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Princess Anita Sarkeesian

Yesterday's cool-down was a bit more high-effort than I thought, so here, have Anita Sarkeesian drawn in the style of Super Princess Peach.
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Thank You Mario, but the Princess is not worth saving.
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Anita Sarkeesian was a cheerleader in highschool.
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You have sinned, brother You made Anita Sarkeesian look "beatiful". Now, the Feminisn freedom police will hunt you down.
TheArtrix's avatar
They already hate my guts for being a white straight man, I'm pretty sure this won't make a lick of difference.
Galaxy-Fighter's avatar
This whole "SWJ equality battle", really reminds me, of mediavel witch hunts.

But wait, now that I think about it...since wiccans, daughters of Isis a.k.a, the witches, were back than, mostly about women rigts, superiority of women, and control over, our forefathers have been burning....feminists?
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Nah, I'm pretty sure that's just religion that makes people do shitty things.
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This is one princess I'm not gonna bother saving. Let her rot in Bowser's tower. >w>
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She will pissed if she sees this. 
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Fairly sure she has seen it at this point.
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She looks WAY to attractive in this picture, where's her cash-sucking proboscis and jowls? 
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She actually looks better this way.
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I want a be a male chauvinist pig
And i don't give a fuck about women's lib
Women are weak they don't deserve any rights
The women's movement is a useless fight

They're good for sex
And they're good for work!
But other than that
They have no worth
So shut the fuck up Bitch!!

Who put these feminist ideas in their heads
Keep them pregnant and chained to a bed
They're not worthy of any respect
Cause all they are is a sexual object!

They've got cunts
And they've got tits!
But none of them have intelligence!

Waring skirts on their exterior
They know the truth hurts
Women are inferior

They're born to be slaves
And pieces of tail
But nothing on earth
Will make them male

They're good for sex
And they're good for work!
But other than that
They have no worth

Wake up bitch its time to face reality!
As far as i'm concerned you've got no
Fucking personality!
Housework and sex is you're only job!
You're not a worth while human being
You're just a broad!
You'll never be my equal
So quit you're nagging, and you're bitching
Get on you're knees to suck my dick
Then get back to the kitchen!

You can call me a chauvinist
I'm proud to be a pig
But I can take a shit all over you're precious women's lib!

TheArtrix's avatar
Not sure if you are trolling, being ironic or legit stand by those words.

Oh well, at least the poem doesn't beat around the bush.
DaveShlit's avatar
It's not a poem, it's a song by The Raunchous Brothers…
TheArtrix's avatar
Ah, that makes sense.
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Well, she *does* use crying to achieve her goals, so its not too far-fetched
IronBatMaiden91's avatar
The irony is brilliant. This is exactly what she acts like.
Commander-Dominic's avatar
LOL All she needs now is a scumbag hat and then you have Anita Sarkeesian the scumbag feminist princess.
TheSkaldofNvrwinter's avatar
This is the first result of my first search using the terms "Anita" and "Sarkeesian" lol. I'd give her a modicum of respect if she didn't act like Princess Peach in real life, if she acted more like a warrior and less like a queen troll. But anyway...
TheArtrix's avatar
>checks for myself
>searching for "Anita Sarkeesian" returns this image

I'm really proud of myself.
TheSkaldofNvrwinter's avatar
I occasionally come across stuff I've done when using the search engine here. :D
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i hate anita but this is good quality, especially because its based on one of my favourite mario games
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You might want to look at this:
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