Catarina - Nick Series Origin Story

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Name: Catarina
Age: 15
Eyes: Light purple
Hair: Brown with light purple tips
Bandanna: Lime Green
Weapon: Twin Kamas that attach at the ends to form a "scythe-staff"

Personality: Kind of ditzy, laughs loudly but giggles quietly, nervous around kids, protective..overprotective of family and friends, worries more than she should, gets angry when scared, laughs at stupid things (such as the word "potato")

Likes: Video games, PC games, RPGs, movies, music, dancing, singing, practicing with her weapon, reading, pepperoni pizza with extra cheese and skittles

Dislikes: Arrogance, people who think they're better than others, anchovies, olives, Kraang, mean and rude people

Catarina wasn't always a mutant. In fact, she was a human. She had a somewhat normal life...that is, until the Kraang invaded the city. This took a while for Catty, as her 13 year old brother called her, to get over. On top of recovering from the alien events, Catty had been seeing the same robots from time to time on the streets. But that will be explained later. Let's get to her background.

Catarina and her younger brother, Simon, lived with their Uncle Wolfgang in NYC, as they had been since they were both toddlers. Every day, Catty and her brother would go to school, then after they would help their uncle at his dojo. The siblings were taught karate almost every day of their lives growing up. Catty had a black belt, and Simon, who slacked off or played hooky from lessons, had a green belt. Because Catty wanted to learn more, her uncle allowed her to choose a weapon, to which he would teach her to use. She ended up designing and building her own weapon from junk yard scraps. Catty had created a staff-like weapon with a curved blade on each end. The weapon could be taken apart in the middle, giving Catty two scythe-like weapons, if she so desired. Her uncle admired her creativity, and taught her how to fight with a bo-staff, and blades.

"A little to the left!" Catty called up to her brother, who was fixing a banner. Her brother moved it to his right. "I said left!" Catty called up again. Her brother moved it over to the left. As he did so, his elbow hit a glass bowl, which contained a pet turtle, Sheldon, off the railing. "Sheldon!!" Simon tried to grab the bowl, but with no luck. Catarina saw the turtle falling and prepared to catch it in her arms. The bowl tipped upside down in mid air, spilling the contents. Catty was able to catch the turtle, but not without being covered in water. What was worse, the glass bowl bounced off her head. Simon quickly climbed down the ladder he was on and ran over to his sister. "Catty! Catty! Are you okay!? Did you catch Sheldon??" Catty looked over at her brother with a smile and held the turtle out to him. "Yep! He's fine.. My head is hecka sore though!" She rubbed her head where the glass hit, then shook her head. "Let's go home. It's late anyway."
The two went outside and locked up the dojo. They walked down the street two blocks before turning a corner, which is when trouble had started. A group of Kraang were transporting mutagen. The siblings were spotted immediately, and before Catty could blink, the Kraang surrounded them. Catty held her brother close and whispered to him. "I'm going to make an opening, and when I do, I want you to run home. FAST." Simon tried to protest, but Catty wouldn't hear it. "Just do what I say!" With that, Catty attacked one of the Kraang, sending it flying into the middle of the street with one powerful kick. "Go!" She yelled at her brother, who took off like a shot. Some of the Kraang were about to go after him, but Catty kept on them, sending them into the air as well. It took some time, but Catty was able to take most of the small group down. She thought she had taken them all out, and she had turned her back to the truck which contained the canisters of ooze. She was looking at the damage she had done to the robots, and she had no idea one was approaching behind her. Upon seeing a slight shadow of the droid, Catty spun around quickly, aiming a kick for it's head, but she wasn't quick enough. She felt a strange substance cover her. She closed her eyes. What was this? Suddenly her skin felt like it was burning. Catty screamed and tried to shake off whatever it was that was on her. Next thing she knew, her body was changing. Rapidly. Was she growing? That's what it felt like. Meanwhile, the Kraang that had poured the mutagen on her had taken off in the truck.
A few moments later, the pain stopped. The ooze had done it's job. Catarina was now a mutant. Not just any mutant, but a mutant turtle! She had no idea though. Not until she looked in the window of a nearby store. Her eyes widened and she screamed in terror. A million thoughts were going through her mind. What was she? A monster? First aliens and now monsters! While she was staring at herself in the window, another reflection appeared. Simon. He had seen the whole thing, because he hadn't run too far. "Catty..? You look like Sheldon.." Catarina spun around and grabbed her brother's shoulders. "I told you to run home! Why didn't you run home?!" Simon flinched, but told her that he was scared to leave her alone with the aliens. Catty sighed and closed her eyes. "What now?" Simon asked as he looked up at his now mutated sister. "I don't really know.. Actually, I do know one thing. Those aliens are going to pay."

Simon headed home with Sheldon in his arms. Catty remained on the roof tops, following her brother as he walked down the street. Before they started off, Catty told her brother not to say anything to their uncle. He barely remembered the invasion. Instead, Simon would say that Catty went to sleep over at a friend's. That would work for now. But what about school? What about after, when she had to be at the dojo? Catty felt like her life was crumbling apart with each step she took.
"At a friend's? But it's a school night." Uncle Wolfgang seemed surprised, but realized that Catarina did things like that all the time. She was a bit of a ditz, as her uncle would say affectionately. Simon said good night to his uncle, then went to the back room, and climbed through a window to the fire escape. "How ya holding up, sis?" He said when he got to the roof. Catty was sitting on her knees with her head in her hands. She was quiet, and wasn't really moving much, except for breathing, so it seemed to Simon that she wasn't crying. The boy walked over to his sister and put his hand on her shoulder. "We're gonna fix this, you know. Maybe we can get a blood sample and have the lab at school test it." Catty looked up at her brother. "And do what? All they'll say is that I'm some kind of monster. The government will be all over the DNA sample. Then I'll be taken to Area 51!! And cut open!! DISSECTED EVEN!!" Now Catty was freaking out, her arms flailing like mad. Simon wrapped his arms around her neck and hugged her. "Chill sis! That's not gonna happen. We're gonna figure this out." Catty hugged her brother back tightly and broke into tears. "I hope so..little brother.."

Since that night, Catarina has been determined to stop the Kraang, whatever their plans may be. Most importantly, she's taken an oath to protect people from being mutated like she was.
A more Nick series friendly story for my original character Catarina.
© 2014 - 2021 TheBabzilla
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Awwwww Catty :)
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OMG I really love this!! :iconomgsocuteplz:
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Thankies!! I wanted to make a Nick friendly story for lighter RPs c:
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Well i think you succeeded!!~ :iconloveloveplz:
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Thank you! ^o^
This was actually written for an OC contest that Donatello Hamato held on FB.

I wanted to go more indepth with the character, and I wanted her to have a 2003/IDW background as well. I guess you could say, it all started here!
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Wow really! That's awesome~ :heart: 
Well I think you did an amazing job with it! And Having different background stories to match each series is the way to go! :iconloveloveplz:
i just love a good background story hahaha xD
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Thank you so much! Donatello thought so too ^~^

That's what I thought too! Each iteration has it's own background, so why try and mesh them all together? I mean, unless you can make it work ^o^

Me too! I like reading other BG stories to see what people create!
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Yeah totally!! :iconloveloveplz: you got the right idea!~ :iconkokorox: 
Yeah, its just like origin stories, ii just find them so enjoyable to read~ :love:
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I totes agree! X3
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