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Soulless SoulmateDo you know how hard it is?Being something for so many years- then suddenly you're new? Well from where I stand right now it isn't just me changing into a new person. I'm not learning from a bad mistake. Not getting a new job, or having someone die in front of me. It's something far more difficult.So you know when you look at certain people, you get a feeling? Love. Hate. Regret. Pity. Let me explain better. Say you turn to look at your friend, the friend you have been with for 6 years. Someone who was there through your good and bad times. That feeling- the one where you would do anything for them, while at the same time you will smother them with a pillow for snoring too loud. You are there. Thick or thin. To protect and hurt them. Now turn and look at the friend you just made a month ago. You adore each other but still are dancing around the egg shells. You don't know exactly if you were to just jab them in the side with your finger- would they be angry or would they get you back. In the number system your best friend would be a 9 and this new friend a 3. Rating from how much you like and trust to not so much. Now lets turn and look at the person who is just walking down the street. Don't know this person but judging harshly from their clothes- snob. A rude, little 'I gotta have everything' type of person. With their designer clothes, headphones, shoes, and accessories. Now we don't exactly have an issue with all people like this, but keep with the thought we are going with. This person won't touch anything that looks dirty. Won't even sit down as they talk loudly into their mic about their ride situation. You can tell right now the chances of liking them are slim and the higher chance of hating or feeling jealous really becomes a high number. I think I'm losing you for the moment. Let's go back and let me explain what happened..It was like any other day for me, working the coffee shop. I am the owner of the shop. You see but inside the coffee we get little to no sunlight in here. Perfect right. We have huge beautiful windows to see outside. The beautiful flowers under the windows, the little rod iron fenced patio with Ivy and morning glories wrapped all in between each bar. Our gently used umbrellas keeping each table shaded. Inside this beautiful cafe, designed to have booths and a bar. The booths were soft with light blue cushions with white clothed tables. The booth stools had the same blue cushion with granite counters. Next to the register was a pastry case and most of the menu hanging above the coffee maker. The floors were hard wood to add the attention of the sky blue walls. I tailored everything to look close to my mother's home, France. I loved it there but I started to draw too much attention. I own may stores in each areas to help me with my migrating. It's quite funny actually. I hate moving but it's what i have to do in my life now. "Ms. Rose, I fixed up the back room to your liking. I also cleaned the office."That would be my lovely co-manager Jessie Owens. She is around 28 living her life to the fullest that she could in Great Falls. Our cute little city of sun is surrounded by forest. The next city is a good 70 miles away. But it seems like everyone here loves it here. "Thank you so much for your help. I appropriate it."I smile at my co-worker as I put the 'open' sign into the window and swing open the door. The sun no where near the doors. "UH!"Jessie let out a shocked noise, sounding like she wanted to shout out to get my attention. I try to hold back my smile and laugh. They always react this way. "S-sorry Rose, I meant to say.. We usually open right at 7 a.m. Why are you opening the doors at 5 a.m.?"I smile at the young woman as I walk behind the counter. My new yellow sundress covered by an blue frizzy apron. I fix my hair to be tied up in a bun before I start to make the coffee. "Oh Jess, I am quite the night owl and morning person. You can schedule our workers as you usually do. But I usually like to be here very early and very late."I smile as the sound of brewing coffee filled the cafe. I started to walk in the back to get our already made pastries from the back. The sound of Jessie rushing behind me was loud clicking of her heels. "I-I'll help you!""Don't worry about it Jess. Like I said before, feel free to work around me. I'm not strict at all."I laugh as I moved the pastries from their cooling rack to their new clean display. I think the best thing about the cafes are the fact I can really have them open all the time. Bars were the same but i hated the people it attracted to me. As I did all our pre-opening chores while Jessie complained about me doing all the work- I noticed some of our neighbor stores came in. Mainly here to talk to Jess and a cup of coffee. Most were older maybe between 50-60. Ah the glory years. "Who are you sweet heart?" I stopped what I was doing to turn and give my attention to the voice. The air smelled sweet like flowers, roses and Lily's? She was an older woman, she was closer to my age than anyone else I have seen. And yet she looks so peaceful and happy. I couldn't help but smile at the grey hair woman with honey eyes. "My name is Rose, I am new to your cute town."I introduced myself with a little bow, something I could never grow out of. The elder woman giggles softly as she covered her mouth. A soft tint of pink along her checks. "Rose? I had an old friend. You look so much like her. Especially you eyes. One eye an electric blue and the other.. a bright hazel honey. Oh where are my manors, my name is Margret." I felt my heart squeeze a bit. I know for a fact that she is not referring to me, but maybe she knows of my mother. I made sure my smile never left my face as I brought my hand to my cheek. Feeling the heat rise and my cheeks redden. "Thank you. Do you come here often? I actually own this coffee shop. It makes me happy that there are so many people who come here.""Yes dear, I come here every morning to wait for my son. I own the flower shop across the street. With my age I need help moving the flowers into the front like I usually do. And my son helps me for a while before he goes to work in the forest."Margret explains as she hold the coffee in her hands. Looking as if she was to abort all the heat. I looked across at the flower shop, sun. A perfect place for a flower shop but not for me to help. Maybe I will buy from her shop later. After the sun has gone. My new home needs some kind of life in it. "I just love flowers, roses and birds of paradise are my favorite. And the forest looks so spooky, why would anyone want to work there."I laughed at myself as I leaned against the bar as we talked. Margret was watching the door as she sipped on her sweet coffee. The chatter around us was picking up quickly. There were so many scents in the air is almost made me dizzy. But I have became close to immune to it. But I am getting a LOT