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Today on Mythbusters: ponies

Today on Mythbusters, Adam and Jamie find out what happens when you mix Pinkie Pie and coffee.

This idea was sitting on my mind ever since I realized just how hyperactive Pinkie Pie is, which was immediately after I first saw her.

This comic is mostly the result of two Livestream sessions I did during the course of last weekend. My goal was to just make a silly comic, not paying too much attention to the art and just having a silly good time. I think I succeeded.
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Imagine doing this with Agatha Heterodyne's coffee... you know, the coffee that turns all of reality "perfect!"

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the reaction is either gonna be this, that one comic where she's wide-eyed holding a cup of coffee and says "i smell sound" or she ends up just disappearing into one of a number of vortexes.

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Something tells me they'll get seen insane.
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That was great. 
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Never makes me fail to laugh...
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IKR?  I don't consider myself a brony and I still laugh my ass off every time I read this again!  :XD:
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Well, it is that funny...
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Of course, don't you know anything about Science?
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I wish that this was an actual episode. Also, really Jamie? NOW you noticed?
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man this is a classic one i read this when it was just uploaded
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Oh my god, I was not expecting that omg XD.
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Lol, that was hilarious.
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Ahahahahahaha... :XD:
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This is hilarious and awesome!
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  A tad slow on the uptake, are you, Hyneman?

  Meh. Probably got a bit addled by the explosion.

  Then again, this is Mythbusters we're talking about. I'll just go with the rule of funny.
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Conclusion: Myth confirmed, and we're not letting Adam and Jamie do anything with ponies anymore.
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and of course pinkie is not harmed cause F*** LOGIC!!!
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