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MLP:FiM - Shadows of the Past #61

By TheBadFaerie
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I've decided to bump the quality on this page, particularly with the backgrounds. Unfortunately that also means making it slightly shorter than usual in order to get it uploaded in a reasonable amount of time.

Everything happening in this scene is exactly what it looks like. No hidden meanings or subtexts.

Please do NOT post errors or corrections to this page, please post them to my profile page instead.

Trigger Warning
Shadows of the Past is a continuation of my previous web Comic "Without Magic", in which Twilight was tasked with finding out out "what makes her special as a pony" outside of magic. You do not need to have read Without Magic in order to enjoy Shadows of the past, though some scenes will make more sense if you have.

Please see my disclaimer before reading\commenting, and be aware that this comic contains some darker or more political content that might be not be appropriate for Snowflakes\Millennial, people who are easily triggered, or those who cannot deal with ideas that conflict with their own.




This comic was created using stock resources from Clip Studio Paint and Comipo, and uses some or all of the following components.


Digital Script BB Regular, by Blambot
Death Rattle, by Blambot
Badaboom, by Blambot


DV Brush set for Clip Studio Paint
My Little Pony Brush Set 1.0
My Little Pony Brush Set 2.0

Tutorials and Other Resources

Felt Pony Bases
Tutorial: Convert Photoshop brush to Manga Studio
Anime Eyes
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Published:   |  Mature
© 2020 TheBadFaerie
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lordmepHobbyist Writer

Those black bars are really breaking the tension of the moment.

tsaukpaetra's avatar

Thanks, Twi, for being the voice of reason!

fotland42's avatar
I imagine Celestia would commend you for standing up for what's right in the face of peer pressure, even if it obviously would have been far better if you had done it sooner.
TheBadFaerie's avatar
TheBadFaerieHobbyist Digital Artist
She acted pretty quickly, I just needed a page or so to hammer home how extreme the beatdown was.
jimmyhook19202122's avatar
jimmyhook19202122Student General Artist
AJR001's avatar
Wow, I can't believe Applejack and Rainbow Dash missed that OBVIOUS door... :XD::XD:
whitetiger-1's avatar

Sure Twi ruin their fun.

Stitch09's avatar

I kind of hope the children are not behind the door, just to prove Twilight wrong.

TheBadFaerie's avatar
TheBadFaerieHobbyist Digital Artist
The door's literally on the second page of the comic:

Shadows of the Past: Prelude #2 by PerfectBlue97
Stitch09's avatar

All doors look-alike to me

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That was good, I guess Twi was paying attention and they didn't.
munro12's avatar
munro12Hobbyist Traditional Artist

now they fell awfully silly xD

lynx318's avatar
lynx318Hobbyist Digital Artist
Almost a rage shift.MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Fire Furious Mad 
Bassline88's avatar
Twilight makes a valid point.
Delta52775's avatar
Well that’s convenient.
kerokogeorashi's avatar
kerokogeorashiHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you Twilight, for that moment of rational thought. Now let's hope you're actually right.
Ladimer14's avatar
LUL. Good point, Twilight! 
(So smart. Ignores whole pieces of plot in order to achieve the main goals... (Ahem, not a pony plot. Just a regular plot. Althought pieces of the pony plot are also ignored in this comic))
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Who does she think she is? Batman?
BookWyrm666's avatar

no that is Fluttershy Flutterbat icon

TheBadFaerie's avatar
TheBadFaerieHobbyist Digital Artist
LittleSlimy's avatar
Created by bad faerie? Who is that?
TheBadFaerie's avatar
TheBadFaerieHobbyist Digital Artist
LittleSlimy's avatar
I got it wrong because I thought you were talking about mlp: fim and not Shadow of the past.
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