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MLP: FiM - Without Magic Part 16

Page 16 of my Web Comic. MLP: FiM - Without Magic.

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Part 2 of the "Pinkie Arc" of Without Magic.

After the all of the pastel colors of the last couple of pages, I've gone for something a little darker. A big YAY to the first person who get which movie I'm doing a parody of.

Created in Inkscape, edited in Photoshop.

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For those who haven't seen enough science fiction to get the refrence, here is where it came from:
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The films older than I am, doesn't everybody know it?
DarkSpyro951's avatar
Just in case, i've encountered people who haven't heard about Titanic
TheBadFaerie's avatar
Or who don't realize A) It's based on a real event B) That aside from the ship sinking most of the film was completely fictional.
DarkSpyro951's avatar
Also there was a Jack Dawson on the ship. Look it up
TheBadFaerie's avatar
Some of the people were based on real life people. Which is why the British version of Titanic had to have a disclaimer on it explaining that some of the villains in the movie were heroes in real life, or something to that effect, and they still had living descendants who got upset about it.
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I'm talking about the ship itself
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omg she is creepy... Cupcakes....
TheBadFaerie's avatar
The1inpurple's avatar
lol yeah. and then the knife... and the cake. if you read cupcakes u know that she bakes a normal cupcake to drug her victims, so... the chocolate cake.....
The1inpurple's avatar
i HAVE read Cupcakes BTW
Whyfive5's avatar
*Shudder* creepy Pinkie
Slivermane: I QUIT!
???: But wh-
SonicTheHedgeTrimmer's avatar
It still boggles my mind how much an impact Cupcakes had on everything 
TheBadFaerie's avatar
I honestly don't think that most of the people making cupcake jokes like this have actually read it.
Bandicoot-Sauce's avatar
There is no hope for that pony.
nightshadowmlp's avatar
Did Pinkie break Dr. SIlvermane's knee?
TheBadFaerie's avatar
She stabbed him with a pen.

It's a scene from Terminator II.
Oh, I thought it was a Silence Of The Lambs reference. I haven't seen Silence Of The Lambs, but I always assume every moment in an asylum that is parodying something is parodying that.
Yeah, I know, I've seen the movie. But thanks.
JizzLizz's avatar
if anything it helps future people that havent seen it get it
WorldRunner18's avatar
Terminator reference! :D  GIF My Little Pony - *O* GIF My Little Pony - Jump   Es increible! Clapping Pony Icon - Trixter
I love Terminator II. It's the best out of the first three Terminators IMO. ^_^
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