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So I got Tagged by BreeBones  to do this.


1.) You must post these rules
2.) Answer the ten questions the person who tagged you made and make up your own 10 questions for the people you tag to answer.
3.) Choose ten people and put their icons on this journal
4.) Go to their pages and inform them that they have been TAGGED! 
5.) Not something stupid like 'you are tagged you read this.' 
6.) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
7.) No tag-backs.
8.) Can't say, no tags.
9.) Everyone that has been TAGGED must make a journal entry.  

Here we go. 

1. Where were you born and where do you live now?

Born in Exeter, NH. Living in Barrington, NH.

2. What's your dream job/career?
To be a pro NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver. OR work with TMNT in some way shape or form, be it writing stories, drawing art, or voice acting my own original character. I also want to be a Pro YouTuber like Markiplier.

3. Who's your favorite artist?
That's really had to say. Do you mean on DA, or in general?

4. Do you have any artist BFF's/Waifu's?
I've never done an art colab with I guess I don't have one?

5. What sites do you normally post art on?
DeviantART and Facebook, for my fans to see! <3

6. Would you or have you posted selfies on the art sites you post to?
On Facebook, absolutely. With me and Ninja Turtle plushies! On here? Well..there might be at least one. And yes, with a Ninja Turtle plushie! <3

7. Fav OC that isn't yours?
Tie between Dominique Le-Falle's and Hikori's.

8. Fav OC that is yours?
Honestly, Catarina is. I usually make a fluffy or demon OC, but..I'm so glad Catty was born!

9. How many OC's do you have or had?
Oh my lord. You want a number? I've made TONS, but only in my head. I've only shared about..3 of them in public. I remember all through High School I clung to the anime InuYasha, and I had my own half demon character. Then of course, my furry, Babzilla, who technically is a part of me, then Catty!

10. What kind of style do you like most?
Depends on the style! Art? Music? ..Pizza? -giggles-


Dominique-Lefalle & HoneyUsachan

And that's all because I hate doing chain posts and I don't really have too many people anyway! for questions...I guess..answer the ones I did? ... -creative blank-

 "April? What's wrong babe?" Casey stood in the center of the lair, facing April. She seemed out of sorts. While it was true that she started to look sick over the past couple of days, she hadn't really done much other than lay in bed. Now, suddenly, it was like she had more energy than she knew what to do with. She still didn't look right, though Casey couldn't place his finger on it. It was more than the fact that her hair wasn't tidy like she usually kept it.
   "April?" Casey said again. She only answered by way of growling. She was slightly hunched over, opposed to her usual perfect posture. Suddenly, April charged at him at an usually fast pace. She grabbed Casey's arms and attempted to bite him.

   The commotion startled everyone to the main part of the lair. Donatello was the first to react, after coming out of his lab.
   "April! Stop!" Don ran over and grabbed April from behind, holding her so that she couldn't turn and attack him. In the process, the bandage on her arm came off, revealing that her wound was far worse now. Donnie's eyes widened in fear. It only took him half a second to realize what was going on with his dear friend.
   "We need to contain her!" Don started to his lab, despite how much April was struggling against him.
   "With what?" Leonardo was the first to respond to his younger brother's request.
   "There's a containment unit in my lab. I'm gonna need help getting her in there." The purple masked turtle replied.

   The two headed to the lab with the others in tow. Upon reaching the container, Donnie carefully guided April inside, then Leo quickly shut the container door. At this, April reacted violently. She began to bang her fists on the glass, and when she found that didn't work, she started using her whole body.

   "April, please! Try to calm down!" Don knew that she wouldn't be able to break out, but the sight still worried him.
   What scared Donnie the most, was that he had been trying to work on a cure of some kind. Anything to slow down the effects that he knew would eventually take over April's mind. He knew that he wouldn't have a lot of time to figure it out, but he didn't think it would happen as quickly as it did either.
   "So..what's gonna happen to her?" Casey asked.
   He was the last to enter the lab. Everyone turned to look at him. He wasn't sure why he had asked that question. He wasn't dumb. He had seen the news. Seen the riots out on the street. Experienced it first hand. He knew that anyone who went crazy, didn't make it back to normal.
   "We'll think of something, Casey." Leonardo answered, seeing that Don wasn't capable of doing so himself at the moment.


