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Sutter Hound - Male and Female to Human Size Comp by THEB00BA Sutter Hound - Male and Female to Human Size Comp :icontheb00ba:THEB00BA 4 3 Beserabator - Male and Female to Human Size Comp by THEB00BA Beserabator - Male and Female to Human Size Comp :icontheb00ba:THEB00BA 1 2 Diplo v2 by THEB00BA Diplo v2 :icontheb00ba:THEB00BA 2 0 Imaginary Raptor by THEB00BA Imaginary Raptor :icontheb00ba:THEB00BA 4 2 Eris Khitedexan by THEB00BA Eris Khitedexan :icontheb00ba:THEB00BA 3 0 Imaginary Marine Reptile by THEB00BA Imaginary Marine Reptile :icontheb00ba:THEB00BA 2 0 Avalon Size Tables by THEB00BA Avalon Size Tables :icontheb00ba:THEB00BA 3 0


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May 2, 2018
:icontheb00ba:THEB00BA has changed their username (formerly B0baTheF3tt)
Sutter Hound - Male and Female to Human Size Comp
My favorite re-imagination of an old Avalon asset. I present to you Acinonyx lupus familiaris, or as they're called on the field, Sutter Hounds.

The Sutter Hound (Acinonyx lupus familiaris) is a hybrid developed by Avalon for many purposes. One of the most common purposes is the hybrids acting as highly trained recon scouts. Specifically spliced between genetically enchanced cheetahs(Acinonyx jubatus) and highly trained german shepards (Canis lupus familiaris), the Sutter is highly intelligent, loyal, and superior hunters thanks to their enhanced senses of smell, hearing, and sight.

While in the design and splicing process, several different species were included besides cheetahs and domestic dogs. Genes from Inland Taipan (Oxyuranus microlepidotus) snakes, Maned wolves (Chrysocyon brachyurus), and Servals (Leptailurus serval). While designing the new hybrid, specific genes were pulled from each DNA string, using the gray wolf (Canis lupus) as the base. In DNA extended testing, the hybrids body was specifically designed to move quckly, hear better, smell better, and even have a forked tongue like that of a snake. Qualities of the Taipan genes were implemented as pockets above all four canines, and pockets specially stored in a small pouch in the dew claws. This would make the hybrid able to kill it's foes without ever biting them. After the first few hybrids were developed, Avalon was later tasked with removing the poisouness pockets in the canines and dew claws incase a Sutter was significantly wounded where it could no longer perform to the standards. To this day, any Sutter being kept after they have done their service, have all poison pockets removed and replaced with a biological fusing plastic that assumes the genetics and acts as a muscle fixer.
Beserabator - Male and Female to Human Size Comp
I know I haven't uploaded in ages. While I meant to upload a whole lot of things around December I got distracted with family things and upgrading my PC. I had gotten an i7-8700k and had to wait for a new motherboard that was compatible with the CPU. Towards the end of December I got the mobo and installed it. I'd been through the process of setting up the BIOS properly and getting my PC ready to go before. However this time I messed up and didn't set a specific setting and I lost everything that was saved on my primary hard drive. Which included the vast majority of the digital art I had done. So yeah... I'm back and uploading five months after I lost everything I had worked on. So, some information on what this is!

The Primal Carnage Extinction role-play I was doing way back in the day has stopped, but I still want to work on the pieces of the story we created. This is one of assests of the company Avalon that was a part of our story.
Berserabator giganticus is a huge raptor. It was specifically created to be unrelenting force on the battlefield. Commonly dubbed as Berser's by Avalon military forces, they are especially adept at hunting down targets over ten miles or more away. With enhanced senses of smell, sight, and hearing; they are the ultimate hunters. With careful genetic tweaking, Berser's are known for their striped appearances, being able to blend into their environment especially well. Also implemented into their genetic coding is the subtle change of skin color as they age.
I'm not happy with the name anymore. Originally I was fine with it, but the Khite part has started to bother me more and more. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to comment on this Journal.



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