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So Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is one of the greatest games I have ever played (I finished it last night)
I didn't know I'd fall in love with Tennessee so bad... he is my new favorite ancestor okay ;-;
I just reaLLY LOVED HIM oh god he was so sweet and adorable and excited and ssdsnfd;f
So here have some fanart
Oh my god back in 2001 I never thought I'd be playing as Tennessee one day...
If you can get this game GET IT it is seriously just 100% unbelievably painfully fantastic and so worth the 8 year wait...
I love
this game
so much.
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I LOVE THIS GAME. Holy God, it's one of the best games I've EVER played. Gotta love your drawing, it's amazing! Tennessee and Rioichi are my fave ancestors, and I can't get enough of them, I just can't.
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The 'yeehaw' made me lol XD
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Hey, I felt the exact same first time meeting him. X3
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Really cool drawing! I wish I could get the game, but I don't have a PS3 or PSvita so i'm screwed.
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Thank you! ;u;
Also I didn't have a PS3 or Vita till just about a week or so before the game came out, so I got prETTY LUCKY WITH THAT
I hope you can get either of those soon though so you can play it! It's worth it haha ;u;
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Wow. *w*
I REALLY like the way you drew him. <3 He's my favorite Ancestor as well. :la: I remember playing the old games all the back until 2001, when the first game came out. Then I became addicted. This has been my all-time favorite Video Game Series.
Great job~
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The first Sly Cooper is sO EASY to get hooked on oh my god ;A; It's really a great series ;u;
Thank you very much though!
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awesome job on him
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Ahhhh he was always my favorite ancestor but this game made me love him more *u*
Amazing picture by the way ^^
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I loved him a lot in the first game haha ;u; but man after getting to play as him in this game, my love just skYROCKETED
And thank you very much!!
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Same here XD
You're welcome :meow:
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Tennessee is so cute *w* I love him along with Rioichi! Your art style is amazing!
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He is adoRABLE ;A;
Rioichi was my second favorite! He was right behind Tennessee ;u; such good ancestors...
But thank you very much!! I appreciate it! <3
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Just so much fangirling for him X3
Sly's ancestors are so awesome. I really do wish he was real XD
Your welcome :3
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ikr he was my favorite ancestor too his personality plus that gun equals pure awsomeness
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The gun is so COOL oh my god ;A;
I felt so awesome slowing down time and shooting everything man his levels were FUN
and his personality was so sweeeet ;-;
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