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Naughty times always put me in a good mood as of late.

So I'll color some art. I even thought up a fun rhyme... though it'd probably work best as a jingle.

Smothery delightful,
You'll never find your life dull,
She'll even spend the night full.
Hmm seems like some story archives are hard to find.

There was that old balloon fetish forum that died due to server issues. (total SQL failure so un recoverable I think)
Then the geocities take down. That was a lotta good content. Umm the way back machine did save a few things I think.

I realize that a lot of posters think their old works should stay gone as the new ones are clearly an improvement, but I for one enjoyed all the old stories for better or worse. I'd wanna archive all the things that aren't around if anyone's saved them. Or just keep a copy for personal pleasure ;3
Just a quick stream. Might be just coloring in relaxed way for hours...

Hmm well the turn out was a little lacking.
The opposite of what Gandhi says. (It's a Simpsons joke)

So I traveled back in time to 2012. A bad point in my life. I was searching for tools to help me in the now. I found my old resume with all the proper formatting that fancy people look for. Nothing was really what I was searching for. My old/new ish copy of the cryengine installer seems to be missing... well with the website under maintenance I can't miss it that much and it's free. I nabbed a copy of the new humble cry engine game dev resources and I'm eager to get cooking maybe bundle up something silly and fun. It's my intent to finish one thing this year, it'll probably be a tetris / collapse / matching type game maybe just a fun little clone of cleopatra fortune plus at first.

I was doing a little spelunking and found the things that inspired me to reach out for a little fun and companionship in a more digital and comforting way. It's Bee but not Bee... I kinda thought her up and then stumbled on the picture,… (perhaps spoilers? beware)

I actually never did watch much of heart catch pretty cure I don't wanna draw too many ideas from it. I feel like pathfinder or the older inspirational sources such as comic books would be good for fun outlandish power situations
100 balloon sized lion girls or 1 lion sized balloon girl?

I rather like reddit's common question in the form of naughty inflatables.
I'll make a note that a birb owes me a good time, mostly because she's good at delivering and I'm bad at remembering~

I feel like I was doing a coloring thing that was really cute for someone... I just called my current little project done. It wasn't feeling super fun. In the mean time I'll try and do some of my own art. Look forward to some silly inflatable riding.
So let's say someone on the internet has never heard of your fetish, what would you tell or give them for a positive first experience?

My thing being balloons I guess I'd go with this Geocities back up…

Hmm perhaps over here too.…

I've been told that videos are the worst thing to link. Personally I wouldn't even try to use words in an exploitation as they fail me far too often
Pirates or ninjas?: Pirates, because there's no airship ninjas.... hmm though being the first would be awesome.

Cowboys or knights?: Cowboys that armor seems too heavy I like to travel light. 

If you could have sex and/or a romantic evening with any celebrity and/or fictional character, who would it be?: Hmm I'd have to list a lot of OCs. Well I'll name Crystal.

Would you rather lose an arm or a leg?: Arm. I could type with my feet it just takes a little longer and I could get a crazy prosthetic have a hand just for inflating balloons maybe one with a disco ball, Inspector gadget is goin down!  

What is a show you saw as a kid, or moment in a show you saw as a kid, that you sometimes wonder whether it was a dream or not?: Hmm I'm sure some cartoon made the tops of the chart. I mean I figured if Santa was out there maybe spiderman wasn't so crazy... I wasn't very smart... I mean there could still be a spiderman from an over funded scientist or just Stan Lee.

Ass, legs, or chest? Which do you prefer?: Chest... though legs are awesome to look at from a distance and I don't really feel the same way about a buxom chest unless I get some hands on time.

Are there any foods most consider weird or gross that you actually like?: Nothing really comes to mind we've all got different tastes. My best friend can't stand pineapples but I love em... While I won't eat any coconut but it's even in candy which makes me sad.

What ordinary or wholesome thing do you fetishize that most don't consider sexual?: Balloons are the obvious answer.

Who was your first fictional character crush growing up?: Kiki. I mean I probably had a crush in every show and I still do.
Thanks so much but it's not til October 12th. Anyway I'll count it forward so you don't need to say it twice. I'm not much a fan of digital happy b-days it's kinda about how you show it rather then say it, and usually the best way is to just pick a day and chat a little. I'm super forgetful so anything you say might be new to me once again ^^; Anyway it's been a great new year. I've got some money to commission folks with and I plan on asking Mr. I for a story. Such luscious writing~

I get to visit a cutie for balloon play, perhaps somewhere near valentines day. I'm such a lucky balloon. I kinda wonder why inflatable dice aren't a thing... though inflatable scratch and win tickets would be kinda funny.

