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My biggest work | Ryoku Verse - V2

Summary of art - 2022

Ryoku in the futur

Artist // Professional // Digital Art
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Hello to all of you!

Welcome to my Deviant Art page!

I'm TheBenAlpha, a recently Director Artistic, and professional graphic designer, you can also call me Ben. France | FLAGS I work for a global company as a Graphic Designer Executive.

I belong to a community called CØV (The Community Of the Void), I'm them official graphist.

During my free time, I produce art for DA. I work for a company and also for people want design/logo out my company.

In terms of projects, I am never short of projects, and I plans a lot of long-term projects that I have been preparing for a long time. Know that ambitious projects I have, and I think you will too.

I am assisted (mostly mentally) by my closest best friend, Eleonee. She is very kind and gentle.

Her ponysona is Aine Aisling, whose personality is slightly different from the original but very close.

I am the creator of her seven characters for the MLP universe:

- Nova Star

- Sweet Bear

- Thunder Burst

- Solquaerere

- Aine Aisling (the design)

- Ryoku Memori

- Mirim Sylviana (the design)

- Phateos Khyk (the design)

- Molten Heat

- Yume Shine (the personnality)

I have a ponysona named Ryoku Memori.

I am open to criticism as long as it remains constructive, I try to progress and experiment as much as possible.

Have a good time and have fun!

And almost keep smile!

Do not hesitate to watch me for more!


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See my friend

aaronironrose Mama-15 Euro-General Song-Star StainedGlassLightHea RioFluttershy AngelLightYT EnderBlackwings Elena-Naqua

Celestial-Rainstorm BeamyButt LaszlVFX HanamiYumeno Acry-Artwork whiskyice SilverWolf866 Lavender-Bases InkyPuso

AiriniBlock Calpain-EqD Light262

What I propose to you:

News - 2

Favourite Visual Artist
Inuhoshi-to-Darkpen, Light262, Yakovlev-vad, ShadowReindeer, BaronEngel, LaszlVFX, Celestial-Rainstorm and more...
Favourite Movies
MLP : The Movie and Treasure Planet
Favourite TV Shows
MLP:FiM, Gravity falls and RE:Zero
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Unknown Brain, Desmeon, Starset, Skillex and NF
Favourite Books
Saga of Mondo Emerso
Favourite Writers
Lucia Troici
Favourite Games
Dragon Quest IX, Rainbow 6 Siege, and very more
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, Switch.
Tools of the Trade
SAI : Paint Tool Sai 2, After Effect, Illustrator and Photoshop

Donation Pool

Support me and tip!

Any support and tip are welcome! MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Happy

Or to thank me for the art I have done! MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Seductive Flirtatious

If you want!

2500/1600 points
Thanks to everyone who donated! Fully funded!
Big thank to my friend @BSW421 for this gift during a hard moment. (Contract is not extend for really dumb reason) Ryoku looks really great! Go follow him for more of is work!
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Big thank to my friend @Acry-Artwork for this art of Aine and Chrys! Two girls good buy some food and as usual Aine take time to order (or take a lot of food) Go follow her for more of her work!
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I will open again my Discord and DM today (after all the think happen to my work, I don't the mind to work...)
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