   Donatello woke up in a sweat. He slowly sat up, and looked at the boarded up window of the room. Very little of the dawn's light shined through.
   "Only a memory.." He whispered and wiped his face with his hand.
   Maybe a memory, but he still felt the ping of guilt he had felt those years ago. Not just guilt. Failure. He remembered very clearly how he had failed to help a friend in serious need. Don asked himself the same question time and time again. Why couldn't he find the cure? He had always believed that he could solve anything, and many a time he had proven that he could beat the odds with a little science and some logistics. So why couldn't he figure it out that time?
   Donatello got up and left the room, where his brothers were still asleep. The memory of losing April weighed him down, and was now causing him to think of of the other losses he and his brothers endured.

   As he walked into his small, make-shift lab, Donnie couldn't help but recall the loss of Casey, which happened soon after they left the lair nearly 8 years ago. The vigilante had given his life so the brothers and their sensei could escape the horrors that took over the city.
   Don sat down on the stool at his desk and began to look over some old notes. He was still no closer to coming up with a cure than he was so long ago. The tissue sample he had gotten from April, he recalled, hadn't been as much help as he thought it would have been.
   Over time, Donnie and his brothers had come to learn that this rage-induced craze was the cause of a spore. A fungus that grew like any ordinary mushroom, in dark, dank places. He was able to get as many samples as he needed, however, he and his brothers couldn't be near the spores without a gas mask, lest they breathed in the toxins and became "infected" themselves. Because of this, Donatello kept the spores in a seal-tight container when he wasn't studying them.
   The turtle sighed as he stared blankly at the notes. "Leatherhead's help would be appreciated right now.." He commented softly. Truth was, they hadn't been able to get to LH when Don and his brothers left the sewers. There was no knowledge if LH was infected, much less alive. Another loss, Don thought.

   "What's up?" Leonardo was standing behind his brother.
   Don jumped slightly, not having heard his brother approach him, from being deep in thought. "Uh..nothing." He kept his back to Leo.
   "You had that dream again, didn't you?" Leo asked gently.
   "Is it that obvious?" The younger brother sighed again. "Just when I think I'm getting over it..when I feel I'm getting closer to figuring this whole thing out.." He started, but stopped.
   Donnie didn't have to finish his sentence. Leo was smart, and he knew exactly what his brother was getting at. Finding the right words, however, that was something Leo struggled with. What could he tell his brother that he hadn't already said over the span of 8 years?
   "You did your best, Don. April knew that. We all did." Leonardo said quietly.
   "Well, my best wasn't good enough. Was it Leo?" Don retorted.
   Leo kept quiet, but put his hand on his brother's shoulder. Leonardo knew exactly how Donnie felt. There was a time in his life that Leo struggled and felt that his best wasn't good enough. Though, the situation was different, and he couldn't think of any advice to give Don.

   The two brothers remained in silence, each thinking about how everything had turned to hell so quickly. It took the nation, or rather, what was left of it, a few years to finally fingure out that it wasn't actually a zomibe apocolypse, like Michelangelo had kept saying. They thought of how taking a single breath of the spores, or being biten would cause the vitcim to become infected. How within no more than two days, the person lost their mind completely and turned on anything that moved.
   Because of all this, the world seemed to fall deeper into hell. Neighbors turned against eachother. Compassion was a thing of the past. You had to be stealthy to get around, or you would be attacked by infected, or shot by someone. Citys were in ruins. Supplies were getting hard to find. People got shot over simple things, such as a pack of batteries or a can of beans. It was even to the point that people were forming groups and ambushing people that entered cities in search of supplies, or people just passing by.
   All of this sickened the four brothers. They knew that the world had been dangerous for them before, but now, it had gotten worse, ten-fold. They had been mistaken as infected before, on a few of their outtings. Over time, someone who was infected changed drastically in appearence. Sometimes, the fungus that took over the vitcims' minds grew right on their faces. How people thought the turtles looked anything like infected was beyond them, but no one ever thought to call them monsters or aliens.