So I've been playing games a good deal of Pokemon the online trading card game, then some steam stuff (Of course balloons love steamy things). I'm a balloon of strange game taste.

I'm always on Skype but not too many people boop me first. But I guess I do tend to sleep a lot or know people in different timezones.

I've got some color things to upload for the new year well assuming I get permission. Other wise it's back to programming and looking cute. As for programming I've been kinda burnt out. In C++ I hit a little wall with windows API stuff... it's confusing... It kinda works at least.

Everything like doing 3d renders seems so simple until you try it. D&D probably works better as silly balloon dreams too.

Mmm that's about it for balloon news. Tune in some other time. same balloon time, same balloon channel.  
Well first off merry fishmas, and supreme holidays.

I made a twitch account if I'm ever inclined to play a game or two, but more often I find myself coding or wanting to color.
Recently I've been coding next to non stop and I'm tired, worn, and still pushing hard to finish. With the money I'm hoping to commission Mr. I He writes such lovely things. I'd fangasm harder if they were more frequent but you can't eat free so it's understandable. And it keeps content fresh, not that I'm opposed to lewd madlibs if they have a good foundation to build upon.

Tonight has been scary movie night and later in the evening erotic reading night. I'd like to offer for your reading pleasures…

if I needed a little tag cloud it'd go M/F, balloon, caught, hard teasing, happy end, NSFW of course. 18+ That'd be how it'd go. Personally I thought this was one of blowhyoooge's better stories. And I always enjoy plugging Mr. I…

I'll address scary things like The ruins -
and things that make me wanna not sleep after I've had a good sleep.

Keep it tuned to channel Bee. same Bee time same Bee channel. Oh and I've colored some things I should probably upload them eventually.
Oops.. I forgot to end the stream. Sorries. I was streaming for 11hrs which was pretty awesome. Well guess what time it is? Stream time!

On today's agenda. More Suki!

Edit: I'd lose my head if it weren't as inflated as my ego. Here's the link.

Woo back to fun time!
I really wanna vector and color this one. It's worthy of such a lewd desktop background!~

wsache's work has caused so much inspiration and awesomeness. Shines and thick shapely characters. So lovely. <3 10/10 would commission (if not broke & seeking material goods).
Alrighty all done for now. I might suddenly start streaming again who knows.

Should be going for a good hour or two. Perhaps someone can inform me on somethings that I should do stream wise.

Made a more mobile friendly stream via

but I really do like picarto
So I've been doing some streaming now and then. If ya happen to have a sketch or line art I recommend ya send it via skype.

I'm gonna try and make OBS do a better job of things. It's kinda embarrassing showing my naughty chats when I get interrupted. 
It's my birthday! So far a very nice day. I figure I'll seek out some art to top it off as a day to remember forever.

Edit: Thanks for the well wishes everyone. It was a great day better then last year. Here's  to many more. Hopefully I can get some motivation to do some b-day stuff for others
One each year yay! But it's October 12th for real. Art, writing, stories, feelings, comments, whisperers of naughty thoughts, balloons, pool toys , some other personal present that has meaning to you are all appreciated.

Hmm if I could have anything selfish I'd get a big kitty toy from here…

Sorry it's actually from Jets creations.
(as seen here
Probably 6' so she's taller then me~ maybe an SPH because that's clearly where the fun is gonna be focused towards ^////^

Non selfish I'd want to write Mabo a blank check and put him in business making a whole thing of fetish based products, I'd help with a few games maybe but just total creative freedom for him letting him bring back the streams if he desires would be my wish for him that'd benefit everyone and not just me for being able to enjoy his art.

A gift under $20? I'd go with a pack of balloons hopefully 17" or bigger as 12" aren't really scary anymore but are still kinda fun.

Donations? Sure!… I'll save up for the big toy and do a little review.
Go commission him to color a fancy work of art. It's a nice alternative to having it colored by the main author of the work and it can be cheaper too.

Here he colored this for me. (My choice of colors and such so if it's not to your taste that's probably my fault. I just love pink so much XD)

Before, orginal artist - the awesome dragon heart.

And in all it's vectored and colored Glory!-…

Adding a custom depth map to an image looks super fun. Just imagine me in 3d!
My lotto numbers
10, 17, 24, 35, 42

But really I'm just feeling all kinds of lucky today.
:iconbuttjeeeks: Is doing art requests. I figure I'd ask for one. Get yours too while supplies last.