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Free guns download

I found a backup on an old hard drive. It's a Blender 2.49b file of most of the gun models displayed here. (compressed with 7zip)

As a huge thank you to everyone who supported my work, the file and models are free to use as you please

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Lovely artwork , but does anyone still has a working link  ? Thanks : ) . ( I can't find This guy's old account that has like a Compound Bow and stuff , Help me if you can please . UwU , thanks )
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Does anyone have the dl? The link no longer works.
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BadPanda is no longer with us. He passed June of this year.
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Did you know him?
hello, your Benelly M4 modified isn´t in the archive. Is there any posibility to include it? I would like to try to print it in 3d

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I think I'm on to something here and I believe you would be able to pull it off, I imagined a punt-gun combined with a sawn-off shotgun (the recoil would be monstrous I am aware but I think I have the solution to that) it's a side by side format and the backs are open to let out gasses and reduce recoil, kind of like a recoilless rifle if you will. The length of which would be 17.78 centimeters? Either way this was made to take the AA shotgun rounds, and I'd love to see the idea come to life.
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not even rendering your stuff? or working out the hard edges?
panda, what happened to you buddy?
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I quit making art. Though I might start again soon
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one can never have too many guns....
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One of my favorite artists releases their assets into the wild.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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Thank you. That's good to hear
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Holy crap this is unexpected, but has me super excited. I can finally animate these beauties. Much thanks for the download! Hope things are going well for you!
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Things are going great. Let me know if you make anything
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Thanks a lot for the dl man.
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