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Buns on a Couch
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I kinda realized slowly that I had a lot of these ingredients as a kid but now this is kinda aged up and sexy fun.

So a tally of then 

1x balloon/beach ball/plush bunny They used to be my favorite snuggle toys... though I remember my Orca plush better.

1x Hi-C branded inflatable chair (It was kid sized but now it's Queensized and couchy... still 80's ish but less neon)

1x Condominium of cozyness (The carpet was in different colors in all places of the house, my zone was kinda a wine red/ pink but I'm not sure how to do those old fuzzy carpets without taking forever beyond what I already took doing line and color arts)

What do you think? Should I finish cleaning up some of the little spots or is it still a nice color job when it's kinda done? 
Is the wet suit a weird thing? Was that suppsto just be shadow... perhaps I should change the body shines from hard shines to soft shines... I might call it good for now while I work on other things. 

Edit: Don't upload things a night I forgot the most important things!
Sketch / Lines by Milkybody Aka Mabo

Original -…

Thanks Mabo ^u^/
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Comments (5)
msl3000's avatar
*blink*... *blink*...

That is sooooooo very pouncable! :)

Big slickery bouncy bunny bits!
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I'd kiss those cheeks
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skyfirenet|Hobbyist Artist
Amusingly, I didn't even think it was a wet suit but a vinyl bodysuit. That said, I've seen enough vinyl-on-vinyl play examples to know that it's a thing and not automatically a weird thing.

I think your colouring job is fine. You could do a few tweaks, but you may risk a case of perfection paralysis if there isn't something that's really bugging you.
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PinkestBalloon's avatar
I think you made quite a lovely picture.
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