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Take the Blue pill ... please .. before THEY see

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Alternative title: Cheerilee, and the Board of Education.

I've had a few conversations with friends who are either teachers or are training to be teachers, and they've been pretty open about how shocked they have been at the extent to which school administrations have been pushing them to push a political agenda onto children. Even those in heavily red states have some pretty scary stories about mandatory seminars on how to "guide" discussion, and how to limit debates so that they only reach "acceptable" conclusions.

One friend told me how they were instructed to "actively derail" anybody who knew that the anti-slavery movement in Europe originated in Quaker and Evangelical communities, or that it was lead by politicians and aristocrats.

Another showed me a classroom handbook that instructed them to "redirect" conversations if they heard boys discussing sports or outdoor activities such as camping, fishing or hiking, and to dissuade anybody from using these topics as the basis of a classroom presentation.

I've always known that education in this country is extremely skewed along political lines, but I'd never realized how much of it was policy being pushed down from the administration rather than simply the personal beliefs of the teachers.

Anyhow, have some pony.
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I don't think that was as much of a problem at the schools I went to. Even though Administrations are pushing for everyone to be on the same level it comes down to the teachers who decide whether to push this or not.

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Oh that was good, nicely done.

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Check out Illinois and how they deal with problem children. Prison-style punishments by locking them in isolation or padded rooms. Problem children including those with issues such as ADD and the like.

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TheBadFaerieHobbyist Digital Artist

This is one of the really weird things about liberals in the education system, on one hand they want everything to be about "feelings" but on the other hand they want cops in schools and to treat children like criminals.

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ilvbrowniesHobbyist Traditional Artist

I'm a bit surprised at the one about stopping boys from discussing things like camping, fishing, or hiking. I'd be less surprised if this was stopping Girls from discussing those things or stopping boys from discussing things like oh... I don't know...technicolor ponies.

This post reminds me of a character from an online comic called Ozy and Millie (c. 1997-2007) whose name was Principal Beau Vine, he was the titular character's school principal and he was always talking about getting the weirdoes to conform, that is act more like the school jock (and unrepentant bully) he was also incredibly dim about just about anything aside from school sports and money.

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TheBadFaerieHobbyist Digital Artist

The handbook said that those topics were considered exclusionary so they should be discouraged.

It's part of this whole dissonance thing that liberals have going. They want everything to be OK for everybody so as to be inclusive, but if something isn't seen as being sufficiently inclusive enough then nobody should be doing it.

Based on what little I read of it, the handbook essentially considered any activity that boys and girls could do equally as being unisex and thus acceptable, but anything that was mostly a boys thing to be exclusionary and thus unacceptable.

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I refer you to the warnings and foretellings by one Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov and the four stages of a Communist takeover of a country, as laid out here:

"The concept of ‘Ideological Subversion’

Yuri Bezmenov explained that KGB was more concerned about the psychological warfare against the American government through ideological subversion rather than espionage activities, which constituted only 15% of their work. He highlighted how brainwashing techniques were used on the American population to infuse an ideology, distinct from Americanism. He further emphasised how manipulation of public opinion can make people reject obvious facts to cater to the existing perceptions and interests.

Demoralisation of a population

The former KGB informant stated that the Soviet Intelligence Agency used four methods to alter the mindset and behaviour of people in foreign countries. The first step is that of demoralisation which according to him took 15-20 years. During the phase, young people are influenced to question the integrity of a country and raise suspicions through media propaganda and academia. Perception takes the centre stage and facts become meaningless. He attributes it to the lack of moral standards in society.

For a population self-absorbed in a world of propaganda, and theories of Marxism and Leninism, truth loses its grip on the society. The older generation also loses control over the population due to consistent attacks on their moral fabric. Yuri Bezmenov revealed that the ‘demoralisation’ phase was completed before the interview and the Soviet Union was surprised at the ease of its execution. He also explained how those from the 60s were occupying high positions in the government, mass media, and civil services at the time of the interview. Yuri Bezmenov further claimed that another 20 years would take to create a new generation of patriotic American citizens.

