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One step closer - a wolfstar valentine exchange

Full view to see Remus' gorgeous amber eyes!

Prompts: grey, crimson and gold. 

My valentine also preferred Alex Pettyfer as Remus, funny coincidence as I have my PC full of his pictures as references for one of my fics. Never crossed my mind that he'd be a great Remus too! As our Sirius we have the charming Ben Barnes. 

I'm afraid this doesn't fulfill my Valentines kink wishes and I'm terribly sorry for that, I guess I'm just too tame. But I hope you don't mind!

So this is something between a manip and digital art I guess? I had to borrow my friends graphics tablet to draw, edit and finish the background. I'll spare you with the details but lets just it took me ages and I think I lost my mind a couple of times :D The finest details are for the most parts just a little drawing and a lot of manipulating, I'm not that good tbh :P

I had great difficulty with both of their hair. I wanted Sirius' hair to be a little wavy and Remus' hair to be lighter and longer. Well I didn't manage the longer hair for him as you guys can see but this will do.
Also added some scars to Remus' face and stuff.

I like to think that this is Moony and Pads on their last year to hogwarts, on an autumn weekend, wandering somewhere at the forbidden forest. And you can decide the rest of the story for yourselves ;)
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The more I look at this,the more I love it!!!The natural look to it,your editing skill is amazing!!And Remus's eyes are gorgeous indeed!! <3
Abyss-Valkyrie's avatar…

Heeeyyy!!Your giftee sure liked the piece!