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March 21, 2011
Friendship is magic, bitch by *theartrix The suggester says: "Normally I don't like humanized fan-art but this is an obvious exception. The characters and their perks all look genuine and the 'awesomeness' in the illustration itself just bursts out of your screen! This is a great parody on a great show that the world has to see!" Also suggested by Pyritie.
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Friendship is magic, bitch



This one is fueled by the Rule of Cool. It's recommended to listen to this while viewing this.

Sometimes, you just want to make something cool. It doesn't need to make any sense, it doesn't need to be clever, it doesn't have to have hefty social commentary, you just want to make something that is wicked cool awesome.

If there is one series that has made pointless coolness their trademark, it is Panty and Stocking, and this is pretty much My Little Pony infused with their logic, or the lack thereof.

My personal goal was not to go overboard with the shading this time and let the line art do the talking. I think the colors came out really well, with the yellow background contrasting with the car and its passengers.

Of course, we could speculate what is going on, perhaps the girls got sick of all the crap the Everfree forest throws at them so they run it over with a gas guzzling SUV while zapping and blasting anything with a heartbeat. Or they're paying the great and powerful Trixie a visit. Whatever floats your boat.

PS: I left out Spike because I didn't feel like including him, deal with it.
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