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Batwoman - August Patreon Tier 2 Raffle Winner by TheArtOfVero Batwoman - August Patreon Tier 2 Raffle Winner :icontheartofvero:TheArtOfVero 80 13 Veran - TLoZ Oracle of Ages - August T1 Raffle by TheArtOfVero
Mature content
Veran - TLoZ Oracle of Ages - August T1 Raffle :icontheartofvero:TheArtOfVero 53 5
Mona - OC Sheet by TheArtofVero by TheArtOfVero
Mature content
Mona - OC Sheet by TheArtofVero :icontheartofvero:TheArtOfVero 138 39
Jessica Rabbit - Nudies #16 by TheArtOfVero
Mature content
Jessica Rabbit - Nudies #16 :icontheartofvero:TheArtOfVero 383 46
Ashi - Samurai Jack - Nudies #15 by TheArtOfVero
Mature content
Ashi - Samurai Jack - Nudies #15 :icontheartofvero:TheArtOfVero 222 24
Taxi Driver by TheArtOfVero Taxi Driver :icontheartofvero:TheArtOfVero 70 12 Gwen - Total Drama Island - July's Patreon Raffle by TheArtOfVero Gwen - Total Drama Island - July's Patreon Raffle :icontheartofvero:TheArtOfVero 198 26 Sheik by TheArtOfVero Sheik :icontheartofvero:TheArtOfVero 278 20 Lara Croft - Tomb Raider - Nudies #14 by TheArtOfVero
Mature content
Lara Croft - Tomb Raider - Nudies #14 :icontheartofvero:TheArtOfVero 233 31
Gruntilda Animation - Banjo-Kazooie by TheArtOfVero
Mature content
Gruntilda Animation - Banjo-Kazooie :icontheartofvero:TheArtOfVero 255 69
Princess Zelda - Zelda Twilight Princess by TheArtOfVero Princess Zelda - Zelda Twilight Princess :icontheartofvero:TheArtOfVero 226 23 Human Teba - Zelda Breath Of The Wild by TheArtOfVero Human Teba - Zelda Breath Of The Wild :icontheartofvero:TheArtOfVero 165 19 Lust - Fullmetal Alchemist - Nudies #13 by TheArtOfVero
Mature content
Lust - Fullmetal Alchemist - Nudies #13 :icontheartofvero:TheArtOfVero 390 41
Jungle Trouble by TheArtOfVero
Mature content
Jungle Trouble :icontheartofvero:TheArtOfVero 60 6
Black Cat - Nudies #12 by TheArtOfVero
Mature content
Black Cat - Nudies #12 :icontheartofvero:TheArtOfVero 468 88
Chloe Blake (Prom Dress) by TheArtOfVero Chloe Blake (Prom Dress) :icontheartofvero:TheArtOfVero 154 33

Support me at PATREON!

Support Vero on Patreon! by TheArtOfVero

(ENDED!) This new poll will have ALL the girls who didn't win previous polls and suggested girls! Winner will be drawn totally naked!. (The Winner is Ivy Valentine!) Poll closed but you can check the results here:! 


+1000 Watchers Raffle! (CLOSED!)

Mon May 28, 2018, 9:12 PM

Mona by TheArtOfVero

A couple days ago, we reached 1000 watchers on the page! Yay!! Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] 

I'm very happy and thankful about this, you have helped me a lot, making this page grow, and any bit of help you give me, keep helping me to grow as an artist, I really appreciate all of you! Happy Tears 

I want to share all this happiness with you and celebrate! And how? well, that's what I'm going to talk you about now!

Starting right now, I will make a raffle, where you can propose a character, and I will draw the winner with my complex style, like these ones!

Camilla - Fire Emblem Fates by TheArtOfVero Poison Ivy Pin-Up by TheArtOfVero
Gruntilda Winkybunion - Banjo Kazooie by TheArtOfVero Tuonetar by TheArtOfVero

No matter who wins, I will post the artwork here in deviantart with full resolution and with the download button, so you can have it with high qualityOMG - Watch that 

Comment your character here and I will list it with your DA username, in order of comment. When time is up, the winner will be choosen randomly in I'ts just 1 entry per user. Oh oh oh oh 

Please, read the rules for the raffle carefully before you propose your character!