Destabilisation, Crisis and Normalisation

As per the former KGB informant, destabilisation of a country also referred to as the second step, meant altering the nation’s foreign relations, economy, defence systems. He said that the process takes 2-5 years to execute. He stated that the Marxist-Leninist hold over the American defence and economic sector was ‘fantastic.’ Bezmenov said that he never thought that the process would be so easy to execute in the US when he landed there in 1971. He highlighted that a country could be brought to a state of crisis, the third step, in a short time as six weeks and cited the example of Central America to make his point.

Coupled with a violent change in power structure and economy, the fourth phase of normalisation is kicked in that can last indefinitely. The word normalisation is derived from Soviet propaganda that seeks to downplay a drastic change in a country as a normal phenomenon. “This will happen in America if you allow the Schumuks to bring the country to crisis, promise people all kinds of goodies and paradise on Earth, destabilise your economy, eliminate the principle of free-market competition, put a Big Brother government in Washington DC with benevolent things,” he remarked.

Yuri Bezmenov reiterated that the US was in a state of undeclared war, against the principles on which it was founded, under the Communist conspiracy. “You don’t have to be paranoid… Unless the United States wakes up! The time bomb is ticking every second and the disaster is coming closer and closer. Unlike myself, you will have nowhere to defect,” he emphasised."

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TheBadFaerieHobbyist Digital Artist

Are you saying that the school board is literally run by communists, or that school boards are trying to effect social change by influencing the younger generations in much the same way that communists used propaganda to indoctrinate people?

What I'm saying is that I'd always thought that the teaching profession tends to attract leftists, but that I'm being told that teachers are being pressured into pushing left wing ideologies against their will.

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Its a bit of both. You have the far leftist and communist of the 60's who became educators and push influences of more and more leftist ideology in the schools. Now we have teachers who are honest and against the leftist ideology being pushed, and the far leftist teachers who are actively willfully teaching these anti-american communist and SJW ideology. there are many who are pushing transgenderism on young children too. For the longest time there has been an active war on boys, where a lot of leftist teachers and admin look at boys as defective girls. I had graduated in 1998 from high school and we didn't have that kind of thinking or such going on at the time on a large scale. Sure we had some hippy teachers who were old Dead-heads (Grateful Dead fans) but they were not anti-american. I feel the change really started during the bush Jr. Era and accelerated during Obama's reign.

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TheBadFaerieHobbyist Digital Artist

I definitely agree that the War on Boys is a thing with SJW.

I've volunteered as part of a number of school programs in my state designed to encourage girls to do sports or to be interested in non-traditional subject (Did I mention that I'm a girl whose studying engineering in college), and I've ended up abandoning most of them because they quickly became little more than thinly disguised efforts to hog-tie boys, or to remove the elements that attract boys and replace them with some kind of emotion based love-in.

One of the worst that I remember was a school that wanted to make all sports co-ed, and they ended up re-writing the rules for soccer and basketball so that being faster, stronger or having more stamina didn't give you an advantage. AKA, it deliberately held boys back to allow girls to catch up. We're talking soccer and basketball played similarly to netball, where you can't run, and where you have to pas the ball to move it down the field.

In the end the effort collapsed because the boys got so frustrated that they either cut class or flat out deliberately kicked the ball into the girls faces.

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So much fear of communism so no one sees how they are fucked over by corporates.

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blazikenkingHobbyist General Artist

At least the corporations have to provide an actual good or service and compete to stay around, while the government taxes your productivity, income, property, death, and more, then spends it like it wasn't their money oh wait!

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If your government doesn't provide a good service you voted the wrong people into office.

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I have from a red state and they don't do that here thankfully. But it's happpening in Blue states and bigger red states. Its like oh now both sides can't agree on things. Lets brain wash kids.

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TheBadFaerieHobbyist Digital Artist

Right now, the main difference between left\right is that the right wants to allow all opinions to be heard so that the side with the most persuasive can gain the most support, while the left wants only their views to be heard because they are afraid that they won't be able to persuade people in an open debate. Hence why they send mobs to campuses to prevent conservatives from speaking.

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That's awful!

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Stop being free minded !
School is meant to confirmed us to the mold !
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