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Observers- BBC Sherlock x Reader Chpt. 78- Lemon :iconthebeethathums:TheBeethatHums 4 0
Broken Together- Bucky x Reader: 4
Once you were seated, Maria quickly excused herself to complete some other tasks, leaving you with Steve for supervision. You clammed up pretty quickly, not necessarily on the defensive but clearly uncomfortable, and after a few minutes of silence, he ran his hand through his hair with a sigh, “Look… I’m sorry for what I said earlier.”
“I know.”
“You gotta understand where I’m coming from…”
You nodded, fingers absentmindedly tracing the names scarred on your wrist, “I do.”
The silence stretched on again and he pulled up a chair to sit across from you, trying to get you to relax a little. You looked at him after a moment, “I’m sorry. I know you’re just doing your due diligence. I’m just…so tired…”
He leaned forward, “Of?”
He nodded, waiting for you to go on, and you closed your eyes for a moment, “I didn’t sign up for this, Cap
:iconthebeethathums:TheBeethatHums 4 5
Observers- BBC Sherlock Holmes x Reader Chpt. 47
You almost couldn’t believe how things had escalated from paint covered touches to this moment. If Sherlock wasn’t limpy spread out under you on the floor as the both of you tried to catch your breath, you probably would have written it off as a dream. Snuggling into him a little at that thought, your hand settled over his heart as you tucked your nose against the underside of his chin and his arm snaked around your waist to keep you close. You just relished the relative silence and the steady beat of his heart against your fingertips until he calmed enough to hum, “I don’t think John has to worry about me getting bored anymore.”
“For once, I think we should let him worry,” you chuckled softly, “knowing what we just did would likely give him a heart attack.”
You lifted up off him, an arm on either side of his head as you looked down at him with a satisfied grin, and he reached up to tuck your hair away from your
:iconthebeethathums:TheBeethatHums 6 0
Observers- BBC Sherlock x Reader- Chpt. 45
You sat in your chair with your arms folded over your chest, watching Sherlock set up your easel since you had refused to when he’d dragged you back to the flat. You figured that he had to be terribly bored to think this was a good idea but you had to give it to him- he was really determined. You watched him struggle with it a bit, taking just a little bit of pleasure in it, before the knobs relented and the wood pieces started to slide into place. He finished and came to pull you out of the chair with both hands, “Go change.”
You sighed and got up to do as he asked just to get away from him for a moment, pulling on a loose pair of paint covered jeans and a purple tank top that you’d already ruined, leaving your feet bare. After refixing your hair into a ponytail to keep it out of the way and removing your makeup, you ventured out into the living room again and found that Sherlock had gone to get his violin from upstairs and was now sitting in your chair with it
:iconthebeethathums:TheBeethatHums 6 1
Mature content
Observers- BBC Sherlock x Reader Chpt. 46- (Lemon) :iconthebeethathums:TheBeethatHums 4 2
The Baker- Moriarty x Reader: Chpt. 12
John’s phone rang and, when he looked at the caller ID to see who it was, he paused for a moment, tilting his head as his brows knit together. It simply read “Please Pick Up.”
He declined the call and it was quickly ringing again and this time it read “If Convenient.”
Though John had an inkling who it was now, he declined again and let out a relieved sigh when it didn’t immediately ring again. He glanced at Sherlock, who was having a rather dramatic sulk splayed across the couch, and then went back to his blog and tea. This lasted only a few moments before Sherlock rolled off the couch to the floor, tapping at his phone again.
It was only a matter of seconds later that John’s phone rang again, reading “If Inconvenient, Pick Up All the Same,” and Sherlock whined from the floor.
The poor doctor let out a frustrated sigh and answered, “Hello?”
“Hello John!” you chirped, much to chipper for John’s patience
:iconthebeethathums:TheBeethatHums 3 2
Arm Robbery: Bucky Barnes x Reader
“I told you…” you sighed, hands on your hips as you looked up to the rafters of the training room next to a very armless Bucky.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah, quit nagging,” he grumbled, “Can you get it?”
You rocked on your heels a little, “Have you tried asking for it back… nicely?”
Bucky rolled his eyes, “Hey! Bird brain! Can I please have my arm back?”
Even over the distance, you could see Clint’s arm pop out of his ‘nest’ to flip him the bird and you groaned, “Whatever you did must’ve really pissed him off, Buck… Do I even want to know?”
“Probably not…”
At least he was honest.
Rolling your shoulders and stretching your arms a little, you hummed, “Alright then. I guess just wait here and pray I can free climb better than you can apologize.”
He nodded and you assessed a path up with your eyes for a moment before getting into it, using some of the equipme
:iconthebeethathums:TheBeethatHums 11 7
Cheerios- Steve Rogers x Reader
You groaned lowly, nursing a cup of coffee as you leaned against the kitchen counter. You shouldn’t have gone back. When you’d left, you were the perfect amount of drunk… or so you thought. You must have underestimated how strong those mixed cocktails were because by the time you got to your room the drunk you that wanted to Party with a capital P made a full appearance. You didn’t even know how you’d made it back to the event or where you had managed to procure a family sized box of Cheerios. You picked a single cheerio out of your hair now, tossing it in the sink, slowly melting to the floor. It had been entertaining though, especially when Thor pulled out some Asgardian something or other and slipped some to Cap. Things had really escalated from there.
Cradling you cup between your chest and your knees, you curled up as small as you possibly could make yourself against the cabinets and just prayed everyone else was too hungover themselves to make any so
:iconthebeethathums:TheBeethatHums 8 2
In and Out - Tony Stark x Reader - 4
Your surroundings were different when you woke again- the bed under you wider and softer, the lights less harsh, and there was the distinct absence of metal around your wrist. Had it not been for the almost looming silence, you would have mistaken it for being home. You stretched and then rolled out of bed to your feet, hissing a little at the weight on your previously injured knee before shifting it more heavily to the other side. You had been changed, you noted groggily. Grey sweatpants. Black shirt. Good. You were pretty certain the clothes you came here in had been an utter mess after how that fight had shaped up. Beyond that, your mind only had one goal- coffee.
Someone had clearly had a similar thought because when you opened the door, the smell of recently brewed coffee hit your nose and you followed it, slight limp as you aimed to keep as much weight off of your knee as possible. You found the kitchen and beelined for the half-full pot on the counter, waving its contents into t