   Leo was brought back to reality when Michelangelo came into the room. "Mornin' bros." Said the sleepy youngest brother.
   "Morning Mikey. How'd you sleep?" Leo tried to smile.
   "Not bad, but then Raphael's snoring woke me up. I swear some infected are gonna find us if he doesn't cut it out." There was a joke in there, somewhere. Mikey was too sleepy to really emphasize on it though.
   It took a bit for Mike to register what Don was doing. He put his arm around his older brother's neck. "Hey bro. Don't you ever get tired of working on that?"
   Don just waved his hand at Mike to shoo him away. He didn't want to be bothered by his younger brother's antics.
   "Hey Mike, let's go check out how the barriers are holding up." Leo suggested.
   "Aww! Do I have to? It's Raph's turn today!" Mikey protested.
   "Don needs some space. Let's go." Leo instructed.
   Reluctantly, Mikey followed Leo out of the lab, leaving Donnie to to his thoughts.

   Once outside, Leonardo and Michelangelo got to work. There was a large metal barrier around the building that the brothers took shelter in.
   "Do we have to do this? We check the thing every day!" Mike whined.
   "Yes. If there's a weak spot, infected could get through. And none of us want that." Leo answered his brother with a little stress in his voice.
   "There weren't any weak spots yesterday, or the day before that. Or the day before that! I think we can afford to take a day off!" Mikey continued.
   "And do you know why?" Leo turned to look at his brother. "Because we keep constant check on the barrier. As we shoud be." He turned and went back to checking the metal. "Besides, Don needs some space."
   "He had that dream again, huh?" Mike sighed. He hated seeing any of his brothers in pain.
   Leo only nodded. He didn't really want to talk about it. They all missed everyone that had been lost, and dwelling on those losses had been hard not to do for all of them. Yet, when it came to actually talking about it, Leo still choked up.


   It seemed like just another day in the life of a Ninja Turtle. The brothers were off doing their own things. Donatello was in his lab, working on a new project. Raphael was in his room, still sleeping, despite that it was 11 am. Leonardo and Michelangelo were in the living room portion of the lair. Leo was catching up on a novel that had been given to him by April, and Mikey was watching TV and munching on potato chips.
   "You know," Mikey said. "things have been pretty boring since we defeat Shredder, and Karai disbanneded the foot clan." 
   Leo looked up from his book. "I would say things have calmed down a bit. Though, if you're that bored, you could always go back to being Turtle Titan." 
   Mikey had considered it. The only bad guys around now were the thugs and gangs on the streets, and the powers that be knew that they never quit.

   Just as Michelangelo opened his mouth to answer his brother, a news report came on TV. 
   "We interupt this program to bring you an emergency update." 
   "Aww man!" Why do they ALWAYS interupt monster movies?!" Mikey whined. 
   "Quiet, shell for brains." Raphael had woken up, and was standing behind his brother. 
   "Meep!" Mike nearly jumped off the couch. "The hell, Raph! I almost jumped outta my shell!" 
   "Shut up." Raph batted Mike upside the head. 
   Mike groaned and rubbed his head, but kept quiet, as the reporter started speaking. 
  "It appeared that what we initially reported as riots, seem to be somehow connected to the nationwide pandemic. We've received reports that victims afflicted with the infection show signs of increased aggression and-"
   "We need to get everybody out of here now!"
   "There's some commotion coming from beh-"
   "Lady, get the hell out of here right-"
   Suddenly, there was an explosion in the background, and the picture disappeared into static.
   "I can't keep watching this." Mikey threw up his hands and got off the couch.
   "It's sick, is what it is. What's making those people go nuts?" Raph turned his head to look at Leo, who was staring at the TV screen. 
   "I don't know. But I don't think it's a good idea to leave the lair until we know what's going on." He closed his book and stood up. "I'm going to call April and Casey and see if they're still doing alright." 
   "Better yet, they should be down here, with us." Remarked Raph.

