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Serena I The Devil Within (BATIM) :iconthebendyfandum:TheBendyFandum 0 7
Orphan- Trailer (BATIM version!)
I decided to do a random trailer thats based off one of my favorite horror movies. (I'll have a link to the actual trailer at the end.)
Description: ''The tragic loss of their unborn child has devastated Alice and Bendy, taking a toll on both of their marriage and Alice's fragile psyche as she is plagued by nightmares and haunted by demons from her past. Struggling to regain some sembalance of normalacy in their lives, the couple decide to adopt another child. At the local orphanage, both Bendy and Alice find themselves strangely drawn to a young girl named Serena.  Almost as soon as they welcome Serena into the studio, however, an alarming series of events begins to unfold, leading Alice to believe there is something wrong with Serena-- this seemingly angelic little girl is not what she appears to be. Concerned for the safety of her family, Alice tries to get Bendy and others to see past Serena's sweet facade. But her warnings go unheeded until it may be too late..for everyone.''
:iconthebendyfandum:TheBendyFandum 0 4
Mature content
Ink Bendy + Alice l Let Me Take You For A Joyride :iconthebendyfandum:TheBendyFandum 0 3
Black Panther vs This Guy (Idk his name) by TheBendyFandum Black Panther vs This Guy (Idk his name) :iconthebendyfandum:TheBendyFandum 3 17
Mature content
Chapter 1 - The Suprise :iconthebendyfandum:TheBendyFandum 1 15
Esther Coleman - Orphan by TheBendyFandum Esther Coleman - Orphan :iconthebendyfandum:TheBendyFandum 1 5
Mature content
Psychopath - Serena (IDEAS OPENED!) :iconthebendyfandum:TheBendyFandum 0 16
Count Dooku goes Oof by TheBendyFandum Count Dooku goes Oof :iconthebendyfandum:TheBendyFandum 1 7
Mature content
An Angel's Demon. :iconthebendyfandum:TheBendyFandum 0 15
I n n o c e n c e (Bendy/Alice)
Dude, this is gonna make me cry so hard! This a gift for the following: :iconthereadbeast: :iconredgekkouga: :iconxxspacedorkxx: :iconjdiamond3: :icontatey88: :iconjulianxPvZ:
And better yet, I'm going to add a storyline! Basically, Bendy and Alice as childhood friends, adult lovers, and when Bendy dies before Alice (Yes, old age or murder.) he still visits Alice, even though as a ghost for once, telling her he will always be with her, even through death. Even at death for Alice, when she woke up, she found Bendy nuzzling her, in Heaven. Enjoy! ^^
                                   I N N O C E N C E
:Birth of Alice and Bendy-
-Timeskip 3 Years Later-
Alice runs out, looking around the world around her, laughing. Bendy smirks and runs after her, they run through the grass and after seagulls (Yes, in childhood they lik
:iconthebendyfandum:TheBendyFandum 1 42
Pokemon. (XD) by TheBendyFandum Pokemon. (XD) :iconthebendyfandum:TheBendyFandum 3 9 One of my fav Ash Greninja transformations. by TheBendyFandum One of my fav Ash Greninja transformations. :iconthebendyfandum:TheBendyFandum 4 4 Touch its Cheeks.. by TheBendyFandum Touch its Cheeks.. :iconthebendyfandum:TheBendyFandum 1 10 Me when getting out of school. by TheBendyFandum Me when getting out of school. :iconthebendyfandum:TheBendyFandum 1 8 Greninja and Sceptile - XYZ Anime. by TheBendyFandum Greninja and Sceptile - XYZ Anime. :iconthebendyfandum:TheBendyFandum 0 2 Onix Lineart ~ Tatey88 by TheBendyFandum Onix Lineart ~ Tatey88 :iconthebendyfandum:TheBendyFandum 2 5


