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MLP: FIM - Without Magic - Part 7

By TheBadFaerie
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This is part 7 of my ongoing Pony comic.

On page 6, Applejack snapped at Twilight, because she understand the difference between being an Earth Pony, and being a farmer (As she said herself, not all Earth Ponies are farmers).

In this page, Applejack reflects on what she she said.

Yes, this page was planned ahead of time. It's not a response to the angry messages that were posted on that page.

There's one more Applejack page to come. Then it's on to the next pony.

Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
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Part 6: [link]
Part 8: [link]
This page was created in Inkscape and Photoshop. Most of the foreground characters were scratch drawn for this page, or for previous pages.

I've used gameguy001 's Sweet-Apple-Acres as a background for all frames ([link]). Though I modified it slightly as I wanted to put a shadow in for the fence.

Applejack's Cutie Mark was created by BlackGryph0n ([link]).

I would have uploaded this earlier on, but I just couldn't get Applejack to look right in the last frame. I originally had her looking forwards, not sideways, but I just couldn't get it to go how I wanted, so I ended up re-using the face from frame 5.
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Well, that was a quick about-face.
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Twilight may not have worded things very well, but I believe even if that was the case, she didn't mean anything bad by it, but AppleJack misunderstood and might be a bit too proud or a bit too prickly about how town-ponies think about farm-ponies.
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AJ gets a bit too blunt again and realizes too late she done goofed up....xp
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Applejack's fat?
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Hah! Karma. FEEL THE GUILT!Hah 
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OK what just happened?
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ok sorry AJ you figured it out real fast good for you 
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It's a common idiom in some parts of the US.

you say "Big Fat" jerk to emphasize that somebody is worse than a regular jerk.

Their jerkiness is on a higher level.
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OK ,you over reacted, you can still fix it.
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All right Applejack.Now fix this.
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Yes AJ. Yes you are.
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My Big Fat Jerk Ponies: Idiocy is Tragic
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My Big Fat Jerk Ponies: Karma's a Bitch
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But what have we here? Applejack realizing she was a jerk? 10 points to Gryffindor.
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Jean:"Next time Applejack learn to watch your words ,and top of that, I know how ya feel.." *hugs Applejack*
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=') i want to hug you Applejack.
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I really felt the urge to smack Applejack in Part 6.
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I second that motion!
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