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Pencil Drawing of Arnold Schwarzenegger
18" x 17" - 1990 - Prismacolor Colored Pencils on Pastel Paper

edit: Better Scan Uploaded on 08-22-08 (finally) :nod:

larger detail here

some other celebs here -->

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My hat's off to you for drawing Schwarzenegger accurately and awesomely- you really nailed that macho action hero charisma a lot of people saw on the silver screen during the '80s-'90s, from the sly smirk, to the huge muscles, the spiked-up short hair, and right down to the lit chomped cigar- kudos!

You caught the lights and shadows of skin tone very nicely, and I like how the outline of the shirt stands out from the rest of Arnold- the mix of colors work well against the color of the paper, too. I also like how you signed this piece.
The better scan link doesn't work :(
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this IS the better scan -  . . .  the link, "Larger detail here" is broken/removed.
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Yea, smoke and rot your lungs out !
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especially with cigars
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“I did nothing! The pavement was his enemy!”
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His dude is a treasure. He's one person who I just find it fucking impossible to hate or dislike.
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there's Always hope,... especially with practice and determination, stick to it - never EVER Give up, and in time (lots of it)  you will improve with each outing.     I just hope you don't quit.  ;)
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Thanks for the encouragement!
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I Love it, it looks like him alot.
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One of us is in DEEP TROUBLE
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Hey, I'm a police officer
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Come on.. don't bullshit me.
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what do u mean?
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it's an arnold quote.
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class portrait well done
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