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MLP:FiM - Shadows of the Past #2

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OK, finally, this is page Two of my new web comic Shadows of the Past. It is a direct and canonical sequel to Without Magic, and essentially starts right where WoM left off. It's literally the very next morning.

HOWEVER, whereas WoM was written to be "canonical" with the show (In as much as a fan comic can be canonical), and was designed to fit in to the gap between Season 2 and Season 3 (season 3 was half length, and WoM was written to make up the "missing half") SotP is not canonical with the show.

I drafted most of the story for SotP long before I finished drawing WoM, and in that intervening time several things that were key to the story have either been explained or contradicted in the show. Some of these things were such a big part of the comic that I can't reconcile the comic with the show without making some very big story changes. So I'm just going to have this comic being at odds with the show in several respects.

Trigger Warning

Please see my disclaimer before reading\commenting, and be aware that this comic contains some darker content that might be distressing to certain people.




This comic was created using stock resources from Clip Studio Paint and Comipo, and uses some or all of the following components.


Digital Script BB Regular, by Blambot
Death Rattle, by Blambot
Badaboom, by Blambot


DV Brush set for Clip Studio Paint

My Little Pony Brush Set 1.0
My Little Pony Brush Set 2.0

Tutorials and Other Resources

Base speciality Pack
Tutorial: Convert Photoshop brush to Manga Studio
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Well, that didn't take long to escalate. I guess the writer/author/whatever decided "We're not bucking around with THIS sequel, baby!" Lol!
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Amazing art style, fella
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It's really hard to keep up that level of detail. It takes sooooo long to draw.
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I can imagine so. Amazing work :D
Oh no! It's an internet troll! Hide!
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Aren't most of them just sexually frustrated 14 year old boys living in California?
Remember all those bullies back in school? Now that they're grown up, being a troll is the only way they can get their kicks.
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Back in school?

Exactly how old do you think I am?
What I meant was, do you remember back then? 
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And if I told you that I'm still in high school?
Great art and story for a teenager. Don't ever stop being creative no matter what anyone else says. 
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I'm liking the new art style for this comic.
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Raven: Yeah, keep throwing the useless hints and don't even bother to tell her what's going on or physically stop her or at least impede her progress. That always works.
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That would make for a far less dramatic end to the page.
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(OoC: She could break in)
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Break in ... to song?

Slayer of the innocent
Defiler of the Pure
Today you breath your last

I am the rising tide, vengeance given form,
I am Darkness and light, in one,
The weeping mother no longer,
The child afraid no more,
I shall spill your blood,
Rip out your still beating heart,
Bring you to an end.
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That literally IS racist.

Then again, in this modern age pretty much everything is racist.

Don't like spicy Mexican food because it's too spicy, RACIST.

Won't eat Italian Pizza because you can't take dairy, RACIST.

Don't eat Korean food, because there isn't a Korean place within 100 miles of you, RACIST.
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(OoC: Don't say "Hi" to a black guy, RACIST)
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that's the filly mother right?
so many missing poster about the filly
How many royal guard are there?
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There are 4 guard on this page, they are visible in most pages.
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Twilight: I'm sure that this is a mere misunderstanding.
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