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MLP: FIM - Without Magic - Part 8

By TheBadFaerie
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OK, OK, this will be the last Applejack page for a while. I promise to do another character page after this (Hint, it's gonna be Fluttershy).

This page says all of the stuff that I had floating around in my mind when I decided to make Applejack argue with Twilight Sparkle. I hope that it explains why I had things this way.

This page took a lot longer than I expected as I had other things on, and because I was having difficulty concentrating on it for various reasons. Applejack running in Frame 1 took much longer than I expected, as it's a different pose from all of the other ones that I've done, and I'm still not happy with it. It's not a very good pose at all.

You might also notice that I've put Applejack in shadow for half of the comic. As her mood gets more depressed she goes further and into the shadow of the outhouse, until she's completely in shadow. she doesn't come out of the shadow until Frame 13, which is where she makes up with Twilight, and it's a happy comic again. Lots of hugs, please.

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Part 7: [link]

This page was created in Inkscape and Photoshop. Most of the foreground characters were scratch drawn for this page, or for previous pages.

I've used gameguy001 's Sweet-Apple-Acres as a background for all frames ([link]). Though I modified it slightly as I wanted to put a shadow in for the fence.

Applejack's Cutie Mark was created by BlackGryph0n ([link]).

The pose in Frame 8, 9, 10 and 11 is based on a vector of Rarity drawn by RedPandaPony [link].

The pose from Frame 13 is based on StratTremolo's [link]
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For the longest tim i thought AJ was just gonna be talking to some random
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So, in this interpretation, what DOES it mean to be an Earth pony? If it's nothing more than a lack of wings of Horn, I'm going to severely disappointed.
Not that that should mean anything to you.
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It's a bit more than that. Earth ponies have a special connection with the land meaning they are better farmers and have exceptional strength hence Applejack's somewhat impossible tree-bucking ability. Actually there was a video that explained that to use enough force to knock the apples off that would break her bones but.... another topic. It's a type of magic just a less obvious one.
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When I started writing this comic, the show's writers hadn't really defined it.
EpicBronyL's avatar
It doesn't really matter what I think, but I always assumed they had more to them.
ZeloTag's avatar
Of courE said ponies who thin earth ponies are just farmershsve clearly never met photo finish or filthy rich or hoirty toirty ( or was he unicorn I forgot ) 
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Most of the first 20 or so pages are based on my own upbringing in a small town, and the attitudes that you get in places like that.
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Good job I hope to see more 😏
BadgeryFox's avatar
Exactly. This is awesome. Keep them coming!
Biker-Dash's avatar
Okay, this is damn good so far. I'm looking forward to seeing more.
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I've finished it now, there are almost another 150 pages available.
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Gabe created AJ's cutie mark?
TheBadFaerie's avatar
I used the vector form the link rather than drawing my own.
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Yay kiss and make up. Temp Hot and yer cold.
kabhes's avatar
a lot of pages dont have the link to the next one
Kema--Nafe's avatar
all is forgiven:D (Big Grin)  
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FYI, there is no link to part 9 from this page.  This problem exists in a few other pages as well.
kyuubinaruto18's avatar
Yes, Applejack, because there are no construction ponies, or baker ponies.

Her reasoning still doesn't make much sense.  She picked Applejack BOTH because she was an earth pony and a friend.  It wouldn't make much sense to ask Rainbow Dash about being an earth pony. And she wouldn't go up to some random earth pony to ask them about things.

At least she realized her mistake.
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Panel 6 and 7 ... she broke the 4th wall XD
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Awww! I love the hugging scene.
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