of dog smells.."You can say that again. I heard the craziest noise come from the forest the other day. I didn't want to leave my home. But coming to the shop reminds me of my husband.. that is actually why my son works in the forest. Many people to far too scared to go into the woods so he goes on patrols. He's a cop but he spends so much time out there."I smiled sadly as I touched her shoulder. Losing a lover.. I know exactly how that feels..But a crazy noise? I wonder what's going on in these woods. Maybe after the shop is closed I will walk around the forest. Observe. See what I am getting myself into. "I'm sure it was just some wild animal getting excited. If we make logical answers it less scary."Margret smiles at me and then jumps up when she sees someone. I follow Margret's small dash to a tall man with blond hair. He had the biggest smile as he bent down to the older woman's height and held her. He was much taller than Margret. Maybe 5'11, but through his thin clothes. I could tell he's quite fit and able to care for himself just fine.Well that's son. I cough into my shoulder as I realized the intense smell of wet dog. Wha.. This might be a small issue. I was really hoping that just maybe every on here just had a dog problem. "OH Rose, dear. This is my son, Alistair Fangrris. Isn't he wonderful!"I smile back at Margret and her son, who had his full attention on me. Mmm Blue eyes. "Hello Alistair, I'm Rose. I just moved here, I hope I can rely on your help to show me around later." I say back, not really thinking. I was mainly thinking about who smells like that. Who is my enemy. Who will I have to always hide from. Alistair smiled at me and walked over to the bar. My heart jumped, almost making me crouch down and hide. I never had this kind of reaction to anyone. Not even my old love. I start to breathe a bit more but tried to hide my sudden reaction. Alistair looked like he almost stumbled over his feet and I wonder if he felt the same. He looked me right into my eyes and I felt myself warm up. I couldn't help but hold my arms as I waited for him to say something. I just wanted to run to the back. What is this. I feel almost paralyzed. Why can't i slow down my heart?? Oh my goodness. I hope-"Here let me write down my number and you can get a hold of me when you're off."His smile- so dashing, white teeth and a perfect smile. He grabbed a napkin and pulled a pen from his pocket. He start to write down some digits and something else. He than help out the napkin to me but I was actually a little scared to grab it. What if I touched him. Oh my, why am I acting up so much in my new town. I shakily grab the napkin without touching him. Perfect. "Thank you, I appreciative your time. Mrs. Margret I'll be by for some flowers around 5 if that's okay."I really needed to distract myself from what I was feeling for someone is killed. Flowers were always my calming place. Plus this handsome man in front of me is not helping. My instincts want me to just jump him. Bad.But he was moving back towards his mom. Thank god. I shoved the napkin in my dress pocket. Maybe for later. "Yes dear. See you soon."Margret smiled as she held onto her son. She seemed to be talking to much to him while he laughed and smiled. My heart started to flutter and I couldn't calm myself down. I quickly excused myself to the office. I dropped and closed the door for privacy. I started to breathe heavily. I covered my nose and started to breathe through my mouth. I felt my fangs start to ache horribly. My heart was dancing without stopping. This is bad. I can't be getting reactions like this. I need to calm down right now. Immediately.I crawl over to my locked drawer. I pull the key out of my pocket and start to stumble as I open the drawer. If I pass out right here and Jessie comes in-...I growl and was ready to rip the drawer open as it opened up. Inside the drawer was tablets, they were in tubes to look like airborne. Tablets to eat or drink. Eating was something to cause a reaction right now but not something to last long. These were really as an emergency. I can't live on these. They don't give me everything I need to survive.. pretty much like fast food. I dropped 3 tablets into my hand as I toss them into my mouth immediately. My biggest fear really is to be hated.. But right now- is this reaction. What is this. Why did I feel like this. I pant and lean against the desk. my throat started to calm down. I didn't even noticed the pain traveled. I was more concerned about me becoming some kind of demon...What happened.
Art Request OpenHi there! Since it's Christmas I wanted to do a little gift giving by doing free art request for all those party people out there!! I hope that doing some request will help my art improve so you guys can get better art in the future.RULES-I do NOT draw Nsfw art or anything Nsfw related!-All I wish for you to do is watch my page.-I will have a featured comment to leave your request under please put all request under there please.-I will not be under any kind of time limit, the holidays are only days away so time will be extremely squished but you will get them eventually. Do NOT pressure me with time limits please, it's free for goodness sakes.-I can not draw gore as I have not to much experience with it so please do not request huge gorey drawing.-Please know what to expect, please do not get upset and expect masterpieces from a beginner digital artist, if you need to look at the work I've already done please do, so you know what you'll be getting.-I do look for practice but please do not reques things that are difficult as I would hate for you to get crappy art like I said before I'm a beginner. I can't draw mechanical things like cars, guns, ect. so those may not be the best to request.-I can draw furries (kind of, would love to practice), human, some monsters, merfolk, hummanoids, if you want me to draw your Oc but please include good picture to base off of.-I can do most draw the squad bases if you would like that (These are always a blast to draw!!!)-If you want ships go for it, just make sure to include photos or something where I can see them, just in case I don't know them.-Clothing and fabrics are still a small challenge for me so I will try my best but if you can please avoid very poofy outfits or other hard clothes.-Shading is also something I'm still working on so I may use my way of shading unless you do not like that type or I can leave it unshaded if needed.-Do NOT claim any of my work as your own, I will be putting watermarks on them. -If you want something specific please tell me in your request so I do not forget it.If I need to add any more rules that may become an issue for some I will leave them in the comments if they come to my attention. Thanks for reading and have fun once I'm done with your request I will try to give it to you in notes if that doesn't work I'll try to put it in your comment section. If you have any questions please ask.

