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Evil Dassie von DOOM

My entry for the "My South Africa" competition hosted by :iconhello-southafrica:

International peeps: Dassie is the Afrikaans name for a Rock/Cape Hyrax [link] . Unfortunately for you international guys, I'm afraid only us South Africans will grasp the joke behind this one.

Meet Evil Dassie von Doom. He's vegetarian, likes to watch Egoli, pays his T.V license on time and has a keen interest in world domination starting with Tablemountain's ransom.

This sketch is mostly inspired by me & :icondwuff: 's random discussions. This ones for you pack buddy! :hug:

Egoli (c) Franz Marx & Mnet
SABC news (c) SABC
ETV news (c) ETV
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That is absolutely fantasticals. Yes that is a word.
SythuSWolf's avatar
CAPE TOWN..... NOOOOOO!!!! How could you!!!
DecemberAres's avatar
hahahaha awesome, evil egoli watching Dassie. Reminds me of one of my friends.
TheBeardlyBen's avatar
Hehehe thanks :D

DecemberAres's avatar
Orly? wat's dit?
TheBeardlyBen's avatar
Orly? = Oh really?

DecemberAres's avatar
haha yea thanx for the update
fANAT1CAL's avatar
This is lank funny, great comical piece. Now I know where is behind the great succession debate (ºo.)

Maybe Dassie von Doom can do something about Zuma & Malema (mhuahuauhuha)
TheBeardlyBen's avatar
Hehehehe... I'm sure he still has big plans concerning Zuma and Julius.
fANAT1CAL's avatar
"where" = "who"

It would be worth the political out cry (; considering the ANC are curbing artistic expression.

A elephant rampaging over the ANC with zuma and malema scattering (ponder)
TheBeardlyBen's avatar
I'm saving that for the music I'm gonna play with my new band 'Worms of Earth'

I won't be silent any more.
Amadoodles's avatar
lol! great. hang on, wait, he paid his TV licence? wow, hes special indeed

stupid makro, I got a chair from there, and they put all the holes in the wrong place so that I couldn't set it up! Clearly he scared those guys into making proper chairs :P
TheBeardlyBen's avatar
I guess he REALLY doesn't want to go to jail, plus by paying your T.V license you never get suspected of being an evil mastermind.

I have a makro chair, had it for a while now and I haven't had any issues... ok well, I did replace the hydrolic lift with a screw mechanism since my desk is a little high.
Amadoodles's avatar
haha, wow, thats a nifty plan!

hmmm. maybe I had problems cuz I got the cheapest chair there...., but there were definitely problems with the chair! We assembled it, but if u sit too far in the front, it catapults you off :ohnoes:
TheBeardlyBen's avatar
I want a rocket chair now too... :B

Mine was like just as cheap, it's one of those common fabric office chairs.
Amadoodles's avatar
nah, u tend to go headfirst into your desk :ohnoes:
TheBeardlyBen's avatar
LOL! The Makro head-desk office chair available for only a piece of your office humiliation stardom!

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Dit...dit het my dag gemaak! :rofl:
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