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MLP: FIM - Without Magic - Part 2

By TheBadFaerie
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Welcome to part two of my Friendship is Magic comic "Without Magic".

After hearing that her faithful student is using Magic to solve everyday problems, Princess Celestia has transformed Twilight Sparkle into an Earth Pony.

I've taken on board some of the criticism of the last page (Mostly from readers who raised the whole "Earth Pony" V Hornless Unicorn issue), and I've modified my script a bit for the next couple of pages because of it. Mostly, it's made it longer. So please be patient as I've got more frame to draw that I originally scripted for.

Spike was supposed to be more encouraging, and was supposed to reassure Twilight about what Princess Celestia wanted, but I had to cut the scene in order to get everything ready by the end of the day as it was taking too long to do everything. I may put the scene into another page later on.

Anything that isn't directly attributed to somebody is either based on an image from the showadvertizing material for the show, or is scratch drawn (Some things are a combination of the two). I didn't use General Zoi's Pony Creator for any of this (yay).

The background is Library Upper Floors (Twilight's Bedroom) by DaringDashie (…).

Twilight Sparkle in Frame 5 and 6 was inspired by Comic - Dragon Trouble by DaringDashie (…), though it's not a direct copy. Twilight's Expressions were heavily guided by Faces of Twilight Sparkle (Vectors by Kdogfour (…).

The food on the table was inspired by this video (…) by ToucanLDM. As I needed something to get me started.

Part 1:…
Part 3:… (New Version)
Part 4:…
Part 5:…
Part 6:…
Part 7:…

Spike is a combination of Spike is not Amused by tamalesyatole (…). I used the legs, body, ears and spines, but redid the face, mouth and arms to suit my scenes better. I also simplified the image a little to fit in better my simplified version of Twilight Sparkle.
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If she's going to lean to live as an Earth Pony, she should learn to live as a Pegasus too.
That would make an awesome sequel.
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Because it's really difficult figuring out how to sleep on clouds and to poop on other pony's roofs for a laugh?
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I mean Celestia would give her wings. Your idea is terrifying.
TheBadFaerie's avatar
Let's be honest. If either one of us was a pegasus we'd be doing at least one of those things.
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No....It would make more sense if you were talking about pigeons.... But you're not, plus that is very disrespectful and just plain rude to assume that Pegasi's and birds are the same.
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Because Pegasi's are not birds! Not once do you ever see or hear in Any Folklore about Pegasi's shitting on people. Do you want to know Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT BIRDS!
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They have feathers, they preen, they have that same oil gland that birds have.
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One of those things is a lot more desirable than the other.
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Or she could learn some new magic methods from Zecora...
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I think that she should by a junior magician kit from walmart, and fake it like Trixie does.
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Can you please get me a cup of her tears I'm thirsty
TheBadFaerie's avatar
I can get you some of her Urine?
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Nah only hers tears
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where her horn 
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Page 1, Frame 10:

MLP: FIM - Without Magic - Part 1 (Edited) by PerfectBlue97
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Deliciously hilarious. Twilight Sparkle's way to raise Spike has helped giving him the dry wit he is now using against her. Marvellous. 
Bandicoot-Sauce's avatar
Did anyone else expect Spike to walk over and feed her? That would've been adorable!
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This episode! Twilight Sparkle experiences life as an earth pony and faces her most difficult yet... making a daisy sandwich! *dun dun dun!*
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Wow Spike, way to be a dick. But Celestia didn't she wants you to be a earth pony...

I have a bad feeling now
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While I do like these new pages, there is something that bothers me. Spike told Twilight that being an earth pony isn't what Celestia wanted from her. So I'm having a hard time figuring out how Twilight's thought process just returned to her original line on thinking. Also, we really need more scenes like this in the comic: Twilight wanting to do research
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Twilight has a habit of fixating on certain details and then taking them to extremes, even when other ponies try to put her on the right track.

She looks for a big picture even when there isn't one.

The one thing that she does is listen to Spike when he tells here that Celestia probably would expect her to do her research in person, rather than from books.

Going to see Applejack WAS her doing research. Only it didn't end well.
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