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MLP: FIM - Without Magic - Part 4

By TheBadFaerie
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This is part 4 of my ongoing Pony comic.

Princess Celestia has magically transformed Twilight Sparkle into an Earth Pony, after deciding that she has become too dependent on her magic. There have been some tears, some tantrums, and some hugging, too.

Now, Twilight has set out to find somepony to help her in her quest to find out how Earth Ponies do things without magic.

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I've used gameguy001 's Sweet-Apple-Acres as a background for all frames (…).

Twilight Sparkle is an altered version of my Twilight Sparkle vector from Page 3 (…).

Apple Bloom from Frame 3 is based on Saveman71's… The color and the style didn't match my own color\style. Particularly the line thicknesses, so I created my own vector from scratch, using it as template.

Apple Bloom from Frame 7 is a combination of images. I re-used some of the components from my previous Apple Bloom vectors, and overlayed them on an image of Derpy crying from one of my earlier pony pieces (…).

The pose is identical to CommyPink's Sad day...-Apple Bloom vector 1…. So I used it as a guide when I re-sized\positioned Apple Bloom's face and mane. I also used it as a template for the eyes.

I don't honestly remember where the image of Derpy came from. I remember modifying it from somewhere else, but I cannot remember where. It could be this video on Youtube (…).

The cloak was scratch drawn, but it is based on Trixie's cape. I used Why485's Pony Fashion Study (…) as a guide, but altered the decorations and added a hood to turn the cape into a cloak. It was inspired by Twilight Sparkle's dress from The Best Night Ever.
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Why are there tears in Twilight's eyes as she asks to know where Applejack is?
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Because she feels ashamed and embarrassed about being a blank flank earth pony.
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oh wait nevermind!!!
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could someone send the link to page 5? Thanks
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Here's the folder with them all in it.…
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Okay. I was going to give this a go but a few things. 

1) Mah, is not a contraction. Mah is a thick phonetic version of my. 

2) Ah is always capped. When used as a replacement for I. And is used exactly as you would I in it's place.


3) This really grates my nerves. And I see it alot in fanfics. Y'all is a plural you. It's even in the [… as a plural you[/url]. And linguistically is a plural you. Just like You-uns, Youse, or Yintz for northerners. 

Since this is a webcomic rather than a fic it'd take time to fix. If you ever feel like getting around to fixing your southern dialect. Please PM me. I'd like to read this. It seems like it'd be an amazing webcomic to read up on. But butchered southern dialects are one of my biggest turn offs of any work [even Spongebob got me to completely ignore it with how horrible Sandy Cheeks is done.]. If you'd like I can send you a link on the Southern Dialect in the Lunaverse forums. The comment section is filled with southerners who stand by my OP, and a few who gave alternate uses to southern phonetic writing. 

Also, since Tia is making her experience life as an Earth Pony, what about a pegasi? Sure she's used her magic for everything. But she used it on / for Pegasi as well, it seems unfair that she doesn't experience life from all tribes rather than just two.
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1) ' is used to indicate a rising tone.

2) Typo.

3) Applejack uses Ya'll as both singular and plural in the show. Therefore my comic is show accurate. See Look Before you Sleep.

Many people, including myself use Y'all as singular. Where I come from Ya has another meaning. It's often seen as being aggressive and indicative of the speaker having low intelligence. So Ya'll is used instead.

4) Season 4 mostly covered Twilight with Wings. Maybe the subject of your next comic?
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1) That wasn't clear. Usually in written works. Italicization is used to emphasize a word, or show a pitch change (that's not yelling [caps or bold text]). An apostrophe is used to denote a contraction 

2) Cool.

3) Her writers are Canadian. So I wouldn't expect them to write it properly, and she doesn't use it all the time [most of the time it can even be seen as an Implied plural], but y'all for every instance of you is just grammatically incorrect. Extremely so, heck in it's appropriate form (…) and how it was originally intended [since it's an Irish loanword brought over to America (Ye' Aw (you all)] was plural. Even the dictionary itself says it's a plural word. I get that implied plurals can be used. But using it all the time is not only a waste of writing (since in it's very definition ya is you. Literally that's what it means. And is two letters. Y'all is five characters long, historically, grammatically, and linguistically isn't singular). 

And…,  you have tons of southerners not just there but from around the south. Who view y'all used singularly especially all the time. As incorrect. 

Sorry for seeming to rant. It's just I really find it annoying since I read it as you all (as it translates into), and there is no other entity in her conversation. It's just a you. And yes, it can be seen as aggressive if the speaker is using it aggressively but so somewhat saying the word "you". It's all about tone. Also ya is as showing of low intellect as someone who can't distinguish between a singular and plural pronoun, or uses the word you all for ever instance of the word you. Especially since my family going back to our first family members who've immigrated used it properly, and all the southerners I know IRL use it properly. Heck even those above links have tons of people who use it properly. 

