Yeah. Summertime.

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anditrainsgreat, actually now it's best summer weather.
Next days I'm gonna get some wire for gardening (garden wire?) and *be
creative* ^^ -- I found some absolutely great pictures of cthotic figures
which are inspiring.

Classes and corresponding projects are bothersome -- the topics might be
interesting, but the workload is a bit unbalanced (at least in my opinion).

Coming back to art, I wonder if there will are some 3D programs which I could
actually use *effectively* -- that is: if something comes from it -- even if I
don't dedicate much time for it. I know that isn't how it works, like you
mostly need time for learning a tool or a technique, but I also had the
impression that good tools empower you to *be creative* more easily. Like
instruments or so.


I read the book Designing Virtual Worlds by R. A. Bartle; it's exactly about
that: the beginnings of MUDs, MMORPGs and stuff, social and technical aspects
... all in all: a _great_ reading experience. That for advertising.

One sentence caught me attention escpecially: he says at one point, that text
is the only medium, in which most people can create a world that fits together
with the creation of other people (don't quote me exactly on that, it's how I
read it and that was about two weeks ago) -- in contrast in a graphical world,
most people won't be able to create satisfactory artwork which fits together
with the original artists work (in quality). Which is sad. But at least for me
it's true (which is also sad ;)).

On the other hand, I think most people are able to combine provided elements
(of a game) and create spectacular results. I don't play many games lately (I
rather solve problems created by myself, programmer-wise ^^), but one example
I remember is a module for Morrowind (which is old, I know; still it's one of
my most beloved games to date, together with BGII), which I think created a
tiny city with the provided elements, yet used them so much out of context,
like using lights only found in dwarven outposts (or so) as street lamps.

Blah, blah, so for my share I still look for a good and easy 3D modeller, yet
I don't think I'll ever find it (now, if we won't get brain interfaced
cyberspace, that is).

Conclusio: i) oldskool, that is physical, modelling, ii) oldskool writing
(got a nice, old typewriter :), and I want that thing to have an USB connector
-- some day this _will_ work, and if I pay someone for it *grummel*), iii)
oldskool music making (won't please the neighbours with that, heh) are the way
to go. Isn't it?
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