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AA-2 Automatic Shotgun

2 Gauge Modified AA12

So it turns out VRay is pretty awesome.

It takes a lot of firepower before a weapon can be considered anti-everything. This is easily the most viable hand held weapon to fit that bill

25,000 polys
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What the hell is going on with the mag

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the rounds look like cigarettes' fitting, cuz you could smoke some bitches with those
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Is this usable in DAZ?
Man, this thing looks like it kicks like a mule on crack!
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not to burst your bubble. but the only 2 gauge shotty that i could think of is a muzzle loader
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Better Yet....
Take two AA-12s... a right and left hand model, and gunsmith them together, leaving only a single stock and single trigger. Put a really good Muzzle Break on the end of the gun. (this recipe used to involve a Saiga 12 but the AA-12 is more reliable).

And change the caliber to 10 Gauge.

Now you have a "Fully Automatic, Double Barreled, 10 Gauge Shotgun" (which does not even make your shoulder sore).

Its true that this doesnt let you use a drum, but all you need at that point are box magazines fastened to each other (basically a brick).

And it even uses standard ammunition you can find on the shelf.

Or just leave it 12 Gauge if you feel that a Fully Automatic Double Barreled Shotgun is already good enough.

Or change it to 25mm Grenade Launcher caliber so it can shoot 25mm Buckshot canisters, or the 25mm Grenades interchangeably. Oh and dont forget its still double barreled.

NOW TELL ME.... why the hell someone hasnt Made This Sht in real life already. Since its 100% feasible and possible.

I mean blowing a door knob off can be hard sometimes if its rienforced. Why not just blow a hole in the door around the lock.
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Because it would weight 20KG unloaded and be exceptionally unreliable, bulky, and break your shoulder.

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To quote Butch Cassidy "Small price to pay for beauty."

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It's an amazing gun (I know someone who has a "homemade" one, or rather he modified a stock shotgun to resemble/act like this gun).
It's easily the best shotgun I know how to use, possibly even the best shotgun overall.  Good accuracy, firing speed, clip size, and best of all: It can be bought.  It's not in the "Assault rifles" category, and so can be bought at a gun store (good luck finding one, I know I havent been able to...)
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Sorry, for clarification, AA-12.  AA-2 isnt actually a gun, ya know, so... yeah.  AA-12.  And yes, I know it cant be legally owned, but who says you have to buy it legally?  I just like having big-ass guns that I can use to survive the apocalypse if it ever comes :P

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At first I thought someone came up with cigarettes shooting toy.
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Human beings are too weak to use this properly
First time you jump it a muddy hole it's done working.
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I'm debating as whether to put this in the WMD Category...
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I'm thinking about it as soon as i trawl your other guns.
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I want to use this as the thruster for a rocket. The possibilities are endless, just have to get this to have the same recoil as the AA-12, I'm sure some springs can reduce it enough, flawless plan, get this to the military ASAP

inb4 this is in MW4 *shot*
inb4 FPS Russia makes a video with this, it will go great alongside his other fake videos *cough* 1 mile snipershot with 3 second lineup *cough* explosions use detonators *cough* everything *cough*
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My brain asspolded

The explosive he uses is called Tannerite, It's shock sensitive and can be detonated with a .17 hmr or greater. There is no need to use a detonator with it.

As for the mile shot perhaps he's just had a lot of practice. He is a multimillionaire after all
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I know the stuff is real and it is possible to detonate it with a gun but there are multiple videos where he fakes them such as some of the ones with zombie figures, you can see it explode as he hits the trigger. The best sniper in the world would not be able to pull off a mile shot in 3 seconds without a computer, it takes a good minute with the M200 system to pull off a 1000 meter shot and you have a good chance of missing.
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To to be six again
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