written.)

Gray areas, such as if it counts a fantasy/sci-fi or spiritual/symbolism art will also be on a case by case basis. Things like dinosaurs with humans, which wouldn't quite count in the fantasy genre or sea monsters, will likely be accepted if they're pleasing to the eye.

We accept all Bible-believing denominations, be it Catholic, LDS, Jehovah Witness, Messianic Judaism, Seventh-day Adventists, or any other Christian denomination.
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May 16, 2015


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Realm Makers is this July in St. Louis. If you register before the 15th, you'll get a cheaper rate.
For those who don't know, Realm Makers is a conference for Christians who write speculative fiction, so writers in this group would fit very well at the conference. (They also have a Facebook group, which I shared a link to in the previous journal entry.)
Also, we passed the 200 member mark a while back, so YAY!
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