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PixelBeadle by TheBeadle PixelBeadle :iconthebeadle:TheBeadle 3 1
fallen sky
the sky has fallen
and all the angels are dying
theres only one left
and it's dying
all it feels is pain
it can't remember, can't dream
it fades in the rain
:iconthebeadle:TheBeadle 1 3
Gandalf and Hagrid by TheBeadle Gandalf and Hagrid :iconthebeadle:TheBeadle 0 1
Amy + Kale
She landed gracefully in front of him, turning off her jet-pack as she touched down and the landing pad gave way to receive her, maintenance equipment snaking its way to check on the critical systems without hesitation.
He gazed on in awe of the engineering behind such an invaluable tool and at the skill and finesse required to command such an intricately complex device. The suit had so many systems and innumerable real world applications yet only very few had the required skill and ability to control it. The cost was another factor that prevented the mass production and use of the suit and that was why she was still in a lab, helping to test and expand uses for the suit.
It's official name was Extra-vehicular suit (combat) Sigma-08, but by now everybody who was working on the project called it simply Battlesuit Sigma, it didn't quite roll off the tongue but it was better than any further abbreviation.
"That was a good run, Amy," he said, "feel free to hit the showers, there'll be a ho
:iconthebeadle:TheBeadle 1 2
Tome of Power part 2
After escaping the terrible confines of the mansion I ran all through the night fueled by my intense fear of that horrible place. Many times I stumbled on the uneven cobblestones and fearfully looked over my shoulder, dreading what I might see. Shortly sunrise came and with it warmth. I instantly felt better and reduced my pace to a quick trot. Eventually I became exhausted and had to stop for rest. I found a round rock that was surprisingly comfortable on my exhausted body and sat down to rest for just a minute.
A short time later, or so it appeared, I awoke with a start. It was early in the afternoon and I was feeling thoroughly warmed by the sun. Looking around me I realised for the first time that I could o longer see the mansion behind me. Instead, there was a small township to the North which I made a steady pace towards and, after about an hours walking, I arrived.
It was the town of Nadeshda, the very same place I was being escorted to. The citizens were relieved that I had arr
:iconthebeadle:TheBeadle 1 1
Mature content
Save The Child 'B' :iconthebeadle:TheBeadle 1 4
Save The Child 'A'
A flower is crushed beneath the heel of a black military boot.
“Keep moving,” the voice of a hardened veteran.
There were ten men, all seasoned soldiers, fully armed and wearing chunky full body armour.
They were moving in a circle around something glimpses of colour could be seen between their rapidly moving legs. They were making a straight line to the next bunker. On the surface as the tunnels had recently caved in.
Out of nowhere a knife came spinning through the sky, lodging itself in the back of the lead soldiers helmet, killing him instantly.
“Run!” shouted one of the soldiers as panic spread across the squad.
“Get her to the bunker!” shouted the Sergeant, turning to face their unseen adversary and opening fire on the air in front of him, not knowing where to shoot. His gun was silenced seconds later as the Sergeant was killed.
Sprinting their way to the bunker with a small girl held under the arm of the lead soldier, the soldiers were being picked
:iconthebeadle:TheBeadle 0 0
Gothic story 2
Constable Kist entered the apartment block with some apprehension, the occupants had been complaining of a stench coming from an apartment on the sixth floor.
After several unanswered, unreturned calls, the police had obtained a warrant to search the apartment and had sent Constable Kist and her partner Constable Grar, who had been sick and was waiting in the car downstairs, to find the cause of the smell and effect its removal. If the owner, a Mr Black, was there, he was to be taken into custody as well.
After knocking on the door politely, Kist stated in a loud, commanding tone, “this is the police, I have a warrant,” after still receiving no reply, she kicked in the door, braking the lock and forcing it open.
With the door now open, the stench intensified, it was the sickening, putrid smell of decay. Gagging, she stepped inside and began her search for the disgusting smell.
The apartment was sparsely furnished and all of the rooms were connected. The hall led past a few cl
:iconthebeadle:TheBeadle 1 2
Tree on Tree by TheBeadle Tree on Tree :iconthebeadle:TheBeadle 0 2
Mature content
Tome of Power _-level up-_ :iconthebeadle:TheBeadle 2 12
Mature content
Veteran :iconthebeadle:TheBeadle 1 6
Anya Part 1
Anya had been saving up for the ticket for months and now she'd finally bought it, along with tickets for her friends, they were going to the concert!
