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Shotgun Applejack

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Published: January 22, 2013
Arguably the last installment in the "action-pose" series goes to our favorite background pony Applejack.

I was sort of figuring out whether I should go for the shotgun or her swinging with a rope, the latter being more relevant to platformers. I decided to go with the shotgun, because people really seem to like it, it also makes for a nice pose.

Mind that I didn't put any real effort in the actual shotgun, so any gun enthusiasts who decide to bitch about it; fuck off, to any who don't, thank you.

Aside from the feet, and her right hand, I'm pretty pleased with this.

Also, did this during the Livestream last Sunday, if you missed it, you really missed out. The co-host were quite hilarious and we had an overall good time. Follow me on Twitter to stay up-to-date on stream times.

Yes, Applejack is part of the main cast, thatsthejoke.jpg
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MegaFreedom1274Hobbyist General Artist
I don't even watch MLP but dang this is good Shocked Face Zoom 
teh-j0ey's avatar
Huh. First time I saw this pic, I thought she was holding a pump action instead of a double barrel...
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TheArtrixProfessional Digital Artist
Yea, this is a picture that is begging for a second take with proper references and what have you.
rockarious's avatar
Shouldn't the gun have her cutie mark on it? To show, like, who's gun is it?
TheArtrix's avatar
TheArtrixProfessional Digital Artist
It's a common theme I see in FPS mods and I think it's incredibly tacky. Just because they all have their own logo isn't much of a reason to plaster it on everything.

Nothing inherently wrong with that, just my take on it.
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frankarayaHobbyist Digital Artist
This reminds me the Justice Frontier from Enginner of TF2
SamuelJCollins1990's avatar
"Not on mah farm, ya don't!"
CaptainPrower's avatar
Applejack's a lefty?
TheArtrix's avatar
TheArtrixProfessional Digital Artist
From what I remember, I actually forgot to flip the image back to its original orientation. Eh, whoops?
wordsworthsparkle's avatar
trolls say hello to my little friend:)
garciarael's avatar
:iconengineerplz:: I'm gonna blow that dumb look right off your stupid face!
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cherryjjvStudent Traditional Artist
Southpaw AJ FTW.
MrVoiceMan's avatar
MrVoiceManHobbyist General Artist
"Y'all are about to have a really bad day."
Ashoof's avatar
AHH YEAAAH! what a great picture! i like this :)
TacticalCorgi's avatar
I love everything about this picture. The pose, the look on her face, and especially the shotgun. It kinda reminds me of the FG-42.
lulzimbored's avatar
I was just thinking the same thing! It looks like the lovechild of the FG-42 and the Olin/Winchester Salvo Rifle, and I want one for real.
E-Knightengale's avatar
I want to see her shoot it- thus sending the gun into the air.
bubdub762's avatar
let fly, both bores!!! it's got 2 triggers 'fer a reason!
AnimeRocks234's avatar
AnimeRocks234Student Traditional Artist
lol!!!this is awsome
mercenario1945's avatar
Hello, I can edit you image?, I want add a real rifle :/
TheArtrix's avatar
TheArtrixProfessional Digital Artist
Sure, just don't claim ownership.
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