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Sailor Moon Nouveau: Inner Senshi Series

By TheArtRogue
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All the bookmark designs in a neat little row. The Outer Senshi are next after this Summer Festival wraps up.

Since DeviantArt doesn't have an option for bookmark prints, I'll eventually open this up as an alternative. If you want a bookmark or ten, feel free to message me and I'll do my best to figure out a way to get them to ya.

if you interested in purchasing a collective print- go here [ [link] ] i'm only doing a limited run of these large prints so get them now if you want them~
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this is gorgeous!!! great work
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I like.                                                            Makoto La Emoticon Minako La Emoticon Usagi La Emoticon Rei La Emoticon Ami La Emoticon 
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aww....I was hoping to see if you also did a version for the Outer Senshis ^_^; still great artwork though!
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oh don't worry, the Outer Senshi are on the way! just had to take a small break to ensure i didn't get too burned out, but after the most amazing time i've had at Anime Revolution this weekend I'm ITCHING to get back in gear!
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Can't wait to see the Outers!

These are lovely!! ^^
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and i can't wait to start them! :D
many thanks~
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i'll interpret that as a pleased reaction :)
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I cant wait to see the outers! Please tell me your doing them too?
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oh but of course!
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Awesome book mark designs. Are you going to do ones for Naoko's Anti-Hero counterparts, the Oppositio Senshi? The heroes from the future who want to protect the lives and freedom of Earth FROM Serenity?
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Another team?? Reminds me of the Ayakashi sisters and Amazoness Quartet all over again, lol.

But they look so cool! And they sound like they're based on Egyptian mythology - even cooler! ^^
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Yep, another team :) Naoko's anti hero rebels. I believe she created them after she realized the mistakes of the Black Moon arc.

They all have very complex motivations and 3-dimensional personalities of why they became rebels. They are at least 10 times stronger then the Ayakashi sisters and about twice as strong as the Amazoness Quartet, but unlike them, they become this strong only within a few weeks of gaining their new power. See at the beginning of the game, they have just been awakened as Oppositio Scouts. That means they are awakened earthlings, not mutants, and not immortal sailors.

The 'inner 4' Oppositio, Marduk, Nergal, Ishtar, and Nabu have powers similar to the Ayakashi sisters, but are incredibly stronger and they have unique attacks to themselves. Marduk, Jupiter's opposite, joined the Oppositio becomes billions of lives have been lost to fighting for the Silver Imperium Crystal, and now people are too purified of negative emotions to even mourn them. Nabu, mercury's opposite, believes that the Silver Crystal can't last forever, and wants to defend the earth better then the Scouts did. Nergal, Mars' opposite, wants to prove that earthlings, with their own power and will, can be just as strong if not stronger then the immortal sailors. Ishtar, Venus' opposite, was born retarded, but she'll do anything to cheer up and aid her friends.

Sin, on the other hand, controls the element of Hell, and is the second most powerful scout in the Universe, the only one stronger is Galaxia. And this is in her normal form, she hadn't even achieved Super or Eternal yet. Her human will was strong enough to resist the Silver Crystal itself. In Crystal Tokyo, when Prince Diamond attacked Earth and succeeded because Neo Queen Serenity decided to protect the crystal instead of protect the earth, Sin's parents were SLAUGHTERED by Prince Diamond right before her eyes and her little brother's. She is the Batman to Usagi's Superman.

Oh, and the Oppositio aren't Egyptian in origin :D They're Babylonian!!
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Whoa... O.O

Thanks for all the info!! I never watched much of the R season, so I actually don't know much about the Ayakashi sisters...but man, these girls sound 100x scarier, lol.

You said "game" ... so this isn't some new concept in time for the new anime that's being released next year? Aww... XD

And ah, okay. Forgive me. One of my other favorite animes is Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, so when I saw Ishtar, I kinda thought of Malik/Marik Ishtar...although I do now remember that there was a Babylonian goddess of that name as well...

Again, thanks so much! ^^
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i've never heard of that! sounds really interesting- is there a photo ref of that floating around somewhere?
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No problem! This should do the trick.

http:// post&s=view

(just add the g to gelbooru, and attach the = and p)
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HAH this is freakin' rad! thanks for the share- it'll be fun to do something with these guys somewhere down the line :>
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