When she finally got home everyone was happy and smiling, she caught the end of her parents conversation:
“Why were we even arguing?” wondered her mother.
“Who knows...” replied her father.
Anya hurried upstairs to her room before they could ask her where she'd been, pushing the power button on her computer before taking a quick shower.
Feeling refreshed, she got changed and logged on to her computer and was greeted by her background of a colourful sea of flowers.
She signed into the instant messenger program and immediately three conversation windows popped to life, announcing their arrival with a familiar but annoying bell tone. They all asked the same question, “Did you het the tickets?”.
With a few quick clicks she added them all to the same conversation and answered them with a simple “yes”.
:iconthebeadle:TheBeadle 0 0
Jed was nervous, today he was trying for his Grade 8 Wind/Fire exams. At 16 he was tall, 6 foot, with short black hair, well built and striking orange eyes. He was dressed casually, black jeans and a  collared white shirt.
“First, entertainment”said the tester.
Jed was ready, he'd been practicing for weeks, he flicked on his lighter and summoned up a wind. Suddenly flames shot out of the lighter, spiraling around the tester. The wind blew faster until the tester was surrounded by a cylinder of fire. It spread out, becoming a screen of fire . The word 'HOT' hung in the air for a few seconds, bordered by fire, before it fell from the sky, spreading out in a circle on the ground before finally going out.
“very impressive Jed, I can tell you've been practicing,” said the instructor, “now, something more, peaceful.”
Again flicking on his lighter, Jed summoned forth flames making a blazing line some way off. Summoning forth a breeze , he directed it to
:iconthebeadle:TheBeadle 0 3
The Experiment
For many centuries it has been a common belief that which were happy grew faster and better than other plants.
After discovering her abilities a few days ago, Anya decided that she would test this 'theory'. The light was starting to fade, perfect. She ran outside, into the garden.
Thinking of the first few times she had used her 'power', a feeling of utter joy and happiness arose within her, filling her up. Already bubbling with excitement and anticipation, she mentally funneled her emotions inside of her, imagining the garden all around her, she let go.
With the last light of day, she opened her eyes and looked around, seeing the 'garden' in a new state. It had grown explosively everywhere with ripe fruit and vegetables all around and plants that had previously been saplings now fully grown trees.
Anya's mouth formed an 'O' in amazement, then she ran inside and up to her room, straight to bed.
Anya had been nine then, and hadn't gotten any sleep that night, kept up by the thoughts run
:iconthebeadle:TheBeadle 0 0
Mature content
Fight for Huctl :iconthebeadle:TheBeadle 0 0
Chapter 3
After an hour on the bus Ethan and Lila arrived at Ethalia and got off.
Ethalia was a strange city. Before humans had come, it had been a lush tropical oasis surrounded by an inhospitable wasteland. It was also home to the Ohmlok, an amphibious but intelligent creature. It's body was covered in fine, soft fur that would change pattern depending on it's mood. They possessed suction tipped fingers and toes that helped them to navigate the slimy surface of their cave homes.
When humans had come tho Ethalia they had decided to found a city and, in a few decades through pollution and deforestation, had managed to all but destroy the beautiful forest that the city had been founded for.
Now the city of Ethalia was underground as, because of human ignorance, the surface was now constantly being scoured by sandstorms in the dry season and flooded during the wet season. The extreme weather had forced the people move their city underground. The only connection with the surface being small dome sh
:iconthebeadle:TheBeadle 0 2

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Artist | Literature
Current Residence: Sydney, Australia
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Games (yes, they are an art form)
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So I've been on a student exchange for half a year now.
Gosh I haven't put anything up here in like forever. Oh wells. I still enjoy looking at other peoples stuff which is of far superior quality.
So I'm in Finland. Nice place, more people should come here. Especially in the Summer time, except for the bugs its excellent. Or maybe I've been lucky. Apparently it has been an exceptional Winter and Exceptional Summer that I've had. Maybe I'm just good luck.
I have been at the summer cottage reading vast amounts of things and generally relaxing. I went rowing around the island today and that was good.
I change families next week which will be cool, onto the 3rd one. At least it will be getting back to civilization. And proper toilets.
Finnish Language is difficult.
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