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Fallin' Dash

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Published: November 27, 2012
I haven't really posted much art, so the best way to get back into it is to just do it. I will post a bunch of new images I did over the past few weeks in the days to come.

I've been doing a lot of anatomy and action studies, and this one came out really good, so I decided to flesh it out a bit. Originally, it was going to have a background of her landing on a roof in Ponyville, but I didn't really feel like going all out on it. It builds on my premise that humanized pegasi are less affected by gravity and can perform acrobatics impossible for regular humans.

Also, decided to draw Dash because she isn't exactly among my favorites of the main six, and I must say that I like this design more with every time I draw it. An agile woman sporting an awesome leather jacket, Dash makes it work somehow.
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SazerLiteStudent Digital Artist
Sweet look, man! :D Very good!
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AnimeRocks234Student Traditional Artist
i like her!
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MadJesters1Student Filmographer
she looks so cool! :D
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Jello-In-A-BoxHobbyist Digital Artist
Ffff- je stijl is zo gaaf C:
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that is so awesome nice work
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I like the aviator jacket. Quite fitting!
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Excellent pose! The way the jacket flies open and the folds in the pants are very dynamic too! also i liked how her pony colour comes back in the shirt ^^
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TheArtrixProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you.

From the moment I started doing these humanizations I always used the pony's coat color directly on a specific piece of clothing, such as Twilight's blouse and Rainbow's shirt. It's one of those cues for instant recognition. Some people choose to apply this to the skin color, which I think doesn't work on humans.
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Speed and beauty in one awesome package!!!
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Fundz64Hobbyist General Artist
of course Dash makes it work... she's 20% in ten seconds flat!
joke aside.. who IS your favorite pony? :iconshiftyplz:
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TheArtrixProfessional Digital Artist
Hmm, I don't have a favorite as a specific pony, but I do have my preference. My top tier are Twilight and Rarity, followed by Pinkie Pie and Applejack, ending with Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy.

I think you can see a pattern here; it seems that I have a tendency to gravitate towards unicorns, followed by earth ponies and pegasi. Of course there are exceptions, for instance, Octavia tends to be high among my favorite background ponies (who happens to be an earthie).
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Fundz64Hobbyist General Artist
heheh, unicorn power! i gotta admit they are charming those two!
...and say wahhh? your favorite bg-pony is Octavia?

my fave is DJ Pon3!
we should totally hang out sometime! :iconbrohoofplz:
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AstreraHobbyist General Artist
This looks great! And the idea of the humanized pegasi thingy seems really cool.
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Ah, indeed, it looks like a classic Spider-Man pose! I'm serious, I bet I can even look it up if I start rummaging through my collection!

Anyhoo, it looks great. I also love the colors on this one, they litteraly burst off of the page! The anatomy seems right, too. As for action studies, the best you can do is indeed just keep practicing. I noticed a significant improvement over my action drawings the last six months or so just because I kept drawing them.

So yeah, good job!
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TheArtrixProfessional Digital Artist
Spiderman is basically parkour with spider webs, so that doesn't surprise much.
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Who's parkour? And actually, I think that pose was used at the end of 'Amazing Spider-Man' this year.
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TheArtrixProfessional Digital Artist
Actually, I've seen a lot of people toss around the word "parkour" to mean something to the effect of jumping from rooftop to rooftop and other dangerous stunts. I haven't really looked up, which disappoints my inner language-nazi.
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Oh yeah, now that you mention it... I think those are the guys who climb buildings without gear and, indeed, also jump buildings in the process!
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TheSUNGlassKidHobbyist Photographer
Hell, any woman in a leather jacket is awesome.
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of the Pegasai are into Parkour, then I really dont want to see hoe Fluttershy or Derpy perform in the sport.
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TheArtrixProfessional Digital Artist
Of course, all humanized pegasi are not inherently tied to performing parkour, they simply have a set of abilities that make them pegasi. I can imagine Fluttershy being more modest when using her abilities, and she's more like the kind of pegasus to just sort of chill-ride a hang glider.

As of Derpy, well, she'd probably do what Derpy does, it involves a lot of property damage.
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Really nice work mate!
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