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Captains Jack

What is the collective noun for Captain Jacks? A chutzpah?

Photoshop, photo references

For those who don't recognise any of them they are, from left to right, Captain Jack Harkness (Dr Who, Torchwood), Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean), Captain Jack Aubrey (Master & Commander)

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Great work - the question is, which one will get you high tonight? Lol
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This is legitimately the best 'captain jack' art on the internet! 
Rose-de-Noire's avatar
how did I not find this earlier? All my favorite Jack's in one picture and it takes me ten years to find it? *sighs*
daydude101's avatar
I started a literature series. My protagonist WAS Captain Jack (made up, not talking about anyone like these 3) no wonder I changed it.
kaybet's avatar
I so need a fanfic to go with this
Burlew's avatar
Hah, very clever!  Made my afternoon, thank you! :D
Myschief0's avatar
It is DEFINITELY a chutzpah. Or maybe a threesome.
Iceshark39's avatar
Okay, there are not enough words in the English language to even remotely articulate the level of WIN in this image! Absolutely, positively and in all ways - AWESOME!!!!Love 
SixPathsRinnegan's avatar
That is so cool haha well done!
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Of course it must be Russell Crowe... Love
Xanness's avatar
Amd jack harkness would do all of them. And probably will in the next 4 second.
KoraPirate's avatar
May I ask who you like most?
For me, it's clear: :iconcaptainjackplz:
daydude101's avatar
I like Jack most. Yes, Jack. No, not him, Jack.

This is a death trap
ClickedCookie's avatar
Those Captain Jacks sure do like their shiny buttons
PrincessBryannaJane's avatar
Three Jacks?

...I can't tell you want I'm thinking right now... :iconheplz:
JeremyTrompat's avatar
I got it ! I see what you did there :D
Autumn-Gracy's avatar
KyoKanaSarikoto's avatar
Wow!! I thought this was real!!!! great work!!!! TOTAL FAVORITE
Myrethy's avatar
Wooooo! Captain Jacks abound! :eyepopping: SO MUCH LOVE
Tikatu's avatar
Saw this posted on FB with link and credit (Craig Hurrle's page), and thought I'd check your art out. You really got the expressions and body language of these characters down! Adding it to my faves.
BlizzardFoxx's avatar
The two on the left to go. Thanks!
Amazing picture!!!
theterriblezodin's avatar

Where has this been all my life?!
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