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MLP: Fim - My Little Vampony

By TheBadFaerie
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My first attempt at a Pony Nightmare Night\Halloween comic. Created in Inkscape and edited in Photoshop.

Just to be absolutely clear (As I sometimes have trouble getting my vision across to readers, because of my lack of experience in making comics): It's Nightmare Night. Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are taking a short-cut home through the Everyfree Forest (Frame 1).

Suddenly, a mysterious and shadowy figure teleports in front if them (Frame 2).

They both gasp in surprise (Frame 3).

The stranger introduced himself as Count Suckular (I was going to call him Count Buckular, but the work B*ck is sometimes used by Bronies to replace F*ck). He announces that he want to drink the blood of the Maidens (Read: virgins) of Ponyville (Frame 4).

Biting and blood drinking then follows (Frame 5).

Rainbow Dash looks at an embarrassed Fluttershy. There are clear bite marks on Rainbow Dashe's neck. But fluttershy is unharmed. The implication is that only one of the ponies (guess which one) is a Maiden (virgin). It's not that Fluttershy bit Rainbow Dash (Frame 6).

I was going to put some dialog in for Fluttershy (Well, there was this one time, at Pony Camp), but decided to leave it out.


Fluttershy (Frame 1) – Fluttershy scared full body by Sogar – 1 ([link])
Fluttershy (Frame 6) – Fluttershrug by sircinnamon ([link]) – Re-colored slightly.

Rainbow Dash (Frame 1) – This was based on Rainbow Dash x Scootaloo Vector - Let's Do It! By Anxet ([link]). I used the head, wings, and posture, but redid the body, tail and legs so that they better matched in with the art style that I used in my “Without Magic” comic. Credit goes to Anxet.

Rainbow Dash (Frame 3) – This is basically a re-colored version of Twilight Sparkle with Wings and modified Main\Tail, from my “Without Magic” comic. Same image sources and credit.

Rainbow Dash (Frame 6) – Angry Rainbow Dash by 90Sigma ([link]). Slightly re-colored.

Count Suckular – I used General Zoi's Pony Creator ([link]) to generate the pose, wings, and Stallion head. Then edited one of my existing Pony vectors (Can't remember if it was Twilight Sparkle or Rainbow Dash) to fit the pose. The mane and tail also came from one of my old vectors, slightly modified. The cape is loosely based on one from General Zoi. But updated to make it longer, and to fit the new body shape (I kept the collar mostly the same). The Eye is a modified version of Princess Luna's eye. I also added some shoes and fangs.

Overall it came out quite well, though the hind legs seem a little short. As he's supposed to be bowing\kneeling.

Teleport Bubble – Created by myself. You can download it here ([link]) and use it so long as you back link, etc.

The background is Free Background: Everyfree Forest – SVG File, created by JackiePhantom13 ([link]). I modified it slightly (separated the background and foreground into different layers) to help create a feeling of perspective (Some of the characters and shadows go behind the rocks\vines, rather than in front of them). I also cut out the grass from the center and completely redid it on a separate layer. As seen in Frame 2. Where the rocks\vines in the foreground aren't there.

The fog effect is my own. I created it in Photoshop as part of a 3D fog effect tool that I wrote for Poser a couple of years ago. You can download the entire tool here ([link]), and extract the fog file. It's just a conventional .PNG.

All rights belong to Hasbro and\or their perspective holders.
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Fs já não era vampire mesmo?
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RD: who was it?

FS: wha...

RD: I can respect the "I had sex with someone" bit, but whodunit?

FS: it is a long, and complicated conglomeration--

RD: correction, how many.

FS: I lost count at 52.

RD: you know what they say about the quiet ones...
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Flutter:"Well Discord and I have been dating for a while."
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Angel, what did you do!?!?!?
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Fluttershy: Remember that time when Big Mac asked me to help him with a snake hidding in his barn?

Rainbow Dash: yes?

Fluttershy: well, lets just say it was a pretty big and red snake

Rainbow Dash: and i though you where shy

Fluttershy: you know what they say about quiet ones
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dat crappy pony creator vampire tho
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I need a black soul jem
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Wait a minute... shouldn't it be backwards... oh wait im in the wrong dimension opps
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U may think she's sucken but she can't cause she has powers to use her hoof to protect her self and fight!
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Rainbow has more to explain.

Still no Wonderbolt epic awesome gangbang? What the heck? :P
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O meh gwosh flutter you nasty nasty girl
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:iconrainbowdashplz::iconsaysplz:What, it's hard to find any other filly foolers around here.
:iconfluttershyplz::iconsaysplz:I learned about sex from the animals and lost my virginity to Big Mac.  It was fun to play with his "apple tree".
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Melody/OC: Flutters you. are. nasty. e-e
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Now that Fluttershy is a vampire bat in canon, this comic makes more sense now.
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well she is too shy to  stand up for her self so yea if somepoy wanted her to do something shedidnt want o do she has no choose
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Weeell now; Fluttershy gets around...and sleeps around apparently
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Huheheuheeh. THEY GOT RAPED. :icontwilightrapefaceplz:
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