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Glock 19 Gen 4

I think Glocks are beautiful.
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Sep 6, 2013, 4:14:15 PM
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Nice. Very nice.
Stargazzer811's avatar
I have to disagree. I think glocks have zero appeal and are cheap as shit. The Walther P99 on the other hand is awesome.
Skaramine's avatar
The 19 is sublime.  But the 26 is just a cute little puggie.
Reborn-Taltos's avatar
How many bullets fit in the standard clip?
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WallaceSC's avatar
Why do you  love showing arms on dA? Seriously
CzechBiohazard's avatar
It's better than showing a man's ass, even though others might disagree. Seriously.
EverlastingAbyss's avatar
Glocks are reliable and as accurate as the shooter, but I can't stand the insane muzzle flip by comparison of a full steel Frame.
TheBadPanda2's avatar
You probably fired the Gen 3 models. The Gen 4 has a new recoil spring, it reduces it a good 20%
EverlastingAbyss's avatar
It was a Gen 3 but I maintain my standing. A glock is more comfortable to carry on your hip all day long for EDC but I feel far more comfortable in the shooting aspect with a steel frame.
SHARK-008's avatar
At least for me it's the most easy to draw. :B
TheBadPanda2's avatar
Same goes for 3D modeling
SHARK-008's avatar
I presume, I nev... No wait I made some 3D modeling of gun, but it's was homemade and really nothing big. ^^;…
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I've never noticed this before... Is the frame and slide of the pistol in a different angle than the barrel, to reduce recoil climb? I only know of one other gun that does that.
TheBadPanda2's avatar
It tilts down when the slide is back so another bullet can enter into the barrel.… But upon return of the slide it straightens out again.
Plutonia-V41's avatar
Aha. See, there's this submachine gun called the Jati-matic, that is built in a way where the barrel points slightly up, so the weapon is held in a position that makes the shooter absorb more of the muzzle climb.
TheBadPanda2's avatar
Indeed. I think it was the Kriss Vector of its time
BenMMiller's avatar
Beautiful, minus the ugly white stamps on the slide. Is that a standard Gen 4 thing? 
TheBadPanda2's avatar
BenMMiller's avatar
No, I've got a G17 and the stamps aren't painted white, they're the same color as the slide. 
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