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Being on DeviantART for some time now I decided to start accepting commissions. The primary reason isn't money per sé, but the fun and exercise of drawing something for a client for personal use. For commercial inquiries, different rates apply, but can just as easily be arranged through this site.

Commission status
Commissions are limited to three at the same time. It is possible to apply for a commission when all slots are full, it's just that I won't start working on it until at least one slot is open.

Slot 1 - empty
Slot 2 - empty
Slot 3 - empty

What is the commission service
It is essentially the ability to get a request from me, but for a monetary fee. An important note here is that the image you obtain through this service has a limited license, which entails that the image is for personal, non-commercial, non-profit use only. For commercial purposes, other rates and conditions apply.

How does it work
Really simple, send me a note, tweet, Discord message or e-mail in which you formulate what you want me to do and I'll get back to you to guide you through the process. One major rule is that I won't start on your commission before I receive payment, though this depends on our agreement, which is on a case-by-case basis.

I'll guide you through the various steps, starting from the initial layout sketch to the final product.

You can also opt in to have the process be broadcast on Picarto and YouTube. By default, this will not happen unless you specifically allow it.

Products and pricing
I primarily focus on digital drawings, but it can be extended with a bit of creativity. All pricing is done in euros (EUR), you can convert it to your local currency using a website like

Pricing is on case by case basis, so this is only an indication how everything adds up. The absolute minimum you pay is €10.00 per order and goes up depending on complexity, number of characters, background and colouring.

A number of extras can be ordered.

The Rothingham offer is a special class of commission with a flat-fee of €10.00 EUR. It's a sketch commission that can be done during the time it takes to record an episode of the Radio Rothingham podcast, which is about 1.5 hours. The entire process is confined to the episode and fully documented on video.

Physical drawings are limited to a sketch on paper, and can be physically mailed to you. The additional rate for this is €5.00 plus costs of shipping (depending on the distance it needs to travel, cheapest being Dutch domestic mail).

The high-resolution image can be bought for an additional €7.50, this is great if you want to make physical copies at your local print shop.

Terms of Service
Don't worry, I'm not going to lawyer talk to you, but these are some conditions you need to keep in mind when commissioning me.

I reserve the right to deny any commission for any reason. I'm doing this for fun and experience, my life does not depend on this.

I reserve the right to change pricing and conditions at any time without notice. All orders in progress will not be affected.

I can close the service at any time, but will see to it that the orders in progress will be finished as promised. If, for whatever reason, I cannot deliver the orders in progress, those clients will receive a refund.

Another pressing question is when it comes to fan art, and whether you can commission me to draw it. For this I have a no-damage policy. What this means is that I will not encourage it but I will draw fan art if it doesn't directly affect its copyright holder. If you want Inspector Iroh art, for instance, I think this is fair because you can't go to nickelodeon and expect it from them. If you want a picture of Katara duking it out with Kim Possible in a Mario Kart race, sure, let's do it. If you want Dexter in my style, fantastic. If you want me to basically replicate the exact look and style of Invader Zim to the point it would be indistinguishable from the original so you can make your own T-shirt of it, no, that's not cool, dude. Basically, if you want to commission me because you want to see something in my unique style, it's okay in my book.

Closing statement and questions.
That concludes everything you may need to know about my commission service and I certainly hope it'll be an excellent experience. If you have any questions or remarks, do no hesitate to ask them in this journal post.
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Ha-Ha. It's funny because you ask for Euro.