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The babies gettin a job
      “Training with me. Now.”  That was the only thing that the guild’s leader said as he walked by a sparring Skull and Pandora. They instantly stood straighter, shoulders locking into place as they stood in a respectful manner. After he said so, they followed immediately. 
      Pandora and Skull were lead to a room off of the leader’s main office. 
       “As you know, you are both not in the guild officially.” he paused to look between the two, “ As tradition, you must show to me that you are worthy of taking place in our establishment. You are the youngest trainees to be considered here ever. I am taking a huge gamble for even allowing you two to apply. Start.” All the things he said were ultimately true, that undoubtedly. They were both 13, breaking the rules of applying at the earliest age of sixteen, the legal age in the land. 
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Chlo Chlo
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Heya I'm a pen/pencil artist mostly. Jr high level art- varies
I LOOVE Undertale, Wings Of Fire, Carry On, Greek Gods, Adventure Time, and gays..? I love all books sooo.... OH AND STEVEN UNIVERSE!!! I have too many fandoms 😰




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"I feel like I should wear the beanie. What do you think." The girl stopped biting her lip and looked at the man in front of her, whom was cautiously painting her nails.
"Lori, first impressions. New school. We move every fuc-" The pink clad man said looking up slowly.
"LANGUAGE." Lori interrupted, putting the unpainted hand to her heart dramatically.
"Yeah right, like you don't cuss like a sailor. I see you mouth the words when you stub your toe. As I was saying, we have moved every year since we moved in with Aunt Mo. I'm sure you'll be fine. This schools private." He said puffing out his chest. He picked out the school, and hadn't stopped bragging since.
"Ozwalt Damian Mephistopheles, you don't need to try and make your boobs bigger for me." Lori grinned at Ozwalt and yanked her hand away before he could unleash hell upon her.
"YOU KNOW VERY WELL I'M OF THE MALE SPECIES. GET BACK HERE GODAMMIT!" Ozwalt yelled profanities as he chased Lori around the room.
"Ah!" Lori ran around, her hands stuck in the air, as to not ruin her nails. She quickly checked their dryness level, happily seeing they were good enough to jump under the bed. She sprinted across the room and slid right between Ozwalt's legs, skidding to a stop beneath the mattress.
"You're a major jerk you know. Stealing my bed." Ozwalt sat cross legged, facing a Lori munching on his chips.
"Still summer. Bedroom rules don't apply." She found his blanket and hid underneath.
"Maybe if you promise to cook me breakfast I'll consider sleeping on my bed." Her muffled voice said bargaining.
"Ugh whatever, just stop getting crumbs on the blanket. I just washed it yesterday." Lori's head popped out and crawled onto her bed. She pulled the curtain down, and she changed into her pajamas.
"Hehe bed time sleepover! Wanna do each other's nails and like gossip and style each other's hair and like, listen to Britney Spears and like maybe have a pillow fight." She said, making fun of the popular girls she saw milling around the grove that morning.
"How about we sleep, because somebody has to get up at 6:30 tomorrow."
"Ugh fine." She said sighing and blowing her hair out of her face dramatically, flopping onto her many pillows.
"Night." Ozwalt said, blowing the candles scattered around the room.
"Night." Lori responded, affectionately nuzzling her indigo pillow.



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Chibi, my regular artstyle, or anime/manga. Chibi will be full body of your OC/you/ect. Non animals. Colored is an extra 50, and is to be added to the donation pool.
My regular artstyle will be full body, just a profile, or a particular pose. OCS/you/ect. Animals excepted. An extra 100 to be colored or 50 depending on the size.
Anime/manga will only be profiles. If you want a full body then you'll have to talk to me to see if we can work it out. TAKES EXTREME AMOUNT OF TIME!!! Extra 100 of you want it colored.


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