   Mikey walked into Donatello's lab and sat on a stool at the work bench. 
   "I hope you didn't come in here to bug me." Don said as he tightened a few screws. 
   Mike looked over at his brother and sighed. "It's getting worse out there. People are getting more violent. I can't stand to see it anymore." 
   "And they still don't know what's causing it, do they?" Don looked over at his little brother. Mike only nodded. 
   Don shook his head and returned to what he was working on. "It's strange that something like this could happen so suddenly." 
   "If I didn't know any better, I'd say this is a zombie apocalypse!" Mikey held his hands in the air and wiggled his fingers. "Uuuuuuu weeeeeeee uuuuuuuu!" 
   Don looked over at his brother again. He didn't look amused. "Once again, you've been reading too many comics and watching too many monster movies. A zombie apocalypse is highly unlikely. For someone to come back from the dead would be from some scientist playing God, and even if it WAS possible, chances are.." 
   Don's words were going in one ear and out the other for Mikey. 
   "I'm telling you bro! Zombies!" He held up his hands again. "Uuuuuu weeeee uuuuuuu!" 
   Don shook his head and returned to his project. "Shell for brains."

   The phone was ringing, but no one was answering. 
   "C'mon..April, of you pick up." 
   Leonardo had tried calling them a few times now, but the machine picked up like the other times. He wasn't sure why. Donnie had talked to April just yesterday, and it seemed that the two were holding up fine. So why weren't they answering now? Leo put his shell cell in his belt and sighed. He left two messages. Surely they'd call him back when time allowed. Still, waiting wasn't going to be easy. 
   "Ya talk to 'em?" Raphael asked when Leo came back. 
   "No answer. Maybe you should try." The worry on Leo's face was clear as day. 
   "Don't worry bro. They'd let us know if they were in trouble." Raph replied.

   The call came three hours later. "Casey? Calm down! What happened?"
   Leo was relieved that Casey finally called him back, but the tone of his voice only caused more concern.
   "Alright, don't panic. Just get down here, and be careful." Leo hung up his phone.
   Mikey was sitting by his brother near the TV, and a new movie was playing. He turned to Leo. "That was Casey, right? Is he okay? What about April?" 
   "Yes, that was Casey. They were leaving their apartment for here and were attacked. Casey said April has a bite on her arm, but otherwise, they're okay." Leo replied.
   "Shouldn't we go out there and get them?" Don asked. He was taking a break from his work.
   "They're already in the sewers and aren't being followed. If anything, we should be ready to help them out when they get here." Leo said, looking at Don.
   Donatello nodded and hurried to his lab. He got out some medical supplies and cleaned off a bench for April to rest on.

   "Just take it easy, April." Donnie had led her into his lab and had her sit on the work bench. "That's a pretty nasty wound you have there." He said as he examined her arm.
   "You're telling me." April replied. "Everyone infected has been so violent.  What's worse that it's happening to almost everyone in the city. Casey and I can't find a sane person at all!"
   Don nodded and proceeded to clean up the wound. It was unlike anything he had ever seen before. The teeth marks were deep, not usually normal for a human to make. And there were small white spots developing around the bite.
   "April, I don't want to worry you, but I think we need to watch this. I don't think I've seen this in my life before." He said as he applied a cream to the wound, then wrapped her arm.
   "I'd feel better if we did. I don't like the look of it at all." April replied.

