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After a lot of thought, I've decided I'm going to be changing the way I do business after I get through my current commission list.  I want to change the direction of my business and start building pre mades and selling that way instead of working on commission.  Commission work is super stressful and it's seriously wearing on my health.  Looking at my calendar, I'm currently losing about a quarter of every month for either sick or injury time.  I'm tired of hurting all the time.  I have doctors orders to either stop costuming altogether, or seriously change the way I'm going about doing things.  I like the idea of being able to decide to quit for the evening when my body tells me that I've done enough.  No more 14+ hour days trying to meet deadlines.

Costuming and creating are things that will always be in my life.  I love it, and I'd never give it up.  So, instead of stopping completely, I'm changing my business plan.  I really hope this isn't a mistake.  I know that there are artists out there that do really well for themselves by simply making what they want to make.  They are happy.  They're busy all the time, but able to take breaks if need be.  I want to work that was as well.  It needs to happen, and soon.  

So I'm going to take some time to work on what I want to work on and make awesome things for people to buy...at my own pace.  I'm not counting out the possibility of commissions entirely, but when I do take them they will be few and far between.  

Thank you all for your understanding and continued support.
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It sounds like a good plan :) Hope everything goes well for you.