I really like you by Tatey88 I really like you :icontatey88:Tatey88 12 29 Cubs for TheBendyFandum by Koori-Tora Cubs for TheBendyFandum :iconkoori-tora:Koori-Tora 2 0 Nuzzle. by RedGekkouga Nuzzle. :iconredgekkouga:RedGekkouga 61 44 Tired. by RedGekkouga Tired. :iconredgekkouga:RedGekkouga 58 17 I love you. by RedGekkouga I love you. :iconredgekkouga:RedGekkouga 49 26 Too easy. by RedGekkouga Too easy. :iconredgekkouga:RedGekkouga 71 28 Her First Hunt by Panther85 Her First Hunt :iconpanther85:Panther85 874 38 Be My Queen, Alice Angel by fnafmangl Be My Queen, Alice Angel :iconfnafmangl:fnafmangl 1,451 220 Unknown_Error_File_Corrupted_(Delete_000) by XxSpaceTacoxX Unknown_Error_File_Corrupted_(Delete_000) :iconxxspacetacoxx:XxSpaceTacoxX 6 4 Bendy X Alice Angel (BATIM) (Read Description!) by Clawort-Animations Bendy X Alice Angel (BATIM) (Read Description!) :iconclawort-animations:Clawort-Animations 23 32 REQUEST- Lily-Grace by ChelseaTheChihuahua REQUEST- Lily-Grace :iconchelseathechihuahua:ChelseaTheChihuahua 11 3 I miss you.. by Tatey88 I miss you.. :icontatey88:Tatey88 13 26 Liilie is that weird friend who tries their best by Sm-ArtThings Liilie is that weird friend who tries their best :iconsm-artthings:Sm-ArtThings 24 11 Daddy's little princess by Tatey88 Daddy's little princess :icontatey88:Tatey88 9 11 .:A Dozen Years:. Pg. 67 FINAL by SonicsChilidog .:A Dozen Years:. Pg. 67 FINAL :iconsonicschilidog:SonicsChilidog 1,335 892 Interruption by pepricaMint Interruption :iconpepricamint:pepricaMint 12 5


:iconredgekkouga: :icontatey88: :iconjulianxpvz: :iconspacexdoggo: :iconthereadbeast:

Its both remixes of Skrillex's ''I want to kill everybody in the world'' song. This person made it fucking AWESOME! Or I think. : D

:iconredgekkouga: :iconjulianxpvz: :icontatey88: :iconspacexdoggo: :iconjdiamond3: :iconthereadbeast: (If Read is even still on DA.. :/)

Watch the whole thing and continue strolling.

Half way there, you peeps that actually are doing this!

Half Way Thereeeee


Are you getting bored yet?

Almost there, dont wworry!

You are here! For you people who did this, here are two memes to cheer you up after that horror you went through!

Ok, I lied. One The Lion King Crack vid.
I'm just going to do another one. I tried posting Heathens 5 times and every time it was accidently deleted, so I gave up. So, I'm doing another one because I'm fucking both annoyed and just feel like doing something else. So, yeah. Sorry. :/

My computer is shit lately.

:iconredgekkouga: :icontatey88: :iconjdiamond3: :iconthereadbeast: :iconjulianxpvz: :iconspacexdoggo:

(Two of these are going to be one of MY FAVORITE animashers, I suggest you check her out!

The little girl is Esther Coleman, aka who I picture that OC acting like. XD

And the older one is the 2013 Carrie White, just clearing it up.

Don't know why I'm putting animashes. Also, I believe this is a remix. I really like it! :D

Three songs I love followed by movies I love 

..Why not? 
Sooo, here's the livestream with my favorite Roblox youtuber, THE FIRST I'VE BEEN IN!

My user on Roblox was, ''phoenixguy123456'' 
And the live chat name was ''sonic the hedgehog.'' becuz why not? XD





Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

:iconredgekkouga: :icontatey88: :iconjulianxpvz: :iconspacexdoggo: :iconthereadbeast:


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Unknown ~ Female
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Just a random Pokemon, Undertale, BATIM, Black Panther, Doctor Strange and Ghost Adventures fan here.

I make a lot of fanfictions, photoshopped pictures, and gifs here. If you like any of that kind of stuff, feel free to leave a watch because I will make what you desire! = )


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I need them for my Lion King Grid Adopts, to buy fanart,etc. And to request commissions.

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