   Raph and Casey were in the kitchen unpacking some extra food that Casey had brought down.
   Mikey peeked around the corner of the kitchen doorway. "Did you bring more chips?" He asked.
   "I brought what I could." Casey answered, then threw a bag of chips at Mikey. "Of course I did!"
   "Woohoo!" Mikey took the chips and ran off.
   "Brothers." Raph said. "So Case, how bad is it up there?"
   Casey turned to Raph. "You mean you haven't been up there? It's really bad, man. Everyone's gone to crazy town, and I don't think they're coming back. I had to whack a handful of people with my hockey stick just to get here!"
   "Yeah. Leo doesn't want us leaving the lair until whatever this is blows over." Raphael crossed his arms. "So they really are as aggressive as the news says."
   "And more! Get this! April and I saw some Purple Dragons the other day. They didn't even try to rob anything! They were just going after other people! And not for money." Casey waved his arms in the air as he spoke. "I don't know man. Something's not right out there."

   That night, before they went to bed, Don and April went back into the lab to check on the wound again. When Don unwrapped April's arm, they were shocked to see that it had gotten much worse in only a few hours. Her skin around the wound was now bright red, and the white spots where bigger and in more places.
   "I really don't like the look of that. I don't think the cream I put on it helped at all." Donnie frowned.
   There was no hiding the scared expression on April's face. "Don, I don't like this. Some of the people out there had the same thing. I don't think Casey noticed, but I certainly did. You don't think..I might go crazy too?"
   "You saw bite marks on other people too?" Don gave April a puzzled look, which he used to try and hide the worry and concern. "Let me get a tissue sample. I want to study this closer."
   After getting some tissue from April's wound, Don sent her to bed to rest. He had a feeling it would take all night to begin to understand what was going on, but he didn't care. If what April said was true, he knew he didn't have a lot of time to figure things out.

Melody Harper by TheBabzilla

(Speech color #EE3B3B)

Melody Harper




Relationship Status:
Single, not sure if she's looking for someone

Mother - Wants nothing to do with Melody

Death Weapon Meister Academy (DWMA)

School Year:
First Year (1st)

1911SC Pistol


Reason for being in the DWMA:
Melody enrolled in the DWMA because her father and brother were killed by a kishin.
She wants to prevent families from losing their loved ones, especially children.

+ Music
+ Singing
+ Cooking
+ Reading
+ Cute and Colorful things
+ Spending time with her partner and friends

+ Friends arguing
+ Liars and Snobs
+ Slobs and messy people
+ People hiding or disorganizing her CDs and Books
+ People hiding or disorganizing her kitchen utensils and ingredients

Melody grew up in a small, but happy household. Her parents were divorced when she turned 13, so it was just her father, her older brother, and herself. On her 15th birthday, she came home to a torn down wall and the bodies of her father and brother. She could tell by the marks that it was a kishin attack, as she had seen so many shown on TV.
Because Melody was a minor at the time, she was forced to live with her mother, a woman that didn't even want her in the first place. After a month of being forced to miss normal schooling and being made to do all the work around the house, she decided she would rather live on the streets. And she did.
After two years of living on the streets doing odd jobs, Melody decided she wanted to do something more. One day, when she was walking by Deathbucks, she heard some people talking about Lord Death's academy and how great it was. She stayed and listened, rather than asking the people, students, she assumed, about it. An hour later, Melody knew what she would do with her life. And so, she enrolled at the DWMA.

Abilities: (Up to 5)

Despite the things she dealt with, Melody is a happy-go-lucky kind of person. She always looks for the good in people, which often times makes her liable to get hurt. She's a bit shy around new people, but once she trusts them, which doesn't very take long, she's like an open book. She is incapable of holding grudges. She is more likely to become sad rather than mad. If she does get mad, she rarely shows it. There are times when Melody can be a bit air headed. Her mind will go blank and she'll say something without even realizing it. She would rather see everyone happy, and so tries to keep peace, whether it's friends or strangers fighting.

Melody claims to be Death the Kid's number one fan.
She admires him and aspires to be as strong and smart as he is.
Ever since she first heard of him, she secretly vowed that she would meet him one day.
She also wants to show him that he's not the only one with great respect for symmetry.

Made By: Death the Kid-ette