:iconthebeethathums:TheBeethatHums 9 4
In and Out - Tony Stark x Reader - 3
Steve left you alone and you could hear him a few steps out of the door asking Friday to notify him if you tried to get out of bed. You couldn’t exactly blame him for his suspicions but at the moment you weren’t in any shape go anywhere anyway. You turned your attention to the workshop across the way, another small hiccup escaping you. You could see Tony with his back to you and Natasha with her arms crossed standing in front of him. She didn’t look happy but they were too far for you to hear their conversation so you closed your eyes and waited.
Across the hall, Natasha pursed her lips at Tony, “I told you: you’re too close to this, Stark. We don’t know who she is, where she’s from, or what she can do.”
“So we’re in the business of treating people like prisoners because of what we don’t know about them now? Did I miss a vote or a memo or something, Red? Who are we to judge?”
She sighed, “There is nothing wro
:iconthebeethathums:TheBeethatHums 10 4
The Baker- Moriarty x Reader: Chpt. 11
You had arrived home well after midnight, slipping up the steps to your flat silently, and didn’t even bother to check your phone on the table where you’d left it before going out. You could tell from its position on the table that you’d received a number of calls and texts since you’d left, likely from your brothers, and the vibration had moved it slightly. Knowing you would have to deal with that eventually but not necessarily now, you flopped into bed and fell into a dreamless sleep.
At the crack of dawn, Susan found you as she usually did, finishing up the morning round of baking with your hair pulled back and a hastily tied apron thrown over your pajamas, “Morning boss… any specials for the board today.”
You startled a little at the sound of her voice, lost in thought, and then smiled, “Oh… Susan. Good Morning. Is it that time already?”
She chuckled with a small nod, “It is.”
“I must have lost track of t
:iconthebeethathums:TheBeethatHums 3 1
Broken Together- Bucky x Reader: 3
Before Maria could get into it, the owner of the deeper voice returned with a woman in a lab coat who pursed her lips at you, “You shouldn’t be up.”
You shrugged a little, rolling your shoulders as you eyed the blonde that had retrieved her while she looked you over. He caught you staring but you didn’t look away, maintaining eye contact as you sized him up like you come to do with most people you met. He looked tense, you assumed he probably still hadn’t had time to fully debrief after the whole mess at the base, and you offered a small smile, “I’m a fan of the new scruff, Captain. Suits y- ah!”
Unwittingly breaking eye contact as the doctor gripped your forearm a bit too tightly, you quickly snatched it away from her grasp, “Don’t.”
She had already seen the needle marks and bruises that went with them up your arm, narrowing her eyes as she asked in an even tone, “Track marks… do I need to worry about withdr
:iconthebeethathums:TheBeethatHums 7 4
Broken Together- Bucky x Reader: 2
Wanda could feel the desperate hope coming off you in waves as it always did when they came in for more tests. Things had changed so much. She had hated you so fully when they had first begun, how could she not? It had seemed to her that with one hand you offered false comfort while the other caused their suffering. That was before. Before they had come in for additional tests one day and she had heard the whispers of your mind.
They were the first thoughts she’d been able to read, the first manifestations of her abilities, and in those whispers, she had heard your prayers. Prayers for this to end. Prayers for a window of opportunity. Prayers they would be your last subjects. Prayers you wouldn’t fail them. Prayers that you could endure as long as they needed you to.
From that moment on she understood- you were a prisoner with them and your sole hope was they would become powerful enough to end all of this. She could feel you were broken on the inside, barely holding it tog
:iconthebeethathums:TheBeethatHums 7 2
Broken Together- Bucky x Reader: 1
A/N: This fic will deal with some heavy themes including: Past torture, depression, minor self harm, and PTSD.
You looked at yourself in the mirror, dragging a hand over your face as if in an attempt to erase the exhaustion written all over it. It would be time to go soon. Stepping away, you tugged a long sleeve shirt over your head, letting the light fabric cover the methodically spaced needle track marks up both forearms. It had been a rough night in the lab and your handlers had left you alone when it became clear you had no further use for them for the day. After two years they trusted you were broken enough not to try anything and they were right… to a degree.
Strucker was a man obsessed but, as the man in charge, he was also spread unbelievably thin. A fact you were glad for as he had little time to oversee your practices and procedures. As long as he got results, how they came about mattered very little to him. You would take advantage of that for as long as you possibly c
:iconthebeethathums:TheBeethatHums 11 6
King of Bad Things - Crowley x Reader
You were properly drunk.
More so than you had been in a good while… and you couldn’t remember exactly where you’d come from.
It was a smaller town, but all the motels seemed to look the same and your ace in the pocket for finding the right one, the Impala, was nowhere to be seen in any of the motel lots… or rather it wasn’t where your drunk mind concluded it should be. So save wandering around yelling Sam or Dean until they eventually found you, it seemed to you there was only one option- procure outside help.
You stumbled a few feet into the open crossroads near the bar, “burying” your pouch of items by throwing some dirt over it and then spun in a circle. Drunk reasoning said these things should be instantaneous, right? When you came full circle, there was a blonde haired, black-eyed beauty of a demon examining your ‘buried’ bag.
Your cheeks puffed out a little with a huff, “Not that your meat suit isn’t gorgeous
:iconthebeethathums:TheBeethatHums 10 9
The Baker- Moriarty x Reader: Chpt. 10
When you returned to him he was checking his phone to make sure his master plan was progressing smoothly and you smiled lightly, presenting him with a cup of vanilla gelato.
“I got the sense that you would enjoy something classic and uncomplicated”
A goofy grin spread across his face, “You never cease to amaze me, (F/n)”
You mirrored his grin, a warm feeling coming over you as it often did when you found a way to make someone else happy, and he grabbed your hand like an excited child to pull you to sit at one of the small tables.
Jim was interesting to you. His reactions were hard to gauge and it made him a fascinating subject of your usual manipulative tendencies. You watched him settle in with his gelato, savoring it with almost childlike glee, and shook your head lightly. How could he so easily shift from dark and serious to…. this? Feeling your eyes on him, he looked up and offered you a lopsided smile, “What did you end up
:iconthebeethathums:TheBeethatHums 6 2


