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God this piece took foooorreeeverrrr to make. Probably around 3h Modelling, 2h making Materials and then another 5h in Photoshop.
I had SO MUCH FUN learning 3D modelling though.
I really wanted a Crab/Spider Hut thingy on a tiny island on a lake. Had this idea for aaaages.
Here's how the image looked before:

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Very interesting

its so beautiful

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man this is awesome

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Cool, I can imagine perfectly the dude living here just from looking at his home.
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When you look at it, what more do you need? Really.
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Love it, sorry, the older I get, the smaller my group gets. Family is the priority now.
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Wonderful scenery :wow: I love the concept and the details :love: :clap:
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That is going to be me... Someday.
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such a nice vibe
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Now that would be an interesting place to live in :)
Nicely done! 
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mersi frumos <3
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Ayyyyy thanks broski <3 much love
Can you help me learn?
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sure thing. look at

Have a hundred or so youtube tutorials on there ^^
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 Good security, eh?
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The water looks a bit weird, more like plastic. But the details on the rest look so good! The colors are very pretty too.
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was supposed to be like toxic waste or something lmao
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