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For TMM: Lil Lali Heart Chart by theBatKing For TMM: Lil Lali Heart Chart :iconthebatking:theBatKing 2 0 Lil Lali Character Sheet by theBatKing Lil Lali Character Sheet :iconthebatking:theBatKing 0 5 Jewelry: Tiny Dancer set by theBatKing Jewelry: Tiny Dancer set :iconthebatking:theBatKing 1 0 TMM: Alyx Heart Chart by theBatKing TMM: Alyx Heart Chart :iconthebatking:theBatKing 0 6 Alyx Character Sheet by theBatKing Alyx Character Sheet :iconthebatking:theBatKing 4 17
The Naga and the Crane, part 5
When the snake charmer came to he was still lying in the middle of the forest clearing in which he and the warrior had found the Naga. The force of the warrior's attack had knocked him out for some time, as there where now stars in the sky. There was a gentle breeze rolling through the clearing and for a moment he almost forgot the circumstances in which he had come to this clearing. However he quickly was reminded by the pain in the back of his head. The warrior who wielded the tetsubo had betrayed his trust and had knocked him down when he had tried to keep him from attacking the Naga.
He sat up, fearing the worst had befallen the Naga, when he spotted her by the edge of the lake in which she had been bathing. It was clear that the warrior had won the fight between them; the Naga lay battered and bleeding out into the clear water. He could see, however, that the Naga was still breathing ever so weakly. He moved quickly to the Naga's side, picking her up as best he could, for the Naga
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STOP SOPA by theBatKing STOP SOPA :iconthebatking:theBatKing 3 3
Mature content
LH: Goldilocks and the Bear :iconthebatking:theBatKing 5 21
Mature content
For TMM: Monsters in the Night :iconthebatking:theBatKing 1 5
For LH: Cain Paradis by theBatKing For LH: Cain Paradis :iconthebatking:theBatKing 17 60 Emmabel Character Sheet by theBatKing Emmabel Character Sheet :iconthebatking:theBatKing 1 10 Gareth NPC Sheet by theBatKing Gareth NPC Sheet :iconthebatking:theBatKing 2 9
TMM: Business Venture
He had read the letter over and over again, until there were not just that single set of tear stains at the bottom of the paper. He did believe the Templar when he said that he would return, but the way the letter ended made him think that perhaps it would not be as soon as the mage wished it. He had not even returned that night after checking in on his friend Surino and when he had woken from where he had fallen asleep at his desk it had been Grey to greet him with a warm smile and the news that Vico would not be returning. He wanted to be strong, as Vico told him to be, but the voices in his mind tore him down minute after minute. Why had he told Grey and not him? The man who had lied to the both of them. With Vico he could understand; if Grey was indeed a mage as the woman had said then it would put Vico in an awkward position. But they were friends, weren't they? And while Vico was a Templar he was a mage. He could help Grey like he helped Yonca, like he could help Faelin if she ha
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For TMM: Surino Heart Chart by theBatKing For TMM: Surino Heart Chart :iconthebatking:theBatKing 2 4
OC Profile: Surino Beslibri
Character Profile:
Name: Surino Beslibri
Age: Twenty-five
Race/Species: 'City Elf', Antivan
Hair: Surino shaves the sides of his head with the rest of his hair forming a long white mohawk.
Eyes: Jade green
Height: 5'11" flat footed
Weight: 120lbs
Build: Surino is rather slender due to his being an elf. However, due to his warrior's lifestyle as well as some other things that are a bit secret he has very well defined muscles.
Occupation: Mercenary, may or may not be a Crow
Hobbies: "Wine, Women, and Song", though it does not stop there. By any means.
Miscellaneous Facts:
Favorite colors: Blood.
Favorite music: Antivan music will always be the best in his book.
Favorite foods: Meat, rare.
Favorite drinks: Lots, please.
Do You Have:
A boy/girlfriend: Surino has commitment issues, though he has no problem with making a whole bunch of people think that they're the only one.
Pets: None
Pet Peeves: Whining, people who can't take a joke, people who can't take a punch
Any bad habits: Plenty.
:iconthebatking:theBatKing 1 10
Surino Character Sheet by theBatKing Surino Character Sheet :iconthebatking:theBatKing 4 5


Commission: Alex by alexielart Commission: Alex :iconalexielart:alexielart 295 16 Pinned by alexielart Pinned :iconalexielart:alexielart 1,109 76 :Gift: Dream of the Outside by Doria-Plume :Gift: Dream of the Outside :icondoria-plume:Doria-Plume 595 92 :Gift: The Swan Queen by Doria-Plume :Gift: The Swan Queen :icondoria-plume:Doria-Plume 471 74 Dusk of the jackals by DocWendigo Dusk of the jackals :icondocwendigo:DocWendigo 3,856 109 Lelouch Lamperouge by LALASOSU2 Lelouch Lamperouge :iconlalasosu2:LALASOSU2 570 60 imperia black by JuleeMClark imperia black :iconjuleemclark:JuleeMClark 1,219 31 sapphira by JuleeMClark sapphira :iconjuleemclark:JuleeMClark 863 18 autumn fire by JuleeMClark autumn fire :iconjuleemclark:JuleeMClark 1,396 19 saffron crocus by JuleeMClark saffron crocus :iconjuleemclark:JuleeMClark 1,236 28 belle ternir by JuleeMClark belle ternir :iconjuleemclark:JuleeMClark 2,259 49 Water Elemental by JuleeMClark Water Elemental :iconjuleemclark:JuleeMClark 5,622 309 camille by JuleeMClark camille :iconjuleemclark:JuleeMClark 808 22 nebula by JuleeMClark nebula :iconjuleemclark:JuleeMClark 1,138 32 Muse by JuleeMClark Muse :iconjuleemclark:JuleeMClark 1,317 31 Lily's Journal by JuleeMClark Lily's Journal :iconjuleemclark:JuleeMClark 895 25



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