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Axie's Custom Line Art Brushes

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These are the brushes I use for my artwork. A few people have been telling me how much trouble they have with smooth line art, so I decided to put these up for you all to use. They're probably nothing new, but I made these custom to compensate for my right hand sometimes shaking. They're very simple brushes and aren't really anything revolutionary, but they help me keep my lines relatively smooth, so maybe they'll help you out :)

Includes: Smoothing, Pressure Sensitivity, Multiple Sizes (ranging from 1-500, in random increments to make it easy to switch sizes without the slider)
--Note: Pressure Sensitivity can be turned off. If these brushes do not respond to pressure sensitivity, make sure the Shape Dynamics box is checked.--

How to use

This deviation gives a good visual tutorial on how to install brushes.

[EDIT 11/13/13] I've updated the ABR file to eliminate the spacing problem. for some reason the spacing was set to 25%, which was incorrect. 

You don't have to credit me for using these, but please at least comment or fav :)
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Thank you so much!

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You're a lifesaver, thank you so much! ♥
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For me they all come out rounded, and yes my pressure sensitivity is working. Anyone have a solution?
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In the Brush panel, make sure "shape dynamics" is checked. The "control" should be set to "pen pressure" and "control" should be set to "direction". I leave everything else on 0%, but you can play with the other settings to make the stuff look how you want.

If that doesn't work then I have no idea, sorry! 
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thanks I'll try it!
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These are really fantastic. I can't steady my hands due to Tourette's but these actually make getting lines very easy!
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I installed it recently and I'm very pleased with it :)
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I'm glad they're working for you! Enjoy ^-^
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Does this only properly work on tablets?
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Yea, you can't use pen pressure without a tablet and stylus. Sorry!
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Thank you so much!! I've been wanting some smooth line art brushes for a while because the best ones that come with Photoshop Elements 10 aren't that good.
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trying them out :D
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Cool beans, I hope they work out for you! :D I know they get a little wonky on the larger sizes, but I've found all brushes do that lol.
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they're awsome, now I might have a whole new style XD
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aww, yay! I'm glad they're working for ya! ^___^
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You are amazing! You have no idea how long ive been searching for something like this!
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aww, thank you, and I'm glad I could be helpful to a fellow artist! Hopefully they serve you well! :D
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