[ Pixel ] tiny flower!  This raffle is for *WATCHERS* only, you must be a watcher of my page to join (because as I said, the raffle is for my watchers and to show my gratitude to them).
[ Pixel ] tiny flower!  Can be any character you want, only with some exceptions: No Mecha/MLP
[ Pixel ] tiny flower!  The character can be drawn normal (clothed) or NSFW, but not both. I will do just 1 version of the character, so choose carefuly. This must be said when you comment your character, for example: I want Poison Ivy NSFW. If you don't put the NSFW, I will assume that your character will be non nsfw.
[ Pixel ] tiny flower!  Only FEMALE characters can be drawn NSFW. Male or furry characters will be not drawn NSFW.
[ Pixel ] tiny flower!  NO underage characters, unless it's non-nsfw obviously.
[ Pixel ] tiny flower!  No OC (for now, I will keep the raffle just for fanarts, but I will consider to add oc to a future raffle/millestone raffles)


Raffle Winner by TheArtOfVero

THE WINNER IS: 13.- Baiken (NSFW) - Guilty Gear Revelator 2 - LuciaAuditore  :iconluciaauditore:


1.- Elizabeth - Bioshock Infinite - Alex-The-Suc-CUTE-Bi
2.- Ibuki - Street Fighter (SF V Version) - Clockverk1921
3.- Lightning (NSFW) - Final Fantasy - LuchoKun04
4.- Charlotte (Berserker outfit) - Fire Emblem Fates - AWMonopolyMan000
5.- Tifa (NSFW) - Final Fantasy VII - FlareVortex
6.- Holo (NSFW) - Spice & Wolf - nuppinup
7.- Zhanna (NSFW) - Team Fortress 2 - tubi4
8.- Ciri - The Witcher - soulstar999
9.- Velvet Crowe (NSFW) - Tales of Berseria - ZannyZalonder
10.- Min Min - ARMS - CalixtaTepes
11.- Callie - Splatoon - Prometheus20X
12.- Samus Aran (NSFW) - Metroid - LadyDreamMaker
13.- Baiken (NSFW) - Guilty Gear Revelator 2 - LuciaAuditore
14.- Hild (NSFW) - Oh! My Goddess - s0me1da3
15.- Shield Knight - Shovel Knight - DoDaDew
16.- Tifa - Final Fantasy - CarbertArtwork
17.- Scarlet Witch (NSFW) - Wolverine and the X-Men - Victor2K
18.- Tifa - Final Fantasy - Yami-Chiby
19.- Lian (NSFW) - Paladins - Softwarrior
20.- Hild (NSFW) - Oh! My Goddess - moreleanb
21.- Glenn Baskerville - Pandora Hearts - firelorddarkskull
22.- Jeanne - Bayonetta 2 - Grand-Sage
23.- Minerva (NSFW) - Fire Emblem - Roquer0
24.- Sapphire - Steven Universe - Quazidex
25.- Futaba Sakura - Persona 5 - DragonLordFrankie
26.- Rias Gremory - High School DxD - Blackace70
27.- Alice Liddell (NSFW) - Alice: Madness Returns - MisterDisposable
28.- Charlotte - Fire Emblem Fates - Cleomer
29.- Noire - Fire Emblem Awakening - B-side7715
30.- Brünhilde (NSFW) - Richard Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen - 
31.- Medusa - Soul Eater - Bloodstar-Lore
Emily Kaldwin - Dishonored 2 - TheElderTrinity
33.- Kaitou Lupin - Kaitou Joker - CaitsithOla
34.- Tomie Katana (NSFW) - Last man - KingNaiji
Shuri - Black Panther - SorasGirl0123
34.- Juri  (NSFW) - Street Fighter - MarineVasily
35.- Druuna - Morbus Gravis - fckhed
36.- Scarlet Witch - Marvel - Evansvilledude
37.- Yang (NSFW) - RWBY - Metalsonicgamer06
38.- Flavia - Fire Emblem: Awakening - bobett7
39.- Felicia - Darkstalkers - DarkSSJShinji

Thank you very much for joining!!  Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6] 

Created at

Commission Chart

Tue Mar 27, 2018, 6:14 PM
Comissions are OPEN!  Happy  

#3heart [F2U] #3heart [F2U] #3heart [F2U] #3heart [F2U] #3heart [F2U] 

Any character you want, original characters (OC) and NSFW Oh really / Smug (Please read carefully my rules bellow) 
All payments through Paypal (USD) Sign Emoji-05 (Ok or money) I don't take points as payment for now, sorry!