And the writers aren't going to go back and fix an entire show. Since unlike a fic, or even a web comic, they can't just fix a typo. They'd need the voice actors to get paid to redo the entire thing. So pointing out their incorrect usage of the southern dialect is a loosing battle. 
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I think that the whole problem here is that it's "Southerners" saying what is correct for them.

But we're not all Southerners, so what is correct for us is not always what is correct from them.

If there were more European Bronies, they might have something to say about about the use of plurals for collective nouns.

For example, "The Mane six is" in the US or " The Mane 6 are" in European English.

Both are technically correct, depending on where you are from.
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Even in the dictionary. You All is plural. And y'all is a contraction of you all.…


So both how it's supposed to be used, and using proper grammar. It's a plural pronoun. Of course there is also implied plurals, but using y'all repetitively in place of you / ya [depending on how thick the rest of the dialect is], is not only improper, and annoying. It's wasteful. After all, you is 3 chars close together. ya, while separate parts of the key board is only 2 chars. While y'all is all over the place, and a whooping 5 chars. So why do more work, and do it wrong. When using 'you' / ya [singular] properly is so much less work? 
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Wait ... you're actually quoting a general purpose dictionary to tell me that regional grammatical variation is incorrect?

You'd be better server looking in a peer reviewed linguistic journal that covers regional variations.

You're second link specifically state "Southern". The rural Midwest isn't in the south.

Besides, Applejack repeatedly uses Y'all as singular. So it's show canon to use it as singular.
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You want regional? Alright.…

Look at the comment section by other southerners.…

[Southerner blogging about the proper use of y'all.]

I also used the Oxford Dictionary if you'd pay attention. Both say the same thing.…

[From southerns, for the proper use of y'all.]…

[A bit of language history. If you're feeling slightly high brow.] 

[Backed by…  [A published book. It's plural. It's always been plural. ] 


Here's the thing. I've lived all over the south. From Georgia to Arizona, from Florida to Kentucky, and I've never heard this mythical singular y'all. IRL. I've heard implied plurals. But never once have I heard it used singularly. 

As for Applejack. The show is written in Canada, and there are no southern writers in the group 1. 2) The only time I've heard her use Y'all was when there was more than one pony around. [Of course that can be me repressing horrible dialog]. 3) She's used the word "You" Plenty of times. She doesn't use "Y'all all the freaking time." She either uses "You" or the ponies name. Well actually a nickname. But still part of the name. Or she uses  "Sugarcube". Still she's been shown more often than not of using "you".

4) Apple Bloom, Granny Smith, and Big Mac have never misused it. Only Applejack has been quoted as misusing it. And it was Apple Bloom that caused the stink in the first place. 

5) Souther Dialect Post. Has actual southerners from around the US. Join together and comment. And they all say, "y'all is never singular.". There's no better testament than that. 

As for Peer Review none have looked into it. And I gave some Southern Dialect Blogs. But all dialect blogs on the history of y'all say the same thing. It's proper use is plural. 
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I'm sorry, I don't think that you've understood in the slightest what I'm trying to say.

I'm 100% exclusively talking about Y'all OUTSIDE of the south.

My Applejack is Midwestern, from a Midwestern pioneer\settle family. So I'm giving her a rural Midwestern accent. It's easier to write consistently, and it emphasis the fact that she's speaking with an accent. Which is more problematic in a comic than on TV or in a book.

If you don't like it, then don't read it

A lot of the show's dialog is actually written in the US. California to be exact. This is reflected in the show. Particularly the landscapes and geography, and the use of pioneer type scenery from what movies tell use California looked like during the settlement and Gold Rush periods

The screen writers are also mostly American.

You are correct when you say that they are not southerner, so maybe they aren't writing Applejack as a Southerner. Which would make Singular Y'all correct for her (Being a non southern).

Besides, this is a fan comic based on a children's cartoon set in a fantasy land that kinda  sorta maybe looks a bit like America.

Does it really matter what accent a character has?
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Oh no, the part 5 description link is missing! 

*right-click, copy link location, click, CTRL+V paste*

There we go.
MLP: FIM - Without Magic - Part 5 by PerfectBlue97
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Twilight made Apple Bloom cry! Feel the wrath of AppleJack!
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I like this comic, but I have a question.
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Well, since celestia took away twilight's horn and cutie mark because she relies on magic too much and needs to find out what she's good at besides magic,
When she figures it out, will she get her horn and cutie mark back?
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Of course, this comic is supposed to be an infill between season 2 and 3.

It finishes as Season 3 starts.
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