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MLP: FIM - Without Magic - Part 3

By TheBadFaerie
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OK …..

This page is a bit of an oddity. It wasn't part of my original script, but I've decided to put it in in reply to some of the comments that have been coming in.

When I made page 1 and page 2 (Well, mostly page 2), it was taking so long to complete them that I had to cut some frames out. This mean that some reader's interpretations of events were a little different from my original vision. Specifically, people through that Princess Celestia was being cruel, and that spike was being mean.

So I've pushed back the original page 3 to be page 4, created a new page to add back in some of the frame that I took out.

I'm having more trouble than usual with eyes on this page. Everybody looks a bit silly.

Created in Inkscape and Photoshop Elements.

Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
Part 4: [link]
Part 5: [link]
Part 6: [link]
Part 7: [link]
The background is Library Upper Floors (Twilight's Bedroom) by DaringDashie ([link]).

All images of Spike are based on Spike is not Amused by tamalesyatole ([link]). I've edited the face, arms, posture, eyes and so on for each frame, but credit should go to tamalesyatole as none of these images would be half as good without their original vector.

Copyright belongs to Hasbro and other holders, used here under Fair Use.
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Has anyone ever played a game called "My Little Investigations: True Blue Scootaloo"?
Her paranoia in the last two panels sounds similar to Scootaloo's when in a flashback she told RD that she never told her fellow Crusaders that she can't fly because she's afraid they would laugh at her.
Like it was said in the episode about Twilight in her magic duel with Trixie, that "for somepony so smart, she can be pretty stupid" after she told her friends that her reason for her refusal to duel Trixie was that she was afraid of being a show off; afraid that she'd be treated the same way as Trixie was when she show boated in front of her audience.
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Ali: Want next, how to be a Pegasus.
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Spike: Do some manual labor like the other earth ponies.
Twilight: *DERP!* NO!
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I have a solution travel to a different town temporarily where no pony knows you and make a cover story for your absence from pony vile 
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interesting comic poor twilight has a nervous breakdown again :)
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Like Sleeves, but without the spell checking.
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awwwwww spike is so helpful
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I like where this is going...might be refreshing experiencing something out of the norm once in a while, as long it doesn't have any negative consequences. (I'm sure everything will be restored once the lesson is learned).
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She should start with big mac. It'll spawn some interesting fanfix.
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Dumb spike you learn friendship through watching colorful magic ponies! Twilight has derp eyes in one panel😛
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lol its stupid cause this isnt twilights personality
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Ah, but that's just it. Twilight doesn't think that she's Twilight any more, because she doesn't have her horn and Cutie Mark.
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Want to know the funniest part about this whole thing? Celly didn't actually make Twilight into an earth pony. She made her into a generic pony. Earth Ponies have magic that gives them massive strength and an affinity for plant growing. SHE DIDN'T EVEN GIVE HER THE BASIC THINGS SHE NEEDS TO BE AN EARTH PONY.
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That's the plot for the next couple of pages, actually.
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Wait, so basicly the entire point of this comic is that Celestia is a bitch?

Quick question, is it going to turn out that something is fucking with Celly's reasoning?
Considering she took away magic, 
from the avatar of one of the elements of harmony, 
that is,
in fact

I want to love this comic,
I don't know.
I guess i do love it...
Its just...
Its just so baffling.

Its well made.
There is not questioning that.
I think your a good artist...
Its the damned premise!
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It's not really about magic.

Twilight has lost her sense of identity, so she's acting out of character and is doubting herself.
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Twilight is probably the second most in character, First of course being the best pony who is spike. Her depiction is a bit more hyperbolic than the show. Honestly, its more everyone else that I personally take issue with being out of character.
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So far almost every character in this has proven despicable.
Except Spike, who is pretty much spot to the show. Perhaps a bit more wise than in the show, but not that far off.

Celestia acted like a massively unreasonable Cunt, 
And Twilight is acting like a complete asshole. Its not like she has never done manual labor before.
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