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[April Fools 2015] The NEW me!


This is the NEW me! I really like my new stylings to reflect how DEEP and EDGY I have become since my transformation! I feel so much more sophisticated and smart now that I don't adhere to this "common sense" and I'm sure the world will accept me for who I TRULY am!

Also, if you leave any transphobic comments I will be seriously TRIGGERED, you guys! Also, when addressing me, my proper pronoun is trx. GET IT RIGHT!
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You mock things you don't understand, got it.
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your pic got used in a title-card for a video about SJWs…
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Yea, I have seen this. It's funny seeing my portrait in this context.
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well, it did perfectly capture the average SJW 
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finally you're an indie game developer
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:iconpetergriffinplz: "We get it, Meg, you're a guy!"
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Facial hair is a tool of the patriarchy, poser.
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Which is odd considering a lot of these SJW types seem to have it.
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Terrible allies with their masculinity literally on their faces, of course.
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Don't they know that is not okay?
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"Masculinity is toxic", and all that, lol.
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The individual above is composed of:
11% hair dye
27% piercings
39% plastic
22% synthetic hormones
347% hate
-9% love
0% human
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Consider this comment featured.
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67 % suppressed privilege.
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Now when we can stop pretending, your SJW metamorphose was my fav April fools joke this year. I was crying laughing at every point written in this art and every sentence of your journal.
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Making fun of SJWs is his life now. Well apart from art and being pretentious.
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I must visit his stream more often u n u
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Glad that amused you as much as it did.
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"i really like the mane"~! whahahahaha XD
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You're late to the party, dude.
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Tri-Sexual? Pfff, get on my Octuple-Sexual level, Shitlord.  
I bet you don't even have 1 head-mate let alone the 15 I have... and don't even think of disagreeing with me, or I'll slam you with the patriarchy label so hard that it'll make your head spin.
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