#3heart [F2U] #3heart [F2U] #3heart [F2U] #3heart [F2U] #3heart [F2U] 

Complete Drawing. This includes: Full Body Character in Full Color + Simple Background. 54$ USD
(50$ WITHOUT background)

Gruntilda Winkybunion - Banjo Kazooie by TheArtOfVero  
Zaheera. by TheArtOfVero

 #3heart [F2U] #3heart [F2U] #3heart [F2U]#3heart [F2U] #3heart [F2U] 

Simple Drawing. This includes: Full Body with Basic Color + Basic Background. 27$ USD
(25$ WITHOUT background)

Poison Ivy by TheArtOfVeroHappy Easter! Panne - Fire Emblem Awakening by TheArtOfVero Ness by TheArtOfVero

#3heart [F2U] #3heart [F2U] #3heart [F2U] #3heart [F2U] #3heart [F2U] 

Half Body, this includes: Half Body with Full Color + simple Background. 45$ USD
(40$ WITHOUT background) 

Mipha by TheArtOfVero Princess Zelda - Ocarina Of Time by TheArtOfVero  Tuonetar by TheArtOfVero

#3heart [F2U] #3heart [F2U] #3heart [F2U] #3heart [F2U] #3heart [F2U] 

Simple Half Body Drawing, this includes: Half Body with Simple Color + Basic Blackground. 20$ USD
(18$ WITHOUT background)

 The Crown- Queen Elizabeth by TheArtOfVero Liam - Just! by TheArtOfVero

#3heart [F2U] #3heart [F2U] #3heart [F2U] #3heart [F2U] #3heart [F2U]   

Lineart Drawing, this includes: Complete Body Lineart without background. 30$ USD
25$ USD for Half Body lineart.

Banglore1 by TheArtOfVero Yarne by TheArtOfVero
Poisonivybane2 by TheArtOfVero

Corrinxander by TheArtOfVero


Also, I can make drawings like Nudies on request!
$10 USD each!

2B - Nier Automata - Nudies #5 by TheArtOfVero Samus Aran - Nudies #4 by TheArtOfVero


each extra character in the drawing has a value of $9 USD

Take in consideration:
Bullet; Pink Payment goes Fully First before I start with your petition.
Bullet; Pink You don't have, by any means, permission to repost, use, edit or claim as yours my artwork.
Bullet; Pink Commissions (the entire drawing) are only usable for the people who has paid for it and with the proper credit.
Bullet; Pink I won't do:
- Heavy Gore
- Drawings containing disgusting or grotesque stuff
Sonic/MLP/Mecha (In case of the first 2, If the character is more humanoid, like equestria girls, this can be discussed, or depending on what you want and if I like what are you proposing, anything is posible Wink/Razz )
- Hate Art
- Hardcore Sex (can be softcore, and must be straight male-female) (with furry or anthro couples, this must be discussed first)
- Nude Males (unless it's something like the point above)

I'm free to refuse any commission.

Current Comissions:
*Free Slot*
*Free Slot*
*Free Slot*
4.- *Free Slot*

For Donations or Payments:  

Created at


TheArtOfVero's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Heeeeello! I'm Pam!

i'm a Graphic Designer/Freelance Illustrator and i LOVE to draw!
Hooooola! Soy pame!
Soy Diseñadora Gráfica/Ilustradora Freelance y me ENCANTA dibujar!

You can follow me in | Me puedes seguir en:

You can support me on Patreon! | Me puedes apoyar en Patreon!

If you want to donate or pay a commission:

And if you wanna support me with a coffee :heart:
Buy Me a Coffee at


TierWinnersDA by TheArtOfVeroHere are the winners from Tier 1 and 2 Patreon Raffle of September!
Gwyndy Lynn and Caitlin Fairchild!

I will upload the drawings before the month end or beginning of October, for Patrons only! omg 

Have a nice week!! pink heart {big}
T2septemberDA by TheArtOfVero
Also, here are the characters chosen for Tier 2 Patreon Only Raffle!
- Caitlin Fairchild
- Gwyndi Lynn
- Pauline
- Haruka Gracia

I will announce the winner tomorrow!
Have a nice weekend! :heart:
minis septiembre DA by TheArtOfVero
Here are the characters for Tier 1 Patreon Only Raffle!

-Mai (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
-Rogue (X-Men Evolution)
-Gwyndi Lynn (OC)
-Poison ivy (Batman Series)
-Betilla (Rayman Origins)
-Blair (Soul Eater)

Winner will be announced tomorrow and will be drawn nude and published uncensored, for Patrons only! 

The poll from this week's Nudies will be here:
DeviantArt just allow 10 choices for a poll, and this time we have 30 GIRLS!!
That's the reason I'm doing the poll there, sorry for any inconvenience :sorry: 
veranDA by TheArtOfVero

batwomanganadoraDA by TheArtOfVero

Finally! Here are the winners from my Patreon Raffles! bunneh icon14 

Tier 1 Raffle winner is Veran from The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages! 

And Tier 2 Raffle winner is Batwoman!

I will upload the drawings before the month ends, for Patrons only! :yay: 

Thank you everyone for your support! pink heart {big}  


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