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This group is about bringing beginner artists together as we learn to draw and share.
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Thank you. :3

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:bademoticon: Also, you can now buy a folder for your work to be displayed, for a one time fee of ten points. All you work you submit to group will go there, plus go to other places it belongs. :3. Comment below, before paying. All points earned will go towards the group contests. :3
We couldn't wait till tomorrow to post results.

This was really difficult to judge, as I struggled to choose a winner I showed the submittions to my family and friends.

They voted for their favourite based on:
- Following competition rules
- Use of colour
- Use of text
- How much the logo represents group
- How nice it is too look at

So....Drumroll please....

1st place is - Terminator78

2nd place is - DarkSideCats

3rd place is - Kapork
Beginner artist icon by Kapork

4th place is LilyVulpes

Thank you everyone how entered ~ click the following link to see what you won ~ thebeginnerartists.deviantart.…

Winners please comment on below what artwork you want featured. It doesn't have to already be in group.

Please contact Blonde-and-Red for point prizes by leaving a message on their profile ~
The group is holding a competition to celebrate ten members.
I am so glad there are entries already, there is still plenty of time for more entries.

Task- Create a group sign
All entries are put into a competition folder

EDIT: Competition closed, winners will be announced on Monday 31st March around 8pm GMT

- Be correct size for the group signs (so it can be used if you are first place)
- It can be animated or static
- It has to have the group name - 'The Beginner Artists - Full Name Must Be Used, if your design requires a change, please comment below.
- It can be as simple or crazy as you like
- You can submit more than one entry

1st - Be used as group sign and put in favourites, 2 points from Blonde-and-Red, 5 submissions put into the favourites folder (you can choose).

2nd - Entry put into favourites, 1 point from Blonde-and-Red and 3 submissions put into the favourites folder (you can choose).

3rd - Entry put into favourites, 1 point from Blonde-and-Red and 2 submissions put into the favourites (you can choose).

4th - Entry put into favourites and 1 submission in to favourites.
More prizes available if there are donations. :)

Prize donations - For a better competition
1)  4 points donated by Blonde-and-Red

More more info comment below. Good luck!


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