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HEY Y'ALL- An Update

Thu Feb 28, 2019, 12:41 PM

Hello Everyone!

As I'm sure you've noticed over the past weeks I've been getting back into the swing of things slowly... and in true Bee fashion started two new fics on the fly. Sorry guys. It's just how I roll. Getting a feel for what my interests are andmy writing tendencies as well as reviewing some of my older fics I've come to some decisions. This may disappoint some of you but I can assure you there is more writing to come. That said the following is a status of all fics:

Updates coming SOON:
-The Baker: Moriarty x Reader (I will be continuing this one only through the Fall)
-An Adventure: Bilbo x Reader (as soon as I do some rereading and research)
-Home: John Watson x Reader (near future)
-A Second Chance- I WILL BE UPDATING THIS INFREQUENTLY. I don't want to                     abandon it but I am not feeling it at them moment.
-Observers: Sherlock Holmes x Reader 
        AN IMPORTANT NOTE: I know a lot of you are looking forward to the observers update! It is in progress. Leading up to this update I will be EDITING the original chapters for clarity and grammer. The only drastic change that I will be making is the ADDITION of a skippable smut chapter for the painting scene. The original wil be edited so that all plot will be in 45 and 46 with all smut in a SKIPPABLE new chapter in between. For those of you who want to follow along with the plot and not have to read the details. CHAPTER 77 will also be making a come back to the full site. IF I have issues with it being reported again I will make it easily accessable on Ao3.

To start I will be abandoning THE FOLLOWING:
-Memories: Bruce Banner x Reader
-The Long Supernatural Fic
And tentatively:
-Coincidences: Bruce Banner x Reader

Again I am sorry to any of you expecting updates on those but I feel in the Marvel realm I have a much better grasp on charaterization now and I would like to start some new things and as for the others I have lost the inpiration I once had. 
THAT BEING SAID. There are many ideas in the works!

-In and Out: Tony Stark x Reader (FOUR PARTS ALREADY UP)
-Broken Together: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Three parts already up)
- A BRAND NEW Supernatural Fic that is not named yet.
-An Anomalous Liason: Mycroft x Reader (In the works)
-A Strange Love: Sherlock x Reader x John (In the works)- This will be a polyamoury             fic just heads up for those of you who may want to steer clear.
-Lancelot of the Revolutionary Set: Lafayette x Reader (Hamilton fic. Don't judge me)
-The Right Track- Leonard "Bones" McCoy x Reader (Set in aos directly in the first movie. Its been a long thought)
-ONE SHOTS! So many.

If you have any questions PLEASE do not hesitate to ask. I am a little slower in responding than I used to be but I will always respond and I always read any thing you guys send my way.

Thank you for bearing with me!



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