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MLP:FiM - Shadows of the Past #49

By TheBadFaerie
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It might seem strange, but the next few pages are actually the first ones that I came up with when I started this comic. I had a big scene in mind that was essentially the core story for my comic and thus belonged near to the middle, but I wasn't quite sure how I wanted to start or end it. All I need to to now is to figure out how to draw everything to fit in with the a script that's more suited to a fanfic than a comic.

Trigger Warning

Shadows of the Past is a continuation of my previous web Comic "Without Magic", in which Twilight was tasked with finding out out "what makes her special as a pony" outside of magic. You do not need to have read Without Magic in order to enjoy Shadows of the past, though some scenes will make more sense if you have.

Please see my disclaimer before reading\commenting, and be aware that this comic contains some darker or more political content that might be not be appropriate for Snowflakes\Millennial, people who are easily triggered, or those who cannot deal with ideas that conflict with their own.




This comic was created using stock resources from Clip Studio Paint and Comipo, and uses some or all of the following components.


Digital Script BB Regular, by Blambot
Death Rattle, by Blambot
Badaboom, by Blambot


DV Brush set for Clip Studio Paint
My Little Pony Brush Set 1.0
My Little Pony Brush Set 2.0

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Felt Pony Bases
Tutorial: Convert Photoshop brush to Manga Studio
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CocoCandy2007Student Digital Artist

I like the references to Children of the Night :)

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BBBHueyHobbyist General Artist
Woah woah! Hold on a sec... Rainbow Dash is STRAIGHT??! OMG ANOTHER SHOCK. 
TheBadFaerie's avatar
TheBadFaerieHobbyist Digital Artist
Apparently so. She's not hit on a single mare anywhere in this comic.

I was as surprised as you about this. I never guessed when I started writing it that she was straight.
fotland42's avatar
Now you've got me stuck on the concept of Daring Do books having sex scenes. I'm trying to imagine the frame of mind that goes into writing an autobiographical sex scene, but imagining that is just so far beyond my capabilities that I can't possibly succeed enough to move on.
TheBadFaerie's avatar
TheBadFaerieHobbyist Digital Artist
If you are looking for inspiration, try Fimfiction, Maybe a good Daring\Dash ship fic will get you warmed up, so to speak.
fotland42's avatar
Seems unlikely . . . or I suppose really it just seems certain that if I hunt down the right Daring/Dash ship fic to get me warmed up, so to speak, that would actually be entirely tangential to the issue at hand.
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lordmepHobbyist Writer
You actually had a rear scene without a censor bar. That's pretty rare for this comic.
TheBadFaerie's avatar
TheBadFaerieHobbyist Digital Artist
I missed that one.
Edward256's avatar
Smiling Pie :iconsaysplz: Well... Princess Luna is a serial killer bat pony, and Rainbow Dash is straight. So we're already way beyond established canon.

Eh, supposedly half true. So far in show we have not seen Rainbow Dash show interest in either direction... Well, she did show bashfulness when Quibble Pants complimented her, and she did hit on Soarin when she was playing Rarity when she became a Wonderbolt. Aside from that, all we know is that Lauren Faust has said she is not a lesbian. Or rather, just because she is Tomboy and sports the Pride colors does not mean she's gay. Unless explicitly shown, I'll stick to Lauren's "bible".
TheBadFaerie's avatar
TheBadFaerieHobbyist Digital Artist
It's an in joke in the fandom.
whitetiger-1's avatar
The sex scenes in Daring Do? Wow so rainbow reads cultured things.
TheBadFaerie's avatar
TheBadFaerieHobbyist Digital Artist
Well ... In Britain the age of consent is 16, so they had to take out the adult scene from Harry Potter when it was exported here.
Watermelonthecat's avatar
WatermelonthecatStudent Digital Artist
i actually thought Rainbow dash was gonna
crash into twilight in the first frame
surprised pikachu 
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Meta joke that Pinkie should be doing. But then again, it's Twilight that refuses to submit her logic to the narrator.
Neoky28's avatar
Wait, Das is straight, so what's she doing reading questionable Daring Do fan fics.
TheBadFaerie's avatar
TheBadFaerieHobbyist Digital Artist
Girls tend to read a lot more erotic literature than boys. Both Uri and Yaoi are mostly read by girls.
tigreanpony's avatar
That was cute and funny.
Nintendians's avatar
NintendiansHobbyist General Artist
thought this was the official manga for a minute.
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lynx318Hobbyist Digital Artist
Scared Fluttershy How did she know about the mirrors?
Starswirl's mirror portal was from Starswirl's time, before Luna's banishment. Sisters both knew and were responsible for restricting it's access. Totally canon.
TheBadFaerie's avatar
TheBadFaerieHobbyist Digital Artist
This is more a joke about retrospective continuity in MLP.

This comic is set between seasons 2 and 3, so technically the mirrors don't exist yet as they haven't been in an episode or a movie.
lynx318's avatar
lynx318Hobbyist Digital Artist
In canon, it's not they don't exist, just we hadn't been told yet. There is a difference.
TheBadFaerie's avatar
TheBadFaerieHobbyist Digital Artist
That's part of the joke.

Because this comic is set in the past they simultaneously do and don't exist at the same time, as the mirrors were retconned in.
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lynx318Hobbyist Digital Artist
Luna Facehoof Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1This hurts our head too muchSpeech Bubble - Left speaker 2  
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