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Guliver[lvl 100][Semi-Open]



I shouldn`t be allowed to draw cute pokemons...i ruin them xD
Ok so, info.
Bullet; Yellow Name Guliver`s Dream
Bullet; Yellow ID number 1217
Bullet; Yellow Nicknname Guliver or Gul
Bullet; Yellow Species sandshrew
Bullet; Yellow Type Ground
Bullet; Yellow Ability Sand Veil
Bullet; Yellow Hatch Date 22/6/2014
Bullet; Yellow Others : his claws are a little bit bigger than other of the same specie

Bullet; Orange  Level : 100
Bullet; Orange  Starting Base Attack: 5
Bullet; Orange Base Attack 24
Bullet; Orange  Moves
        -Scratch (starter)
       - Defense Curl (starter)
     - - Rollout
Bullet; Orange Level up log
- Reference: 4 levels (Full Body + Complex Shading)
-Splash and Bubbles : 20 lvs (4 full body+complex shading+simple bg)
-Dig the feeling to your heart : 12 lvs (2 full body+complex shading+simple bg)
-Gift : 57 lvs (14 full body+ 14 simple shading+ 13 simple bg +1 complex bg)
-Training and learning : 9 lvs (2Full Body + Shading+1 simple bg)
-If you cant go... -gift- : 7 lvs (1 headshot + Shading+ complex bg+ 2lvs for July mission )

Bullet; Red  Breeding Status Open
Bullet; Red  Lineage Unknown (Starter)
Bullet; Red Clutches :
-1/ 2 with Francine Du Avis : the Eevee/Pidget Cross
-1/ 2 with Princess : the cyndaquil
-???/ 2 with Cara : the Kangashkan

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shouldn't his ba be 25?...