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My second compendium print pays tribute to The Masters of the Universe!

Print available here: [link]

27x39" / Offset printed on 100lb matte book
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How bad is it that it would be quicker for me to name the ones I don't have?
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I can look at this for hours and still love it!
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Awesome! I loved that cartoon when I was a kid, what am I talking bout' ...was?
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this is great :]
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Oh man this is great!
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My six year old self is jumping for joy!!! Awesome!
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it's just sooooooo gooooooood!!!
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hi, i have a question here. how does this character design comes out. does it take different kind of training??
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Your question doesn't really have a "right" answer unfortunately. I don't really have any formal training. It's just "me" :)
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Amazing drawings....
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This is Great!

Go to Fav.
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What nostalgia! Awesome!
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Hur I still watch this... They play it on Qubo. xD This is so amazing <3
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This brought so many memories... :_D Just great.
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Wow... I had a hard time remembering all of these. Like, seriously, there were THAT many Skeletors and He-Men?
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Oh my. This is just. . .there are no words. . .
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What's with the "wonder" dude~? :meow:

Anyways, congrats on the DD! :D
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"Wun-Dar" was a mail away promo between Mattel and Wonder Bread. The character itself was really lame (just a different colored He-Man with two axes) so I decided to dress him up in the iconic Wonder Bread bag.
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Ah... Now I see. ;p

Thanks for sharing! :D
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