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Magpul ACR

I thought I'd lost the original ACR model but found it buried in a lost archive.

100,450,403,192 polys
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Original ACR=Best ACR! Not as much a fan of the Remington model.
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Masada = best ACR. Hands down.
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I was never a fan of an acr silhouette until I saw these
Are the Magpul models for sale? If so how much?

great work btw ;)
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soo real render mate....with some enviroment it would be like photo :D
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Magnificent modeling and texturing work!Also, Super realism on the renders!!Congrats again!! :-)
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100,450,403,192 polys??
how did it take to render?
TheBadPanda2's avatar
It's a joke, it's only like 8000
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still... good job!
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Amazing job. I would wish i was so god at animating :-/
You should put a foregrip on it, That might look cool:D
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Thanks, wish I thought of that
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Excellent work, very solid and detailed.
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Nice work.....
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cool cool cool cool cool
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These are some fine beauties...
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Nice work, Stretch.
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How does your computer still function?  Jesus christ, That's a ridiculous amount of polygons.
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