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MLP: FIM - Without Magic - Part 6

By TheBadFaerie
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This is part 6 of my ongoing Pony comic.

Twilight has gone to Sweet Apple Acres, seeking Applejack's help to live as an Earth Pony. But Applejack doesn't react quite as Twilight Expected.

Before you start writing angry comments about how this is out of character for Applejack, I wanted to have each of the ponies react in a different way. I wanted one character to get angry, and Applejack seemed a better fit for this than any of the other characters.

She is angry because Twilight thinks that being an Earth Pony is all about farming.

This is the human equivalent of judging somebody based on their race.

Applejack will be more like the show version in page 7.

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This page was created in Inkscape and Photoshop. Most of the foreground characters were scratch drawn for this page, or for previous pages.

I've used gameguy001 's Sweet-Apple-Acres as a background for all frames ([link]). Though I modified it slightly as I wanted to put a shadow in for the fence.

Applejack's Cutie Mark was created by BlackGryph0n ([link]).

Twilight's cloak was scratch drawn, but it is based on Trixie's cape. I used Why485's Pony Fashion Study ([link]) as a guide, but altered the decorations and added a hood to turn the cape into a cloak. It was inspired by Twilight Sparkle's dress from The Best Night Ever.
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umm,, AJ... is this a bad time to point out that Pinkie used to live on a rock farm?
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but, Twilight cutie mark IS magic.. even if she finds something, she wont get her cutie mark back till she gets her horn. but she wont get her horn untill she reearns her cutie mark. so Celestia has created a paradox and doomed Twilight. also what she did was a very Evil-Starlight-Glimmer-like thing to do.
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I've finished the comic now, and the answer is so obvious that I'm surprised that most people didn't guess it after the first couple of pages.
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yeah. it just doesnt seem very fair to Twilight. ok, thats an understatement.
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Wow. Lesson learned: Don't piss off AJ.
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Wow Applejack sure got mad quickly
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Can you blame her.

This is the equivalent of somebody asking you to coach them for a big rap contest, purely because you're black.
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Yes, of course I can't blame her It's just that It took me by surprise, she usually is more mature and calm... like the older sister that gives you advice. Still I love the way the author portrayed her here.
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I wrote this comic when season 2 was still the main source of Applejack. She was a lot more stubborn and hot headed back then. Over a Barrel and The Last Roundup were my main influences for this part of the comic.
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haha that explains everything. You did a great job, thank you for writing and drawing this comic.
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Wait wait wait what da hell? AJ I know wouldn't get mad in such a manner
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Are those scrolly things with descriptions on every page of the comic? Those ain't cool
TheBadFaerie's avatar
Only the early ones, when the pages were being released monthly rather than weekly.
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FYI this page really isn't mobile friendly. Was only able to read the two big panels. The others err blurry 
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I started this comic sometime around 2012, when phones weren't nearly as big a thing.

It's best just to read them on your regular PC at home.

The later pages are considerably larger. They are made to printer resolutions rather than for phones.
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I for one think apple jacks speech is spot on like she talks. Good stuff. AJ can sometimes be a little intolerant and she wouldn't be dishonest about it but speak freely from her mind.
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That was just cold. Snowy Merry Christmas Applejack-1982 - Applejack G1 La 
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I'm not a brony, and already I know you're making these characters out of character.
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This comic is set early on in the series, and they characters are perfectly in character for the period.

Early on Applejack was almost as much of a hothead as Rainbow Dash. She would get angry quickly and would often redirect her anger at whatever was in front of her even if it had nothing to do with what made her angry. Over a Barrel, Apple Buck Season and The Last Roundup are all good examples of this.

Twilight was much more uncertain and much less confident. She cared more about what other ponies thought of her, and had a tendency to over think things. You could give her a simple task and she would make it much more complicated than need be. She was also extremely invested in her self image as a magic student and when faced with a non-magical task she would still look for a magical solution even if she was perfectly capable of doing things in a non-magical way. Winter Wrapup is probably a good illustration of this.

Celestia was extremely distant. She would literally assign Twilight tasks by mail, and then disappear for the rest of the episode. She didn't explain her actions, and didn't congratulate Twilight when she completed a task. This is illustrated really well in the pilot episode. She simply wrote Twilight a letter telling her to go to ponyville even though she knew full well that Nightmare Moon would return and that Twilight would have to face off against her. Dragonshy is another example. Celestia just wrote a letter to her telling her to move a sleeping dragon. She wasn't heard from again for 3 epsiodes.

There are literally hundreds of comics out there which totally warp characters. Kind characters become cruel, characters become tyrants or homosexuals, or they do absurd things that the show character wouldn't even consider doing. Try reading one of the many adaptions of Cupcakes. In comparison having a character locked to their season 1\2 personality is a small thing.
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Well thanks for that explanation :D
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Is the a'h supposed to be i?
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Applejack is now worst pony.
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